New Year Might Look Like Every Other Night In 2021

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Amid everything happening around New Year, it might feel a little overwhelming. After sitting at our homes, away from the active social life, it can be a little difficult to go out and interact, or just be in the presence of unknown people. It’s not me saying all this, many event managers and restaurant owners are of the same thoughts, that New Year might look like every other night in 2021.

This year, all the big parties are to be held at all the renowned places. JW Marriott Chicago is hosting a New Year’s party with over 3000 guests, in Cambridge, Bar Enza has organized a special five-course meal, and there are many parties to be held all over the US on December 31, 2021. 

No, I ain’t forgetting about New Year’s Eve on Beale Street in Memphis, after all, it is one of the biggest events to be held at New years. All these events cost above $100 for each ticket. However, all the plans are supposed to go down the hill as another Covid wave has started around the world. Be it the United States, Western Europe, or Asia, there is a continuous rise in the cases as well as shutting of various bars and events across the nations. 

Are All Cities Cancelling New Year’s Eve Events?

New Year Might Look Like Every Other Night In 2021

While many cities have chosen to open their doors more securely and safely, others have simply shut down completely. All the big parties in Annapolis, Vienna, and Alexandria were canceled 10 days before the date while all their tickets were already sold out. There will be fireworks in these cities for the sake of New Year 2022. However, the bars still haven’t been canceled completely. There are many bars across the nation that have decided to shift their open hours more towards the day so that they can be shut by 7 PM. 

Just like The Black Cat announced on December 20 that two members from their staff are Covid positive, another DC rock club has canceled their huge New Year’s eve ball. The sold-out Busboys and Poets event in Columbia also needed to postpone their Peace Ball “due to the surge in Covid-19 cases and scarcity of appointments for Covid-19 PCR tests”. 

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At first, it might look like all of this is happening due to the Omicron variant, but that’s not the truth. Even before the third wave, many restaurants and event owners were organizing low-key events with some soft live music and wines to drink at the New Year. St. Vincent Wine Bar in Washington DC has planned to operate just like they do on a normal day of the year. When asked why, their reply was, “The reason we’re just doing a usual day of service is because we’re all exhausted. It’s been a long year.” 

The owner of St. Vincent Wine Bar said that they are open till midnight anyways. For New Year they will be open for 12:30 AM and do a little toast. 

All of this is not just a basic change. It’s a cultural change, people won’t like to party like animals anymore, not everyone is 21. The pandemic demands a sense of maturity and we are more likely to spend it with our loved ones at a place far from the noise of the cities. 

This year we also saw a rise in private events. The owners of Players Club DC said this is happening the second time in the row now. They can’t even have any overcrowded parties, nor can they do their usual events. This leaves them only one option, to celebrate New Year 2022 in the same way they celebrate every year of the day.

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If one might wonder, people in 2021 want to “chill with fun elements”. It could be some private happy hour event, an old-fashioned cocktail menu and some board games gathering with friends, and that’s probably the only thing that’s selling this year. And will continue to do so for more years to come now, as it seems that there will be more pandemics like this, and partying hard just might not be allowed in the future. 

Amid the changing culture of parties, many might want to get back to 2019, where things were all normal and nobody knew this was the last time they were going to be socialized at that level. 

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Wrapping Up

From what it seems like, the pandemic is not going to end any time soon and that does not mean you should not celebrate the New Year 2022. You must! But it would not be exactly in the same ways you did before. For the sake of your families, you could wear masks while going out to local events. Carry your sanitizers every time you go out to eat and simply enjoy life in a more personalized manner. 

You can still choose to be in a room with unknown people at midnight, but clinking your drink with a friend celebrating life has its own touch which can never be replaced.

That’s why I said, “New Year Might Look Like Every Other Night” and if you liked this article then make sure you comment your views. How did the pandemic affect you and your happy moments?

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