Try these interesting New Year Party Games 2021 for your House Party

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Try these interesting New Year Party Games 2021 for your House Party
Meenakshi Thakur
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2020 is surely the year that everyone wants to put to an end. Firstly, the corona pandemic then the explosive tragedy, and what not?

Now it’s the time to say goodbye to what happened in the time frame and step into the new year ahead hoping it to be the best. As the new year eve is here, it’s time to enjoy the new year party games 2021. Yes, we will definitely miss going out in clubs, hanging out with friends, going to beautiful destinations with our loved ones. We can still enjoy the moments from our home.

No, this doesn’t mean that you have to be in your cozy nightwear in the bed with food, waiting for the clock to tick 12 o’clock. Instead, you can host an exciting house party. Have drinks, a lot of food, talk to your friends and family, and play some games reviving our childhood memories.

Well, talking about the games, leave the classic ludo or boring snakes and ladders. Try these New Year Party Games 2021 to make the day full of fun and a rememberable one.

New Year Party games 2021 for kids:

Kids enjoying the new year party games 2021

Nowadays, it has become hard to make kids enjoy in the real world. They are much fascinated by the digital world and gadgets. That is why they love technology more. But this time, the new year party games 2021 will make the children forget those virtual video games. They will definitely enjoy a lot more afterplaying these games.

Balloon stomp

Balloon Stomp is a fun chasing game. The game is about popping balloons. The balloons will be tied to the ankle of the players. It can be played between two or among as many that could fit into the room. The one who has the balloon attached till the last wins the game.

Beanbag toss

Bean bag toss game is a game that can be played with two or four players at a time. Each team gets 4 bean bags to throw. The team that has a bag on the board or in the hole gets the point. The opponent loses the round.

Freeze dance

Freeze dance is a fun activity that includes little exercise as well as fun. Each player must stop immediately and freeze when the music ends. They have to hold that position until the music resumes. The one who fails in freezing has to do 10 jumping jacks before the start of the next round. Then rejoins the game, making it all fun.

Treasure hunt

House party Treasure hunt for new year party games 2021

The most favorite and popular game among children is Treasure Hunt. It includes preparing a list of items that are hidden in the room. The kids are made to find those items with the help of clues in different corners of the house.


Limbo includes a 2-meter length stick. The stick is adjusted at the chest height, held by two people, each on both the side. Children have to go under the stick without touching it. They can bend the knees or lean with the chest up. If the stick falls, the player fails.

Simon says

Simon says is a popular game, also picturized in many movies, music, and literature. It can be played with three or more. One player plays the role of Simon. Simon gives the command to the rest after the phrase “Simon says”. The opponent player needs to follow the given command. It is the aim of the person playing the role of Simon that the command is not followed by the opponent. If the opponent doesn’t do as per the demand, they are marked out of the games.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey has an incomplete drawing of a donkey without a tail. The player is blindfolded. Then, he is made to attach a piece of cloth as Donkey’s tail. The blindfold makes him place the tail without a clue of the actual position leaving everyone to laugh.

Try these new year party games 2021 to make your Toddlers laugh and enjoy the day. Apart from these, the new year party games 2021 for kids, also try Anagram Challenge, Scrabble/Boggle, Ispy, Pictionary, Musical chairs, Scavenger hunt, and Charades.

New year party games 2021 for adults

Let kids enjoy their new year party game 2021 and you enjoy your own. The games of grown ups are:

Head’s Up

Try these interesting New Year Party Games 2021 for your House Party

Heads up is a guessing game. One player holds up a card to their forehead and the other player has to give him clues to guess what’s written on that card. But without saying the actual word within a limit of 2 minutes. And the first player will continue to guess the words until he is correct or decide to pass.

Mystery Word

Mystery Word is a puzzle game. It is about finding the missing letter of the incomplete words. The one who guesses the word first will get the points equal to the number of letters present in them.

Ring of fire

Ring of Fire is a game that involves both drinks and cards. The players drink continuously while playing the game. This can be played in two forms. The waterfall type is started by the person who draws an ace on picking the cards and can stop drinking whenever he wants. The rest has to drink until the first person commands them to stop. In the other type, you can choose someone to drink.

Human Cluedo

Human Cluedo is a real form of the fun video game. You can play this interesting game by listing down the name of all the players and mention how to kill them with weapons. The weapon can be a stick, cup, pen, or anything around at a particular position. The position can be a room or kitchen. Then, tasks are assigned to the players to kill others by protecting themselves.

Poker tournament

Try these interesting New Year Party Games 2021 for your House Party

When we have a good gathering of friends who loves to play poker, then a poker tournament is something that must be given a trial. It involves playing of different layers on a single table. In this, the blind level increases steadily at regular intervals.


This is like a multiple choice type question where a plot of a story is made like any situation. Then questions are asked accordingly with right and wrong answers as clues. The player has to choose the right answer among all.

Sheet Mime

Like the Head’s up the game, it is also a guessing game. They differ in holding the sheet in front of the other in Sheet Mime. The other person mimes the activity and makes the former understand and guess the word.

The other alternatives of these new year party games 2021 could be the Cereal Box Game, Beer pong, and chocolate game.

New Year Party Games 2021 for family gatherings

Family and friends becomes our first priority on any eve. So, how could we miss them? Here is a list of the new year party games 2021 for family gatherings. All you need to do is set up an area in your home where they could gather. Make them participate in these games and have their delicious meals.

The games are:

Blow the ball:

Try these interesting New Year Party Games 2021 for your House Party

A set of 5 symmetrical cups fully filled with water are placed on the table. The player is made to blow the ball from one side of the table. They have to blow in such a way that the ball reaches the last cup on the opposite side over the water without falling.

Make a family album:

Collect the pictures of your family members and make a collage out of those pictures. Then, print out the picture and cut it as a puzzle. Let them form the collage out of it again. The one who does so in a short interval wins the game.

Drawing the touch

Another fun activity that involves two paper sheets and markers to draw. Again, a guessing game. The one who needs to guess and draw the same. It includes the player to be in the front while the other one that places the sheet of paper on the former’s back draws.

The best alternatives of these new year party games 2021 could be Play Ball, Water Balloon Toss, Egg Race, Family Talent Show, Story Time Scavenger Hunt, Baby Rattle, Pucker Up, Whack Attack, Bingo, and Nervous Nelly.

Give a try to these easy and fun new year party games 2021 and welcome a new year joyously. Pathofex team wishes you a very happy new year.


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