New stores, exotic varieties blooming as part of houseplant craze in Omaha

New stores, exotic varieties blooming as part of houseplant craze in Omaha

Mulhall’s is also getting a growing number of requests from collectors looking for specific and hard-to-find specimens. 

The plant craze has allowed smaller independent businesses to thrive, too. Places like Drips Botanical Elements and Sheelytown Market have joined The Green House locally. But big box stores like Lowe’s and area supermarkets also are selling plants and everything needed to grow them.

Members of online plant groups gleefully announce their finds. Others on Facebook are devoted to buying, selling and trading, which is how Porter and Sehi made their connection.

Owners Shannon Beck, left, and Abby Fleek next to the soil bar at the Nodest plant store downtown.

The two met at Nodest, located within Bad Seed Coffee & Supply at 24th and Harney Streets. Not only does Nodest sell plants but it has a soil bar in which you can purchase the perfect mix for that new baby.

It’s great for apartment dwellers who don’t have room for big bags of potting mixtures, Beck said. Each mix, at $3 a pound, comes with a fun name, such as Desert Daddy for cactus and succulents. All contain local compost churned out by Hillside Solutions.

“Oh my gosh, we’ve had a lot of success,” Beck said. “You can’t beat coffee and plants.”


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