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Facebook continues to be a profound choice for brands aspiring to promote their services and products online. However, only twenty-four percent of the people use paid ads to enhance their follower counts. Still, there are significant Facebook hacks to know how to build an audience from scratch. In order to overcome some of the challenges of algorithm changes and increasing competition, marketers are arriving towards Famouspanel to improve their Facebook audience for free.  

Joining Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an incredible way to learn new things, network, and promote content. If the user is predominantly a blogger, then there are trillions of similar groups in their niche. All the user needs to do is type a keyword in and search for groups. For instance, small online shop owners can explore groups like Shopify Entrepreneurs, ask their queries, study e-commerce, and develop acquaintances. Joining a group and interacting in it enhances the visibility of the brand. Being an active participant in the Facebook community aids in building relationships with people of similar wavelength and like-minded goals.  

Including Facebook Contact Button

An incredible way to boost Facebook audiences is by including a Facebook button in the website that easily connects website visitors to communicate with the Facebook page. Brands and businesses can also encourage their employees to add a link to their Facebook page in the email signature. People who receive their email can also connect with the brand’s Facebook page. Among various types of content, many marketers mentioned that videos outperformed in growing their audience on Facebook.

Host Contests

Nearly forty percent of the people use Facebook to stay updated about brands. Thirty-nine percent of the people tend to follow business pages to receive deals or discounts. An incredible way to create exclusive offers for customers and enhance engagement on the Facebook business page is to conduct a contest. The strategy is complete, except whatever the brand wishes to spend on the prize.

Predominantly, the social media contest complements are coupons or free products. This approach is advantageous for business because the winner will turn out as an Influencer by using the brand’s products. They can also become loyal customers and continue to purchase products at the total price. The simplest way to utilize this free technique is by structuring contests so that it prompts users to like or share the content and follow the page. This approach drastically enhances the reach and follower count.

Creating Valuable Content for the Customers

Periodically posting informative content related to the brand and industry is crucial to succeeding on Facebook. Various types of content best suitable for the Facebook Business page are :

  • Declaring brand news, like upcoming product launches
  • Sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes incidents in Facebook content, including videos about making of the product
  • Posting articles based on Industrial trends
  • Sharing reviews or news stories that feature the brand
  • Creating associating facebook content for the blog posts

Although Facebook is one among few platforms that support long-form content, video content is getting far trending in the platform. The average video view on Facebook is nearly eight billion per day. Below are some of the crucial factors that determine the success of video on Facebook.

Caption:Captions allow users to easily watch videos without sound. Ninety-two percent of the viewers see videos without sounds and prefer automatically muted videos.

Duration: Shorter videos are around one minute and are generally favorable for users. However, brands need to tailor the length of the videos to match the preferences of the audience.

Content: Businesses need to post video content appealing to the audience and prompt them to share videos with others.

Create Content for Other Pages

Developing content for other pages is an incredible way to network with others in the industry, parallel enhancing their visibility and reach. First, brands can send a message to targeted Facebook pages that they are willing to curate content for them under a mentioned category once a week. They can also enhance it further by providing assured results for more exposure by delivering twice a week. Brands need to ensure that the pages appreciate the chance to combine their content and reduce posting pressure.   

Email List and Hashtag Implementation

If the brands wish to enhance followers on Facebook, they can experiment with the existing email list. They can either choose to add social media icons in all their emails or directly email the list and encourage them to follow the Facebook page.

While most people think that Hashtags are best suited for Facebook and Instagram, they can use them on Facebook to enhance followers. The hashtag has two critical approaches. The users can either use it like a literal and straightforward hashtag relevant to the niche or an audience-focused Hashtag.  

Keep Up with the Schedule

Like every other social media platform, Facebook wants its users to show active involvement. Facebook algorithms won’t appreciate users who disappear all of a sudden, and also, when they begin posting again, the posts may not get the actual visibility. Therefore it is essential to publish periodically on the Facebook Page, at least two times a week. This approach ensures that the fans do not forget the brand’s existence.

Using Facebook Widget or Pop-up

For every brand or user who aspires to grow, a vast Facebook audience must include a pop-up or widget in their website. Facebook provides a Page Plugin that enables users to embed their Facebook timeline, show off their fans what they have been posting, and encouraging them to gather likes without leaving the platform. Also, users can experiment by adding a Facebook pop-up to prompt fans to offer them a “thumbs up.”   

Sharing Other User’s Content

It is not essential that the users always need to post their own content. Brands can also share some cool trending campaigns that resonate with their niche. If businesses are coordinating with others or genuinely admire somebody’s work or any of their clients have shared content about them, they can readily share it on the platform. Despite people being grateful for mentioning them, user-generated content offers an incredible potential, and it also allows brands to have a little break from creating content. Tagging others who are relevant to the niche can gather tremendous likes and shares for the post.

Final Thoughts

There are many changes continuously occurring at Facebook for the past few months, and the users can transform them into growth opportunities if they play their cards right. Also, there are plenty of tactics that marketers can experiment with to gather organic likes for their Facebook pages. The users and businesses need to be patient while implementing their Facebook marketing plan techniques to grow their follower base. 


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