24 Nostalgic New Year Traditions To Make A Memorable Start To A New Year

New year- A time to say Goodbye and a time to say Hello.

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No matter where we are, where we go, we’ll always be connected to our roots with an unseen ethereal bond. There is some unexplainable charm associated with home and its traditions. So, let’s bid a traditional Adieu to 2021 and welcome 2022 with some age-old New Year Traditions.

Every culture has its own unique ways to ring into the new year- Some focus on their attires, while others are very particular about their food; where some get highly superstitious about their cultural festivities, others are more concerned about who they are with. But if there is one thing that is constant, it is that everyone is starting the new year with a blank slate and wants a bundle of luck, wishes, and blessings to go on. All these fun-filled traditions make the celebration more merry and valuable.

Like the rest of the world, America too is known for carrying out its New Year traditions in the hope of a better future. Though there is no hard and fast rule of obeying those terms, what’s a festival without some tricky traditions ?? Completing them is what adds to our entertainment and excitement- So, let’s get on with it.

A List Of New Year Traditions In The USA

Here’s a list of some significant age-old USA New Year Traditions-

1. Watch Time Square Ball Drop

Watch Time Square Ball Drop  | New Year Tradition

Watching that colorful crystal ball drop in Times Square at midnight is a New Year Tradition that never gets old. Since 1907, New york city has hosted a New Year party at Times Square every year. Almost a million people enjoy all those musical performances, fireworks, and festivities. The midnight lowering of the iconic crystal ball weighing approx 11,875 pounds has become a symbol at Times Tower.

No one wants to miss this New Year tradition of watching time Square Ball Drop.

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2. Midnight Count Down

No matter where you are, shouting a midnight count down as the clock strikes 12 is a must. After all, the whole night was meant to celebrate the coming of the new era. Both publicly or privately, this New Year tradition of anticipating the new year with a 10-second countdown and then shouting Happy New Year definitely gives you goosebumps.

It is accompanied by some firework show, a toast, or some blessings from your loved ones, making an epic start to the new year.

3. Kiss At Midnight

kiss at midnight  |  New Year Tradition

It is an ancient New Year tradition to kiss your loved one at midnight. Though no one knows where this originated, but is continuing from generation to generation. A sweet kiss to your partner or your kids while dancing seems like a perfect way to welcome this brand new year. 

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While some romanticized this notion believing that kissing at midnight marks as a good luck charm and improves your endeavors in love for the nest year; others believed in the folklore, which stated that it’s “the first person with whom a person came in contact that dictated the year’s destiny.” (make a choice wisely..!!)

4. Lighting Illuminations

Illuminating the house with lights and igniting the fireworks have been a long-standing New Year tradition followed in almost all the New Year parties. Many countries worldwide have a massive firework display to start a new step in life. With all the sparkles and glow, it is hoped that our new chapter will also be filled with radiance and light.

The crackle of lights marks a perfect New Year traditional way to start a new year.

5. Play And Sing ‘Auld Lang Syne

Play and Sing ‘Auld Lang Syne  |  New Year Tradition

The melodious Scottish poem with lyrics from Robert burns is a lyrical way of saying farewell to the previous year. The phrase “Auld Lang Syne” could be translated as “old long since” or “long long ago,” representing a goodbye to the year.

Irrespective of its meaning, singing with friends and family obviously adds to the fun.

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6. Make A New Year Toast

Make A New Year Toast  | New Year Tradition

Any party is incomplete without a celebratory toast, and there’s nothing like cheering to your past year experiences and new year adventures with a champagne New Year traditional toast.

Drink and drive to the new year with open arms, and don’t worry about hangovers because it’s a problem for next year. Celebrate the last hurrah with your squad and make the night memorable.

7. Making a Resolution

You will definitely be aware of this New Year tradition because you have been practicing it for as long as you can remember celebrating New year. Even though you end up breaking it, making a resolution gives you hope for a better future and an improvised version of yourself.

New Year Resolution  | New Year Tradition

You may think that it is a recent concept, but instead, it is one of the oldest New Year traditions that was even followed by your grandparents. In fact, it was the older generation that actually practiced the art of setting and meeting goals. You must have already decided on this years’ resolution; if not, give it a thought and make it Now.

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Most importantly, Instead of finding a loophole this year, try actually to complete it. New Year traditions do not only mean to make an empty promise but also to accomplish it over the year.

8. Toss Tinsel Everywhere

new year tinsel decoration

Today, markets are booming with different types of expensive decorations, but still, nothing compares to that classic vintage holiday decorations to add that extra flair to your glamorous gathering.

9. Give Gifts

Everyone loves to receive gifts, whether it is from a secret Santa on Christmas or a lover at New Year. Adding that surprised smile obviously makes the best start to the new chapter. So, when are you giving me mine?

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10. Choosing a perfect Underwear

Choosing a perfect Underwear | New Year Tradition

Well, it may sound weird, but it’s a cool New Year tradition seen in America, especially Latin America, where it is believed that the color of your undergarments plays a special role in your destiny. Red brings love, white brings harmony, Yellow is for luck, and green brings health. Wow, isn’t this intriguing…

No one knows if it works or not but what’s the harm in trying?? So give a thought this year not only to your attires but to your Undergarments as well.

11. BLACK-EYED PEAS | Hoppin’ John

hoppin john
Homemade Southern Hoppin John or Carolina peas and rice served in a white bowl

Even food has its own value on the 31st. Eating Black-eyed Peas for good luck is a New year tradition. Having Hoppin’ John, a dish of black-eyed peas, pork, and rice for 1st Jan, is a symbol of bringing luck and peace for the rest of the year.


The green color symbolizes prosperity and money ( and who wouldn’t wish for money), which is why a lot of greens are preferred on the New Year dinner table.

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13. Wearing White

people wearing white for New Year tradition

Some folks believe wearing white on this auspicious occasion attracts peace and brings harmony to our coming year.

A list Of New Year Traditions Celebrated Worldwide

Though the USA had a lot of creative New Year traditions, many such crafty traditions are seen around the globe like-

1. Try Something Round

Eating round foods on New Year’s Eve will bring prosperity to our life with the rounded shape representing coins.

2. Dress In Dots

dress in dots for New year

Inspired by the circles, Philippines revelers don’t just try to eat circles but also wear them too. Their New year party dresses are designed with polka dots to bring fortune.

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3. Watch Something Drop

Just like the Times Square iconic drop, watching ball drop events have gathered their significant value in New Year Traditions.

4. Jump Seven Waves

Jumping on waves

Brazilians believe jumping over seven waves is a New Year Tradition. They have a belief that every wave grants a wish that would be fulfilled in the new year.

5. Make A Fish Dish

a fish dish

Since fish swims only in one direction- forward, it is considered a Good New Year’s dish, hoping we would also be moving forward with the movement of time.

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6. Eat 12 Grapes

Eating One grape at each stroke of midnight accounts for each month of the coming year. In Spain, people consume 12 grapes for luck in 12 months, but if you fail to finish them by the time the clock stops chiming, you are doomed…lol now that’s a thought you could chew on.

7. Find Your Soulmate

find your soulmate

In Ireland, it was said that if you are single and you put a sprig of mistletoe under your pillow on 31st Dec, you’ll have a dream of your soulmate.

Well, sweet dream to you.

8. Keep The Doors Open… Windows Too!

It is a common belief that keeping windows and doors open will let the old year and old mistakes out, and the new year will have a fresh start.

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9. Throw Water Out The Window

throw water from window as New year tradition

In Puerto Rico, dumping a bucket of water through the window is a common New Year tradition to drive away evil spirits from life as well as the house.

Some folks also sprinkle sugar outside their houses to invite good luck to their homes.

Isn’t that sweet ??

10. Spice Up Your Champagne

spice up your Champagne

This New Year tradition is really creative and weird, to be honest, where Russians add an extra ingredient to their New Year’s Champagne; wonder what? 

Revelers write a wish down on a piece of paper, burn it, and add the ashes to the drink.

Now that’s what I call a deadly drink…!! Cheers

Wrapping Up

Those were some of the New Year Traditions celebrated in the USA and worldwide. Well, if not all, at least try to complete any 8-10 out of them. Trust me; it’ll make your celebration way more enjoyable. Aren’t you excited to have an amazing start to your new chapter, and what’s the best way than bidding a traditional farewell- and do remember to make your new year resolution. Love them or hate them, no new year is complete without those optimistic resolutions and-

Bonus points if you actually accomplish them.

So, stop being lazy, get your ass moving and go prepare for all the New Year Traditions you are gonna be completing this year. But before leaving, do share which New Year tradition you enjoyed learning about the most.

Adios feliz año nuevo…!!


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