NBA Legend Explains Why Players Trash Talk

NBA Legend Explains Why Players Trash Talk

NBA Legend Explains Why Players Trash Talk | Sports Takes & News |

When it comes to trash talking, some of the greatest names in NBA history come to mind. From Jordan to Bird, and more recently Kevin Garnett, what these players said was almost as legendary as what they did with the basketball. There was one player who barely did any talking on the court, yet still became one of the best at his position in history. That player is Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs, who recently explained why he didn’t trash talk on the court, and gives his reason for why so many others did.

Tim Duncan is known for being one of the more fundamentally sound players in NBA history, making him the perfect face for a Spurs franchise that defeated others by being better at the details of the game. Last week Duncan, the five-time NBA champion and two-time MVP spoke with Raja Bell and Logan Murdock on The Ringer’s “NBA Show” podcast where Duncan was asked why he didn’t trash talk on court like so many of his contemporaries did.

“It just wasn’t part of my game,” Duncan explained, adding, “It frustrates people more when you just keep coming and coming and just keep getting things done and no matter what they throw at you or what they do, it doesn’t affect you. And it actually ends up affecting them much more than it does you, so that was my way.  It fit with my game.”

During the interview Duncan was asked why he wouldn’t respond to the unrelenting trash talk offered up by one of the game’s most vicious practitioners of the art, Kevin Garnett. 

“Because that’s what he wanted, “Duncan replied, “(Garnett) wanted to get you outside of yourself, he wanted to piss you off and control the situation,” he added.

Just as the way he played, Tim Duncan’s understanding and explanation for why players trash talk is simple to understand and 100% true. The art of trash talk is finding out a way to get under an opponent’s skin and get them thinking about you, not their job during that game; and it is that divided mindset that has helped so many players win games.

When it comes to “the game within the game” athletes from all sports are always looking for the edge that will help them to make that one extra big play in order to win. For those athletes who are like Tim Duncan, focusing slowly on when that big play is needed, and playing well for an entire game is how they defeated you. For others, playing the mind game that trash talking was apart of is how they fueled their own performance. 

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I, for one am inclined to enjoy the silent approach that Duncan offered up during his career; while those in the media, on social media and in the stands would probably side more often with the style that Kevin Garnett employed and so many others before him used. Either way, as the former Spurs legend said, whatever works for your game is how every player should employ trash talk since, in the end, there are few words in the record books, only Ws and Ls, and few will care how you got your stats, only that you did it within the rules. 


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NBA Legend Explains Why Players Trash Talk |

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