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We all love to shop. If you are anyone who has recently started living in Britain then we have something for you. The whole vibe of the UK is so much so around clothing and accessories, that it can end up with you feeling like you need to up your fashion game. Doesn’t matter if you’re a local or not, you have to check out the 10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK. 

The best thing about clothing brands in UK is that all of them have online stores as well. You can check their sites before visiting their local stores. This will help you find the best UK brand for you. A lot of these stores are underrated but actually are better than some of the best clothing stores in the world. 

There are many clothing stores in UK that give personalized services to every customer. Some of these have even been named the best Boutiques in the UK by Vogue. 

  1. Bod & Ted
  2. Bernard Boutique
  3. Morgan Clare
  4. Bottega 
  5. Pampas 
  6. Iris 
  7. Sass & Edge
  8. Doyles 
  9. Triangle 
  10. Modern Society

Yeah, the list is fine but where are these stores? What do they specialize in? Let’s find out everything about the best clothing stores in UK in 2022. 

Top 10 Online Clothing Stores in UK

Everyone has a different style of clothing. Although it definitely looks like UK’s clothing is all chic and royal, it is also more comfy and sustainable. Dive into the little details of this article and find out which one has the best British clothing store online. 

1. Bod & Ted | Tunbridge Wells

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

If you want high street fashion at its best, then Bod & Ted was made for you. It’s an independent fashion boutique on Tunbridge Wells High Street. They excel in providing a mix of well-established brands in your clothing and are undoubtedly one of the best clothing stores in UK. 

Specializes in – Womenswear, Homeware, Footwear, Accessories & more.

2. Bernard Boutique | Esher, Surrey  

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

If you live anywhere around Esher, you have to visit Bernard Boutique for their every day new trends. This boutique is the best one when it comes to sticking with its clients. A customer of Bernard Boutique gave its review. It said, “Friendly staff with honest opinions. They’ll often text me photos of new items they know  I will like.” 

Specializes in – Clothing, Accessories, Bags, Footwear, Fragrance, and more. 

3. Morgan Clare | Harrogate and Ilkley, Yorkshire 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

Want a mix of cool brands and premium labels? We have got you. Morgan Clare is a  go-to designer destination. Their online store is as good as their store at Harrogate. Morgan Clare was also voted by Vogue as Britain’s Best Boutique out of all the clothing stores in UK.

Specializes in – Designers’ Collections, Clothing, Bags & Accessories, Footwear. 

4. Bottega | Cheshire

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

Bottega is simply British and Beautiful. Their store in Tarporley can only be visited by appointment, so you know how British Bottega is. They specialize not only in designer fashion but also in lifestyle, homeware, and accessories brands. They are the best out of all the clothing stores in UK at assistance and you can count on them easily. 

Specializes in – All Clothings (Curated Vintage also included),  Accessories, Face Masks, Premium Jewelry, Home Accessories, Self Care, Gifts (For Him & Her), Brands & a lot more.

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5. Pampas | Glasgow 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

If you live anywhere around Glasgow’s West End, you know all about Pampas. For those of you who don’t, Pampas is a reputed womenswear store whose clothes you are going to wear over and over again. Super comfy and super stylish. 

Specializes in – Clothing, Accessories, Candles & Home, Jewelry, Scarves, Footwear & more.

6. Iris | Wimbledon 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

Iris is a store that has something for everyone. Their team is very honest with its customers and tells you right away what suits you and what doesn’t. Besides clothing, it is impossible for you to not check out their accessories and gifts collection. This makes them one of the best clothing stores in UK. So check out their high street shop if you are staying in Wimbledon. 

Specializes in – Clothing, Accessories, Lingerie & Swimwear, Jewelry, Scarves, Shoes, Brands, and more.

7. Sass & Edge | Winchester, Hants 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

A local UK clothing brand that was made only four years back. Sass & Edge team is dedicated to finding all that you are looking for. Whether it is a ‘wow’ dress or if you just want to upgrade your wardrobe, they will bring you something that you will love. 

Specializes in – Women’s clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Lingerie, Bathing Supplies & more.

8. Doyles | Market Harborough and Woburn Sands 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

A brand that has stayed for decades and has truly upped the fashion game of women in UK. Doyles is a clothing brand that has been listed as one of the best boutiques outside London by Vogue, Stella, The Times, and Stylist. There ain’t any clothing stores in UK like Doyles, you can be sure of it.  

Specializes in – Womenswear, Accessories & Bags.

9. Triangle | East London 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

The most useful one out of all the clothing stores in UK. You’ll know this once when you visit Triangle in East London and find out they believe in simplicity, usefulness, and beauty. Their clothing style is inspired by conscious consumption. If that’s your vibe, do not miss any chance to visit Triangle aka sheer sophistication. 

Specializes in – Menswear, Bags and Accessories, Womenswear, Jewelry, Bathing & Body Supplies, Kidswear, Toys, Dining, Interiors, Books and more.

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10. Modern Society | London 

10 Most Popular Clothing Stores in UK

Relaxed clothing and self-love, this is all one can think about while visiting Modern Society in London. How can it not be in the best clothing stores in UK? They have the best designers, multiple collections from those designers, and a personalized experience for every customer. You’ll be basically giving yourself a treat while buying from Modern Society.

Specializes in – All Womenswear, Accessories (Jewelry & Bags), Homewares & Designers’ Collections.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article on the most popular clothing stores in UK would help you up to your fashion game while being super comfortable. All these UK brands in clothing have the best services and customer satisfaction. If you have already visited any of these stores then let us know in the comment section below. 

Share this article with your friends living in UK and let them know of the best clothing stores in UK. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online shopping sites UK?

1. Amazon UK
3. eBay UK
4. Tesco
5. Argos
6. Currys
7. Forever21

What are the most popular high Street Shops in UK?

1. Primark
2. Marks & Spencer
3. Next
4. Matalan
5. GAP


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