5 Best Retail Credit Cards To Build Your Credit Score In 2022

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Retail Credit Cards provide an excellent gateway to building credit, especially since many Lenders that issue retail credit cards have looser credit standards than the central commercial banks. Many more prominent commercial Lenders like Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, etc., have tightened their credit standards for lending. They will maintain this status quo for at least a couple of years into the 2020 decade, with interest rates bottoming at historic lows.

How Do You Get Your Credit Score Rebuilt?

Whether your credit score is 0, 100, 200, or 500, you can still get a Retail Credit Card. Once you get the Retail Credit Card, that will help you ease your life and assist you in rebuilding your credit score. 

The moment you start using Retail Credit Cards, they keep sending your report to the major credit houses like major Credit Cards. One has to be cautious while selecting Retail Credit Cards because they vary in interest rates and have preferably higher rates than other major credit cards.

Can Retail Credit Cards be used everywhere like other major cards?

Certainly not. Retail Credit Cards are not like other credit cards that can be used everywhere. You can use such cards only at those stores owned by the company that provides them. E.g., you can use Amazon and Dollar General Retail Credit Cards only at their stores which sell almost all items at certainly different prices than a local store.  

5 Best Stores That Provide Retail Credit Cards

The more accurate and intelligent you are, the better these Retail Credit Car will beds. People need to make sure that the cantor clears the outstanding on time and in full every motto to maintain credit health. Here, I will be providing you with a list of such companies that will issue you the Retail Credit Card even with a bad credit score!

1. Walmart Retail Credit Card

Walmart Retail Credit Card

This store at present is the most famous and popular in the market for credit cards. The wide range of items they sell and their overall standard is the main reason behind their popularity. However, the easy availability of Retail Credit Cards has also helped them get the deal sealed with shoppers.

Anyone with just a fair credit can get the approval of this card with certainly no annual fee. Not only this, you get rewarded on every purchase that you make, 2% back on every purchase, and in some purchases, you get even 5% back compared to the other cards that generally give 1% back on every purchase.

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Some of the best rewards that one can earn:

  1. Inauguration offer: customers can earn 5% back on every $1 spent with WalmartPay, valid for 12 months for in-store purchases.
  2. 5% back on per $1 spent through Walmart.com app.
  3. 2% back on $1 spent at their stores and Murphy USA fuel stations.
  4. While using Walmart.com, you can redeem the cash and gift cards also.

You can simply do that either online or at a Walmart store location to apply for the Walmart Card. To apply for the Walmart® Store Card online, Please visit the Walmart Credit Card web page and tap the “Apply Now” button below the card, explicitly designed for Walmart purchases.

2. Target Red Retail Credit Card

Target Red Retail Credit Card

The Target credit card, also known as the RedCard, is a Retail Credit Card that can be used only in Target’s retail stores and on their store’s website, like other Retail Cards. This card offers an advantage of a 5% discount on purchases at Target, with no annual fee, and more surprisingly, an additional 30 days for returns and exchanges.

Moreover, the card’s interest rate will be 20% or more, and in this case, if you fail to clear the outstanding for a couple of months, the higher interest charges will wipe out the discount applied to your account.

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Target Red Retail Credit Card Benefits

  1. RedCard 5% discount on Program Rules: to get the 5% off on every purchase, you need to use this card at Target Stores or Target.com.

Where doesn’t this 5% discount apply?

  • Prescriptions and clinics.
  • Target eye examinations and protection plans.
  • Target prepaid cards and gift cards.
  • Alcohol purchases if made in Indiana.
  • Gift wrapping services.
  1.  RedCard extended returns program rules
  2. RedCard free shipping at Target.com program rules
  3. RedCard free 2-Day shipping
  4. Exclusive extras benefit.
  5. No annual fee.
  6. RedCard $500 baby savings.
  7. RedCard $675 grocery savings

Target has tied up with financial institutions like TD Bank USA, N.A, which has a huge market base in the United States of America and is also a subsidiary of The Toronto Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada.

This bank offers a new fresh credit card on behalf of Target, and then they share the interest and fees paid by the customers.

One has to complete the credit application while applying for the Target RedCard. Target’s website has a mail-in-application that will

New applicants can apply for the Target RedCard by completing a credit application. The mail-in application is available on Target’s website, which will ask for identification and financial information, including driver’s license number, Social Security number, and annual gross income. The application can be submitted online also through Target’s online form.

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3. My Best Buy Retail Credit Card

My Best Buy Retail Credit Card

Best Buy is an electronics retail chain with more than one lakh employees and spread over almost the USA and Canada. Here, people get a wide range of products such as gaming systems, sound systems, computers, cell phones, appliances, hardware, software, and entertainment products.

Like other stores, Best Buy also provides credit financing to its customers in the form of Retail Credit Cards. With the help of Retail Credit Cards, one can earn special rewards through Best Buy.

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Best Buy provides Retail Credit Cards That can be used in Best Buy stores and online. This Retail Credit Card is helpful at Best Buy stores or on their website only while purchasing and earning rewards. Moreover, the Best Buy Retail Credit Cards will not be applicable at other national stores.

Benefits of My Best Buy Credit Card

  • My Best Buy Retail Credit Card offers 5% back rewards to the regular cardholders and to the Elite Plus members 6% subject to the qualifying purchases.
  • This Retail Credit Card also offers deferred interest, a promotional offer. It means you may be charged with $0 interest provided you clear your outstanding balance in one go before the ending period, but this will give you no rewards on the amount financed if promotional financing is used.
  • There will be no interest for Twelve months if purchases worth $299 or more areare made.
  • Beyond the purchase of $499 or more gives you the freedom from interest for 18 months.

Is there any Alternative to My Best Buy Retail Credit Card?

Yes, various Retail Credit Cards offer 0% APR promotional rates if you are looking for long terms with cashback benefits.:

  • You can get 0% interest for twenty billing cycles using the U.S Back Visa Platinum.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited Retail Credit Card gives 0% APR for 15 months and guarantees a $200 cashback bonus on purchase of $500 in the first three months once the account is opened and then 1.5% cashback on everything.
  •  There is another store called Capital One SavorOne. This store also offers its Retail Credit Card, which provides 0% APR valid for fifteen months. The same card will also give you a cashback bonus of $200 if you make the purchase worth $500 in three months when the account is opened. You can also be eligible to earn 3% cashback on grocery stores, entertainment, and dining.

Is My Best Buy Retail Credit Card valid for all?

Those who intend for a large purchase at Best Buy in a single day to either take advantage of the one-time 10% reward or the promotional 0% interest rate financing options should consider a My Best Buy Credit card.

If you intend to make a large purchase in a single day, you can benefit from a one-time 10% reward else, there are other financing options available with a 0% interest rate on My Best Buy Retail Credit Card.

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Where can I get the My Best Buy Retail Credit Card?

The best and easiest way to get the My Best Buy Credit card is by visiting in-store at Best Buy or online at BestBuy.com.

4. Amazon Prime Store Card and Credit Builder

Amazon Prime Store Card and Credit Builder

The Amazon Retail Credit Card is planned for those people who want to build or rebuild their credit score and need a security deposit when an account of this type is opened. The Amazon store offers two types of Retail Credit Cards to its customers: Secured Card and Amazon Prime Secured Card. 

These two cards issued by Synchrony Bank are unique credit cards containing two sets of features, the Secured Card features, and the Store Card features.

These cards have different features in terms of rewards, interest rates, and fees. In the beginning, one can only use Secured Card features, and to activate this type of Retail Credit Card will require some security deposit.

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Once the 12 month period is over, the parent issuing company Synchrony Bank will assess and determine whether you are eligible or not to transfer a Secure Feature Card into Store Card based on your credit profile.

What is so special about Amazon Retail Credit Cards?

The Amazon Retail Credit Card gives you cashback or the points you can redeem for purchases on Amazon.com. This card has a $0 annual fee, so it doesn’t cost you anything to keep this card year in and year out, and approval for this card Amazon will ask you for the credit score. The recommended credit score will be $680 or more, which provides smooth access for its use.

This Amazon Retail Credit Card has a $70 Amazon.com gift card signup bonus. So when you sign up and get approved for this Retail Credit Card, you automatically get a $70 Amazon prime gift card which is pretty cool.

The best part about this card is the cashback reward categories. These cashback categories are unlimited, and you can spend as much as you want on this card, and you reap the benefits throughout the entire year.

The single best feature about this card is that it gives 5% back on every Amazon.com and Whole Food purchase. So this means that you go to spend $100 on Amazon.com, they give you $5 in cash back, and you are getting 5% off on every purchase at Amazon and Whole Foods. 

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Does everyone get a 5% Cashback reward for purchases on Amazon?

You have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the 5% cashback reward. If you don’t pay for the Prime membership, you still can get an Amazon Retail Credit Card, but instead of a 5% cashback reward, you will get 3% cashback on Amazon and Whole Food.

Moreover, there will be a 2% cashback reward at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores.

Does Amazon Prime Retail Credit offer perks on Travel?

This Retail Credit Card offers some cool travel perks as well. There are no foreign transaction fees, baggage delay insurance, travel, emergency insurance, etc.

How can I get this Amazon Prime Retail Credit Card?

You need to have an Amazon.com account to get the Amazon.com Retail Credit Card provided you have credit approval.

5. My Kohl’s Charge Retail Credit Card

My Kohl’s Charge Retail Credit Card

Kohl’s charge card gives a discount of 35% on purchases that one makes when it is approved and a 15% discount on following purchases.

For instance, if you purchase this Retail Credit Card, you will receive special discounts for the entire year, and when you complete a year with the company, a special gift will be given that can be used at our store card.

There is a special offer from the company side like, you can earn 1 point of reward against every single dollar that you spent and a hundred points earning or $5 bonus.

What is so special about this Retail Credit Card?

The most valuable benefit of Kohli’s charges card is the Most Valued Customer status. Eg, When your spending goes high up to $600 in a given year, you will be honored as a most valued member and will be eligible for free shipping and birthday gifts.

The last perk of Kohli’s charger card is receipt-free returns. There is no annual fee, but this is consistent with all other Retail Credit Cards.

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Who issues this My Kohli’s Charge Retail Credit Card?

Capital One issues the Kohli’s Retail Credit Card, and you will need a fair credit score to be approved. This Retail Credit Card, like other Retail Credit Cards, is applicable at Kohli’s store only for purchasing.


One gets puzzled to see how valuable credit cards have become in our lives these days. They have made life easy to live when obtaining the necessities and comforts done. The human mind sometimes fails to understand how this small plastic card interacts with the system. 

It was all about the Retail Credit Cards. I hope this information will be helpful to you all when looking to choose which card will be the best for shopping purposes and for rebuilding your creditworthiness.

Have a nice day ahead. Cheers!


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