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There’s no doubt in asserting that data is the lifeblood of digital businesses today. With data being generated more than ever, it is important to amass them in the right way. The data is not much of use if the organization cannot make sense out of it. The best platform to pluck the actionable insight from the data s Microsoft’s Power BI. 

Microsoft Power BI certification is essential to showcase your skill and expertise in uncovering the business trends and making use of the data available. 

What is the Power BI?

Before delving deep into the Power BI training and course, it is important to understand this amazing software that businesses have been using for data deciphering. Power BI is an umbrella term given to a large assortment of cloud-based apps and services that an organization uses to manage, analyze, and collate data from different sources. Power BI pulls all the data together and processes it, and turns it into valuable insights. You can use this extracted data for compelling easy-to-process graphs and charts. Power Bi can take data from basic Excel sheets and connect them to cloud-based apps. 

With a Power BI certification, data professionals can better handle data management and place themselves as a promising expert to deal with it. An organization or an individual can take Power BI training; in either case, a Power BI certification is awarded. With the increasing demand for Power BI as a robust tool for data translations and the numerous benefits it brings to the business, the popularity of Power BI course and certification has also increased. 

What Are the Major Benefits of Getting a Power BI Certification?

This certification course is valuable for both individuals and organizations. With the growing prominence of Power BI, this certification has become highly imperative. Before you take up Power BI training, let’s take a look at the benefits this certification can provide you. 

Individual Benefits:

  • You can train yourself for the job market in the business data analysis domain that is hugely dependent on data. 
  • With streamlined and analytics backed report formation skills, you can ace the sales and marketing report generation. 
  • According to an IBM survey, it was found that more than 70% of companies rely on data analytics to make business decisions. With this course, you can become a part of this global data analytics trend. 
  • A survey from payscale.com says that senior business analysts can earn up to $89,000 in the US. Indeed, you can secure well-paid data analytics jobs. 
  • Get better experience in the data analytics domain, in case you are already a professional.

Organization Benefits

  • Business insights are highly important for business growth; with the Power BI certification, you can access business insights on an interactive dashboard. 
  • It gives you the ease of sharing real-time reports and data with all your partners and avail easy collaboration.
  • It is often quite challenging to manage all the business operations under a single platform. With Power BI training, you can learn to get a comprehensive view of all the business operations. 

In the data community, Power BI training has a humongous demand that is continuously growing. If you haven’t yet thought about this amazing course to transform data into business intelligence, well, now is the time for that. 

What Will You Learn in Power BI Training?

  • Power Bi components (Power BI mobile app, Gateway, Server, Desktop, etc.)
  • Business transformation
  • Power Query Usage
  • Manage and utilize data
  • Data modeling and relationship
  • Data modeling with Power BI
  • Power BI functions
  • Reports embedding with DAX
  • Customization of data

What Do You Need to Get Started?

There are no particular prerequisites that you need to meet before starting the Power BI training. All you need is a basic knowledge of Excel and Windows OS.  

The Bottom Line

Data is an unavoidable part of the business world today. Everything that you see in a business is derived from data. Hence, it is important to decipher all the data and turn them into actionable insights, and that’s where Power BI comes as a robust tool. Every organization and data professional is taking up Power BI training in order to avail of its benefits. Whether for your organization or yourself, the Power BI certification will prove to be highly beneficial for your success. 


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