Watch These Modern Family Easter Episodes for an Eggciting Easter!

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“The kind of confidence that you get from having a family like this, that’s passionate and accepting of hot foreigners and gay dudes and nutty people. You know, a family that actually loves each other.”

Modern Family has to be one of the best American sitcoms. The show has a massive following. Each character of the show has a personality of their own. They fight, laugh, and stay together. This family celebrates everything. Well a family that celebrates together, stays together! Right? So why don’t we celebrate this year’s Easter by watching the best of Modern Family Easter episodes!

Modern Family ended two years back. However, these characters are stuck with us forever. For years we have watched them celebrate New Year’s to Halloween, everything together. They are a bunch of misfits who are tired of each other and yet love each other! Does this remind you of your family? 

It is Easter week, everyone! Do you have any plans? You don’t!? No worries! I have this Modern Family Easter episode that you can watch with your family. Watching Modern Family with your family? It is going to be chaotically funny! Trust me!

The Best Modern Family Easter Episodes

The Pritchett’s and the Dunphy’s have become an important part of our lives. We have celebrated so many festivals with them. Who doesn’t like Modern Family Valentine’s episodes? However, there is one festival that has been celebrated only once throughout all the seasons. Yes! You guessed it right!  They have celebrated Easter ONLY ONCE! So let us have a look at the Modern Family Easter episode together!

I’m Going To Miss This | Season 11, Episode 6

“Wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. That is a magic egg. Close your eyes and make a wish. Okay.”

This is one of the last episodes of the series. Through all these years we have seen the Pritchett and Dunphy children grow and turn into adults. This episode marks a transition in the lives of the characters. So if you haven’t watched this episode, there are many spoilers ahead!

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We see Mitch and Cam transitioning from their old home to the new one. Not just home, but we also see their family transitioning from three to four. Yes! They are adopting another kid. They are happy and excited but as always nervous! Who can blame them?! However, we see Lily all grown up, comforting her fathers. She reminds them that they have to pull themselves together to welcome the new baby into the family!

Next up we see a transition in the relationship between Jay and Manny. This stepfather and stepson duo has always left the audience in awe. What started as silly banters at the start of the show transforms into a relationship of mutual respect and trust. Both of them have very less in common throughout the show, but they tend to respect each other’s differences. 

However, in this episode we see them discovering something common between them- Their love for wine. Both of them sit together and have some wine. Everything is going well but they soon get into an argument over their knowledge of wine. What follows is a competition between them. Everything ends on a great note when Manny and Jay decide to meet and drink once a month. 

This is where Easter is introduced in the episode. While Phil and Claire are out, the Pritchett kids throw a party at their home and it has to go wrong! Obviously! One of the guest’s snakes lays eggs in the fireplace. What!? You read that right! Luke gets most of the eggs to a pet shop, however, one is left behind! This leads to pure chaos.

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When Phil and Claire get back home, they decide to throw an Easter party for the kids in the neighborhood. The snake egg ends up in the basket of the Easter eggs. We see Phil running to each kid and taking their eggs before the snake egg hatches!

Throughout the Easter scenes, we are shown the transition of Phil and Claire from parents to grandparents! They find themselves sitting at the grandparents’ table and this leaves them feeling old. However, in the end, they come to terms with it.

This episode has got all the elements. It is funny and it is quirky. It shows the best of everyone in the family. You see them grow through their own fears and transitions. They remind you of your family throughout!

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Wrapping Up

Modern Family celebrates Christmas to New Years’, everything in style. This family reminds you of your own family. They are quirky yet funny. They are tired of each other yet always together. What I’m saying is that they are like any other family! They bring us comfort!

This Easter watch the Modern Family Easter episodes with your family and enjoy them together! Let me know your favorite character and episode from the Modern Family in the comments below.


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