Phenomenal Money Heist Cast and All Seasons Critic Reviews 2021

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Money Heist has been in the talk since its release, and if you don’t understand why, then this article is made for you. Is Money Heist worth watching or Is it overrated? You will get all your answers. Just read this article on Money Heist Cast and All Seasons Critic Reviews 2021. 

What started as a mere TV show in Spain has become Netflix’s Most Watch Non-English Series in the US. Money Heist spread like FIRE! It became so popular that Netflix had to make a documentary on Why is Money Heist so popular? I am sure a lot of you might have similar questions. Continue reading to have all your answers. 

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Money Heist hits all the right spots in the viewers’ heads and it successfully conveys the message of Capitalism and Fascism. Using Bella Ciao as its anthem, the makers of Money Heist played all the cards right and we cannot wait for Season 5. 

Any die-hard fan of Money Heist wouldn’t dare to miss this read. Get ready to know all about the cast of Money Heist and reviews of all seasons.  

Incredible Money Heist Cast and All Seasons Critic Reviews

The plot, characters, and reviews of the Money Heist are covered below. Read Closely!  

Money Heist Plot (All Seasons)

Money Heist (La casa de papel) is a Spanish television series based on crime and robbery. The protagonist, El Professor, is the mastermind behind the robbery. He is the one who designs a perfect plan for robbing The Royal Mint of Spain (in the first two seasons) and The Bank of Spain (in Season 3 and Season 4). 

The Professor has gone through every single detail of his plan. It took him years to build such a perfect plan, to find all the right people for executing heist, making rules for no connections between the members, and much more. It truly cannot be explained how much detail writers and creators of Money Heist have gone into. But all of them have truly done a commendable job. 

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Money Heist Cast
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You see a bunch of people, wearing red jumpsuits and Dali masks, go into the Royal Mint of Spain and just hijack the place with not much effort. The gang leader, Berlin (Pedro Alonso), who also became my crush after watching all of the Money Heist cast, manages the members inside the Royal Mint. The Professor keeps everything under check from the outside. Perfect? It still was not! 

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The scenes are as realistic as they can be. Everything you see is in a real-time-like fashion. The story is narrated by a female character, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), who shares it from her perspective. I think this narration makes the series even more connecting to the audience. 

Everything about Money Heist Cast is Spanish and there are many chances you will like it for this reason too. Not just the series, but the famous Italian anti-fascist song Bella Ciao, fit perfectly into the hearts of people. 

Money Heist Cast with Roles

Money Heist Cast and All Season Reviews
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Tokyo played by Ursula Corbero, narrates the heist from her perspective. She is offered to participate in the heist when the police are about to slaughter her. She is one of the leads in the Money Heist cast. Tokyo regards Professor as her ‘Guardian Angel’ as he has saved Tokyo’s life more than once during the show. 

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The Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, is the brains behind the heist, and not only that, but he is also Berlin’s yonder brother. He has assembled each member of the group and takes responsibility for each one of them. 

Lisbon, portrayed by Itziar Ituño, is an Inspector in Money Heist who has to deal with the Professor regarding the negotiations of hostages. Little does she know the man she is dating is Professor himself. Luckiest Bitch in Money Heist cast!

Money Heist Cast and All Season Reviews
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Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, is the leader of the gang managing all the activities inside of the Royal Mint. Besides that, he is terminally ill and is going to die within a few months from the robbery. Berlin is an exceptional jewel thief and is a man of morals (not really). I find him the best in Money Heist Cast.

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Moscow, played by Paco Tous, is a miner-turned-criminal, who has spent 12 years in jail. Moscow is Denver’s father and gives great advice to his son whenever he losses control over any situation. 

Nairobi, portrayed by Alba Flores, is another member of the gang, but mind you, she is a wise one in all the gang members of the Money Heist cast. She always tries to make cool, has a little son who was taken by police. So her goal is to have millions after the heist and run away with her son. 

Money Heist Cast and All Season Reviews
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Rio, played by Alba Flores, is the youngest member of the gang, his specialty is hacking the systems and he’s a pro at it. Rio and Tokyo are in an affair that no other member of the gang knows about. Overall he is a cute guy head over heels in love with Tokyo. They had to make a love angle in between the Money Heist cast.

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Denver or Jaime Lorente is the hot head of the Money Heist. He is the guy who makes sure every hostage fears the gang. He is the son of Moscow.  

Helsinki, portrayed by Darko Perić, is a Serbian soldier and Oslo’s Cousin, who is also a member of the gang. At first, he looks ruthless, but as we see him in the 3rd Season of Money Heist, he is the cutest in all of the Money Heist Cast.

Money Heist Cast and All Season Reviews
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Palermo, acted by Rodrigo de la Serna, is an old friend of Berlin. The mad one in the Money Heist cast. Palermo along with Professor and Berlin plans the robbery of the Bank of Spain. He is placed as the Commanding Officer of the second heist.

Stockholm aka Monika Gaztambide, is played by Esther Acebo. She is one of the hostages who worked as Arturo Román’s secretary and is also pregnant with his child. Later she falls in love with Denver and becomes one of them after the heist.

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Arturo Román, played by Enrique Arce, is a hostage and former director of the Royal Mint of Spain. But he is no less than a pain in the ass. You will know once you watch Money Heist on Netflix. 

Alicia Sierra is acted by Najwa Nimri. She is the pregnant inspector who is in charge of the Heist after Raquel. Alicia is the Satan out of all the Money Heist Cast. She is the villain in the last two seasons of the Money Heist and will steep to any level to get hold of the gang. 

Money Heist Review of All Seasons 2021

Money Heist series came with something the world wasn’t ready for and it blasted like a bomb. Till today the series has had more than 65 million views on Netflix and is the most watch series in the US that is non-English. But all these facts won’t amaze you cause Money Heist is exceptional and outstanding in every means. Let me explain.  

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First of all, let’s talk about the Money Heist cast. From Professor to Gandia, each and every actor has done justice to the characters. I personally love Berlin’s character as well as  Alicia’s. She has done such a great job that I really do hate her after watching Money Heist. The show makers couldn’t have chosen a better cast.

Secondly, mind-blowing storyline. Throughout the show, what we see is planning and how it can go wrong. Everything can go unexpectedly even after planning it for years and how to rectify the situation. Money Heist gives you a great script that says ‘That’s how it’s done bitches’. 

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After watching Money Heist you will know a lot about Proper Planning, Scope of Mistakes even after planning, Team Leadership, Risk Management, Plan Execution, and you will find yourselves waiting for Tokyo and Rio’s passionate sex. (Wink!)

No doubt seasons 3 and 4 were not as good as the first two seasons in terms of storytelling. But Season 1 and Season 2 of Money Heist can not be missed by you by any chance. Also, if you have watched all the seasons of Money Heist, I am sure you cannot wait for the last season. 

The shoot of Season 5 of Money Heist is already completed and will be released in September 2021. 

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Wrapping Up

Fellow fans of Money Heist, this was all about Money Heist Cast and Reviews. Hope you like this article. Share it with your friends. If you have any questions about any series comment below. We will definitely get back to you. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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