What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Learning English?

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Being one of the most popular languages that people across the world want to learn, English has grown to become one of the most spoken languages for quite a few centuries now.

From allowing you to cherish the privilege of communicating with more individuals effectively around the globe, to letting you place yourself in a better position to secure your job profile, learning the English language comes along with an array of benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenging aspects of learning to be proficient in English that automatically call for entering yourself into English language school in Singapore.


English grammar is one of the most primary things that can be difficult to remember initially when taking on this new journey, as it is complex and requires to be implemented logically depending on the type of conversation you are engaged with and the piece in which you are speaking.

Using the correct grammar requires you to follow certain theories, rules, and regulations that are extremely important as they can lead to changing the meaning of what you are trying to communicate.


Although it is found to be to not be hyper-aware of your vocabulary at all times, knowing them correct fuel is required as, unnoticed almost immediately, especially if you’re interacting with a native speaker.

The most difficult part about learning the main vocabularies is to have a thorough understanding of the tents and the verb variations of the same word so as not to pronounce it inaccurately are change its meaning.

Colloquialisms and slang

Besides focusing on the complicated grammar and extensive vocabulary, getting acquainted with the slang of a specific English-speaking country is what you should aim for as an English student.

Enrolling yourself in an English course in Singapore will help you make everyday conversations like English speakers and maintain that conversation with the right implementation of words and tone.


As an English student here in Singapore you’ll learn about the diversity of the English language is that different cultures used to communicate among themselves and pronounce words in English that may be too difficult for a non-native English speaker to remember.

This will not only help you communicate the right message but also choose your words properly especially when seated at an interview or having relocated to an English-speaking country for an academic or professional venture.

Variations and forms

This includes the difference between using informal and formal languages and subtle differences in English that occur when writing and speaking it, especially when dealing with phonetic words which are mostly spelled and written differently. 

The language English is often considered very simple to master, but it’s not the case for people coming from diverse backgrounds.

Choose to learn from an English language program from Singapore today and gain a better chance at overcoming some of the trickiest obstacles faced when learning to right speak and listen carefully to English.


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