OnePlus Band Fitness Tracker Launching Before OnePlus SmartWatch

OnePlus was supposed to enter the wearable world with its most anticipated OnePlus Watch. Although the watch is yet to release, there are many speculations regarding the upcoming OnePlus Band. Some new rumors suggest that the company might be soon launching its first budget-friendly fitness tracker.

There are chances that we will see the OnePlus Band before the OnePlus Watch. The hype regarding the OnePlus Watch started back in November. We were expecting that the company would launch its first wearable by the end of December 2020. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, we heard rumors about a new device. 

We all are aware of the fact that OnePlus has been trying to expand its device category since last year. In recent times, the company has been also trying to come up with some mid-range smartphones, Affordable smart TVs, budget-friendly true wireless earphones, and many more devices. 

OnePlus Band: Is the Company Going After Xiaomi Mi Band Series?

Xiaomi Mi Band has a certain level of monopoly as the budget-friendly fitness tracker in the market. There are many amazing and high tech fitness bands devices available in the market. But still, Xiaomi aces the market because of its amazing features on a budget. 

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There are speculations that the new and rumored OnePlus Band might take over the Xiaomi Mi Band series. This leak was suggested by Mukul Sharma in a video on his YouTube channel. Mukul shared the features and specifications of this OnePlus Band. Through the video, one can easily suggest and guess that OnePlus is going after the Xiaomi Mi Band series that is launched in India.

However, this is not sure that the company would keep it a region exclusive product or not.

OnePlus Band Price

Some sources suggest that the new OnePlus Band will be initially only available in India. The company might have a different launch date for other countries. We can say so because the company followed this very similar strategy for its affordable TVs and TWS. 

OnePlus Band
Source: Amazon

As for the price of the band, we are expecting the price to be affordable and mid-ranged. The speculated price of the OnePlus Band is around $40. In India, the OnePlus Band is expected to be priced at Rs. 3,000.

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Now that we are all already comparing the Xiaomi Mi Band series and the OnePlus Band, you must also know the prices of the Xiaomi Mi Band Series.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is priced at Rs. 2,499 in India. 

OnePlus Band Launch Date

OnePass has a lot of products that will be launching in 2021 which includes the OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus Nord, the most anticipated OnePlus SmartWatch. All these devices are expected to make their appearance starting in March. 

Regardless, we are expecting the OnePlus Band to land a little early in 2021. There is a possibility that the company might launch the Band at CES 2021 event. The CES 2021 is scheduled to begin on January 11 in an online format.

Some Other Notable Competitors of OnePlus Band

  • Redmi Smart Band
  • Realme Band 
  • Samsung
  • Honor

OnePlus Band: Specifications and Features

Source: Notebookcheck

The Information regarding the new Band is based on mere rumors and speculations. All that we know right now is based on what we expect from the company and what we have heard. 

The most important thing about the new device is that it will definitely be affordable and budget-friendly. The design of the device will be very simple and elegant. The band might also come with user-replaceable straps. 

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The OnePlus Band will have all the basic features of a Fitness Tracker which includes the heart-rate sensor, SpO2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation levels.

We are also expecting that the band would have some fitness tracking modes. There are rumors, that might be true regarding a companion app. The companion app will help in the initial setup and keep the record of the tracked data.

There will be the usual features like notification mirroring, call alerts, and music playback control.

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