Police: Taunton robbery suspect caught red-handed, tried to steal from same bank twice

Police: Taunton robbery suspect caught red-handed, tried to steal from same bank twice

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — A Taunton man is charged in a series of recent bank robberies after he tried to rob one of those banks for the second over the weekend, according to police.

Police in Taunton arrested Roger Viveiros, 55, on Saturday after a resident called to report that there was a vehicle parked outside of his house that looked like the same one used in the robbery of a nearby Santander Bank late last month.

The resident was able to recognize the vehicle, as well as Viveiros, because police said they obtained his doorbell camera footage during their initial investigation into the robbery.

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On Saturday, police said the resident told the dispatcher that he saw Viveiros, wearing the same clothes he wore during the previous robbery, walking toward the bank.

Officers responded to the area and found him in the parking lot of the bank. When they searched his belongings, police said they found a hand-written note demanding cash in one of his pockets.

The note, police said, was similar to the one used in the previous robbery.

Viveiros was arrested and charged in both the initial robbery and the attempted one. He was later charged with unarmed robbery by Raynham Police after realizing he matched the description of the person who robbed a Citizens Bank in the town earlier this month.

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“We are very thankful to the resident that noticed that the suspect’s vehicle had once again parked outside of his home and immediately called police to notify us,” Taunton Police Chief Edward Walsh said. “We rely our residents and community members to be our eyes and ears when they witness a crime unfolding and I commend this resident for his diligence and helping to keep his community safe.”

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