MrBeast Bar Feastable Chocolate Updates: Flavors, Price, Prizes, and Chocolate Factory

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When money and YouTube are heard in the same sentence, you know Mr. Beast has made another spectacular news that is gonna be the headline for weeks! Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber Known by his fans as Mr. Beast, is an internet personality and a philanthropist. He is known worldwide for his grand and expensive YouTube videos. And guess what? He has again stolen the show with his recently launched Chocolate company – Feastables!

His first step in the Food Business with the launch of Mr. Beast Burgers was already a hit among the world. And now he has taken another big step with the introduction of his own line of Chocolate bars. Can you guess the name- Yes..!! It’s Mr. Beast Bar! Wow, that’s thoughtful, lol. Well, known for his philanthropic charities and giveaways, he has provided “1 million meals to people in need.”  and many instant prizes. 

His first-ever virtual restaurant was launched in Dec 2020, which sold Burgers online throughout the US. Fans all over the world loved his Burger Chain and now his virtual Burger restaurant is currently present at 1,000 locations in North America and Europe. YouTubers were just adjusting to his business when he made another fascinating announcement- His new Feastable Company that will sell his own customized line of Mr. Beast Chocolates! These Feastables Chocolates are plant-based, high quality, and totally organic. Amazing right? But that’s not even the best part; what’s even amazing is the hidden Golden Ticket. Wanna know more about it- read along!!

Mr. Beast Launches Feastable Chocolate Bars

Mr. Beast Bar Feastable Chocolate

We all loved the flavorsome Mr. Beast Burger, but now to top it all, Mr. Beast has bought us a sweet treat- Mr. Beast Bar. With his aim to deliver high-quality organic snacks, he has decided to open his own company Feastable which will deliver his first launched chocolate line of gluten-free Mr. Beast Bar Chocolates. 

On 29 Jan 2022, MrBeast, AKA Jimmy Donaldson, announced the launch of Feastables, a better-for-you snacking brand rooted in gamified experiences. With this, he is setting out to build an engaging consumer brand centered around gamified experiences that bring everything MrBeast is known for online – fan engagement, games, stunts, and spectacle – to the masses.

The Feastable snack Brand will sell its Mr. Beast Chocolate Bars that are present in different flavors. These are high-quality organic chocolate bars that are made of just 4 ingredients with no added artificial flavor. Adding to the sweetness, he has another treat hidden in the Chocolate bars? What is it? Let’s discuss Mr. Beast Feastable Chocolate Bars in detail-

Mr. Beast Bar Flavors

Feastable has introduced Mr. Beast Bar Chocolates that are present right now in 3 different flavors-

  1. Original Chocolate, 
  2. Almond Chocolate,
  3. Quinoa Crunch Chocolate.
  • Original Chocolate Flavour

Ever wondered what clouds taste like? Chocolate clouds? We’re pretty sure this is it. The Original Chocolate is made with just 4 ingredients, focusing on incredible quality and carefully sourced ingredients – blended to make a smooth, rich and delicious chocolate snack.

  • Almond Chocolate Flavour

Almond Chocolate is the perfect blend of nutty meets tasty, with an epic blend of roasted almond chunks, smothered in our rich chocolate. 

  • Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Flavour

Quinoa Crunch packs a punch of rich chocolatey goodness, mixed with a crunch of quinoa to create the most more-ish, delicious, and beast-like snacking experience ever. 

These Feastable Bars are claimed to be delivering a high-quality snacking experience. They are gluten-free Chocolate bars that are made up of only organic ingredients like organic Cocoa. 

MrBeast Bar Feastable Chocolate Updates: Flavors, Price, Prizes, and Chocolate Factory

Mr. Beast quoted, “No other brand is creating quality snacks with a focus on fun at a mass scale, and I’m excited for everyone to experience it.”

Mr. beast has launched these 3 Mr. Beast Chocolate Bars flavors in 4 different packings.

  1. Keep it Simple Pack with Original Chocolate Flavour Bars
  2. It’s Nut Pack with Almond Chocolate Flavour Bars
  3. The Crispiest Pack with Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Flavour Bars
  4. Try All 3 Pack containing all of the three flavored Chocolates.

Therefore with these Feastable chocolates, Mr. Beast is trying to make high-quality Chocolate Bars more accessible. 

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Feastable MrBeast Chocolate Ingredients

MrBeast organic chocolates are claimed to be made of 4 basic ingredients-

  1. Cocoa Bean
  2. Sugar Cane
  3. Cocoa Butter
  4. Sunflower Lecithin

These Dark delicious Cocoa Beans provide the tastiest organic Chocolate flavor and the sugarcane adds a perfect amount of sweetness in each bite. While the Cocoa Butter melds together all the ingredients to make this chocolate creamy and rich, the natural ingredient Sunflower Lecithin holds it all together. Therefore it is the simplest yet tastiest Chocolate Bar to be launched.

MrBeast Chocolate Bar Nutition Facts

Let’s learn about the Nutrition facts of Feastable Chocolates Mr. Beast Bar-

Mr. Beast Bar Feastable Chocolate
Mr. Beast Bar Feastable Chocolate

Price Of  Feastables Mr. Beast Bar 

Mr. Beast Bar is available to the customers for the price range of $2.98 – $49.99 USD. You have the option to buy these mouth-watering Feastable Chocolate Bars in 2 quantities.

Mr. Beast Bar Feastable Chocolate

You can either go for individual Mr. Beeast Bar Packaging of $2 or bundle Packaging of $29.

Irrespective of the Flavour, all the Mr. Beast Bar Chocolates cost the same-

Mr. Beast Bar FlavorsCost Price of 1 BarCost Price of 10 Bar Box
Original Chocolate$2.89$29.99
Almond Chocolate$2.89$29.99
Quinoa Crunch Chocolate$2.89$29.99

The Bundle Packaging

PackQuantityCost Price
Variety Pack18 Bars ( 6 of each flavor )$49.99
Ultimate Beast Bar Bundle30 bars (10 of each flavor)$88

How Can I Buy Mr. Beast Feastable Bars?

Mr. Beast Bar Chocolates are up for grabs!! You can buy these chocolates directly from their official online site- FEASTABLES. There you can order packs of 10 bars.

Though there is a limit of buying 21 packs and one beast bundle per customer. However, unfortunately, according to the website, it ships only within the US at this moment. Soon, it will extend to other counties as well.

If you are looking for one Chocolate bar, then you can also directly buy Mr. Beast Bars from Walmart. These Individual bars are now available on walmart just for $2.98.

Mr. Beast Bar Feastable Chocolate

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Sweepstakes Over $1 Million Dollars!!

“Win a chance to be in a MrBeast video and compete for the chance to win his real-life chocolate factory!”

Well, they say it simply couldn’t be a Mr. Beast launch if there isn’t any hidden twist to it. I guess Surprise is Mr. Beast’s middle name. Regardless of launching a mega Chocolate business, he is creating a Willy Wonka-inspired competition for the whole world. Intrigued!? Well read along and learn how you can possess this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mr. beast and his grand stunts have constantly amazed people- be it his Real life Squid game or Beast Philanthropy YouTube Channel. But this time, he has crossed all the limits and is making our Childhood Dream come true. 

Do you remember how in our childhood, we all wanted to be Charlie dreaming of that visit to the Chocolate factory! Well, it is no more our imagination, Mr. Beast has decided to create a real-life Willy-Wonka-inspired competition. In this, 10 Lucky Golden Ticket Winners will get selected to take part in a competition to win Chocolate Factory! This Competition will be featured in his new YouYube video and the winner will walk away with a new Real-life Chocolate Factory. 

Mr. Beast Bar Feastable Chocolate

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Prizes And Offers In Feastables Mr. Beast Bar

Didn’t win The Golden ticket? No worries, Mr. Beast won’t leave you hanging. Along with the golden prizes, he has hidden thousands of instant-win prizes up for grabs including –

  • Tesla 
  • Sea Doos 
  • Super 73 
  • Electric Bikes 
  • A pair of Jet Skis
  • Artesian Builds gaming computers 
  • Turtle Beach gaming bundles 
  • Beats by Dre earbuds
  • A lifetime of chocolate from Gopuff 
  • Cash prizes 
  • MrBeast merch and more.

Wow!! What else you could wish for. Now let’s see how to take part in Mr. Beast Chocolate Factory Competition-

How To Participate In  Mr. Beast Chocolate Factory Competition?

  1. Find the Sticker on the back of the Chocolate Bar.
  2. Peel the Sticker to reveal the Code.
  3. Scan the QR Code.
  4. Enter contact details and the Code.
  5. Spin the Wheel to see if you win.

Enter your mystery code and spin the wheel to unlock an instant prize. AND, all entries go into the draw for the major prize sweepstakes!! Hurry!

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What Are the Chances Of Winning a Prize From MrBeast’s Chocolate Bars?

After the speechless announcement from YouTube King Mr. Beast of his new Chocolate Brand Feastables, his fans and all the YouTubers have gone crazy. Mr. Beast Bar is the only thing people are talking about. In previous weeks, Prime Hydration has booked all the news, and now Mr. Beast’s Chocolates have created the buzz among the audience.

While some can’t stop reviewing the Mr. Beast Chocolates, others are loving the adrenaline rush they are getting on opening the mysterious Chocolates. Everyone wants to be the lucky one that gets to win a chance to feature in Mr. Beast’s Youtube video and win a CHOCOLATE FACTORY..!! I have no idea why I am shouting!! I am just too excited about it.

But with all the excitement, fans are also worried about the chance of winning Mr. Beast prizes. Wanna know what are your Chances? Let’s figure it out-

Each Mr. Beast bar has a ticket on the back giving you a chance to spin a prize wheel. However, interestingly, by using calculations, we can actually calculate the odds that you can win one of these tremendous prizes. The total value of the prizes he is giving is away is over $1 million dollars. Since the bar costs roughly three dollars each, MrBeast mainly has to sell about 363,000 bars to break even. 

So your chance of winning is less than 1 in 363,000. That’s why it’s not how many bars you get. It depends totally on your luck.

Well, let’s just say Best of Luck! Lol.

Wrapping Up

Well, Mr. Beast has done it again! Though he never fails to impress us, this time he really has took the game to next level. He already made his fans happy when he launched his Feastable Chocolate Brand. His organic high standard Mr. Beast Bars are loved by the audience. But adding to its sweetness, he has decided to create a Willy Wonka Competition out of it. He is giving the chance to 10 lucky winners to feature in his YouTube Video and win a chocolate factory. On the complimentary, there are many In-hand instant prizes up for grabs. 

So, what are you still doing here? Go, buy these amazing Mr. Beast Bars and get the chance to win all the fascinating rewards.

I hope you got all the information you were looking for. Keep visiting Path Of EX and do share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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