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Hey, Bub! What are your plans for today? Binge Watching with Quordle flashing on your screens? Popcorn on the side? Competing with your friends? Well, I just spammed you with my plans. No matter how much work is piled up on my head, I really cannot sacrifice my Quordle Time with anything. Concerning Quordle Answers on 5 March 2022, you just found your way with Path of Ex. On this page, we will be dropping many hints and clues with reference to Quordle Answers of 5 March 2022, I dare you to miss! 

Flaunting the pop-out message saying ‘YOU WON Quordle Puzzle Today’ beats every luxury this world has to offer. No matter how much money I have in my bank account, nothing gives me the amount of satisfaction that I receive from cracking Quordle Answers for today. Quordle is the best use of time and energy in today’s time. 

Head on further for a well-defined assistance in regard to Today’s Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022, Saturday. This includes surely what you are looking for today because otherwise, Quordle Answers will not leave any chance to show you a tough time. 

What is Quordle? How is Quordle Different from Wordle?

Wordle is one of those popular games in the world which has marked its way to hold a large portion of the fanbase in its name. Twitter floods every day with a million tweets daily by Wordle users. But considering the fact that Wordle is a beginner-level game in the area of vocabulary up-gradation, Quordle is an improvised version of Wordle.

With a new level of challenges, Quordle is an intermediate level of Wordle. 

Some rules of Quordle is as the same as the Wordle:

  • The new five-letter word on a new day.
  • Green squares for the right letters, and yellow and gray ones for the incorrect letters.

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The rule that differentiates Quordle from Wordle is that:

  • In Quordle, players are ought to guess four different words with 9 attempts. Whereas in Wordle, there is one five-letter word with six attempts.

It means that when a player puts his input into the box, he will be guessing all four words at the same time. 

According to sources, Quordle was created in January and it has around 500,000 daily users now…WOW! 

How Can Quordle Be Played?

Quordle can be played online at Quordle Website

Tips & Tricks to Play Quordle 

Quordle can be somewhat tricky for obvious reasons. However, it’s highly recommended to put different letters in your guess. Once you get one or two letters correct, it eases out to eliminate the letters which didn’t work out at all. 

Also, make sure you have four guesses left by the end to make the right attempts for your Four correct answers. 

1st Five Letter Starting With LI

The first hint my Path of Ex in reference to Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022 is that the Quordle Answer today starts with LI. I know this won’t help you much so go-ahead for the list of words which start with LI and figure out the Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022. 

  1. Light
  2. Lives
  3. Links
  4. Limit
  5. Liver
  6. Linen
  7. Liter
  8. Liner
  9. Lipid
  10. Libel
  11. Limbo
  12. Litre
  13. Lilac
  14. Lisle
  15. Libra
  16. Lingo
  17. Livid
  18. Lithe
  19. Lindy
  20. Liven
  21. Liege
  22. Liken
  23. Limes
  24. Litho
  25. Licht
  26. Licit
  27. Liana
  28. Livre
  29. Lifer
  30. Lidar

2nd Five Letter Starting With HA

Major Hint: This word is much easier than you think it is.

Second Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022 starts with HA. Go through the dropped-down list below for further reference. 

  1. Happy
  2. Harry
  3. Harsh
  4. Habit
  5. Haven
  6. Handy
  7. Hardy
  8. Hatch
  9. Havoc
  10. Hazel
  11. Haunt
  12. Haste
  13. Hairy
  14. Hasty
  15. Haute
  16. Halve
  17. Harem
  18. Hakim
  19. Haiku
  20. Haver
  21. Hames
  22. Halon
  23. Hammy
  24. Haugh
  25. Hamza

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3rd Five Letter Starting With HE

Another easier Quordle Word for today: The 3rd Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022 begins with HE. Check out the following list.  

  1. Heart
  2. Heavy
  3. Henry
  4. Hence
  5. Hedge
  6. Hello
  7. Heath
  8. Hefty
  9. Heady
  10. Helix
  11. Hertz
  12. Heron
  13. Heave
  14. Heist
  15. Henna
  16. Hemic
  17. Hexyl
  18. Hemin
  19. Heigh
  20. Henge

4th Five Letter Starting With HU

Last but definitely not the least, The 4th Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022 begins with HU. Clearly, Quordle was obsessed with H today, in reference to Quordle Answer of 5 March 2022. 

  1. Human
  2. Hurry
  3. Husky
  4. Humid
  5. Humor
  6. Hunch
  7. Hunky
  8. Hubby
  9. Hutch
  10. Hunks
  11. Humus
  12. Huffy
  13. Humic
  14. Hussy
  15. Hullo
  16. Humpy
  17. Humph
  18. Humps
  19. Hulls
  20. Hulks
  21. Hulky
  22. Huffs
  23. Huger
  24. Hulas
  25. Husks
  26. Huzza
  27. Hunts
  28. Hurst
  29. Hurts
  30. Hurds

Today’s Quordle Answer of Saturday 5 March 2022

Spoiler Alert!

Stop banging your head now because The Quordle Answers of 5 March 2022, Saturday are written underneath. Have a look! 

Today’s Quordle Answer of Saturday 5 March 2022 are: LIKEN, HASTY, HEALTH, HUNKY

Today’s Quordle Answer of Saturday5 March 2022
Today’s Quordle Answer of Saturday 5 March 2022

Quordle Answer word 1- LIKEN

Quordle Answer word 2- HASTY

Quordle Answer word 3- HEALTH

Quordle Answer word 4- HUNKY

Wrapping Up

Today’s Quordle Answers of 5 March 2022 are wrapped up. We really hope you got everything you were probably looking for here on this page. Do drop your experience with Path of Ex below. We just can not wait to see your reviews.  

We will catch up with you again tomorrow with a new set of Quordle Answers for the day. There will be a bundle of hints and spoilers (maybe). Do catch us because we really wish to be your last resort while you are drowning. 


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