Longmire Season 7 | Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Controversies

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Oh, God! We are in 2021, where people love to see a range of popular shows full of drama and suspense without any break. That is why the makers of the famous shows are coming back on the screen with inviting stories once again. Wait! But what about Longmire Season 7? Is it coming again with a bang? Curious to know? If you are a Longmire fan and wonder if there will be Longmire next season, here is the exotic piece of information you will need to feed your mind today!

Well, what do you think, which is better, book or its movies adaptations? If you are one among those who say that books are way better, then you probably do not know that Longmire is also inspired by the best-selling American author Craig Allen Johnson’s Walt Longmire Mystery series of novels. In contrast to all these odds, Longmire has been winning hearts for its lively story since 2013. But, its season 6 ended up with a lot of confusion in 2017 and created a buzz among its fan.

After a series of controversies of four years, the makers of Longmire have come together once again to reveal the suspense of appearing on the screen again with a completely new story for Longmire Season 7. So, keep up your excitement of knowing about an exotic tale once again.

But, when will it premiere? Which network? What is the plot? And, what about the cast? Is there any change in the story? Hang on! If your mind is also messed up with questions like these, then below you will find the satisfactory answer to all these questions.

Longmire Season 7: Story By Far

Longmire Season 7 | Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Controversies
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For a fantastic pilot season, with approximately 6 million views per episode, there are speculators eagerly waiting to know whether Longmire season 7 will happen or not.

Fans are eagerly waiting and equally excited to know about it!

Season 6 of Longmire was released in the year 2017 on Netflix, and since the fire wasn’t burning much until the recent speculations for Longmire Season 7. If you are not new to the team Longmire, you should know that the first three seasons of this terrific show were produced by A&E. The channel later canceled the show due to the reasons unknown, but decreasing viewership was certainly not the reason!

Definitely Not!!!

The gem was later discovered by Netflix and produced the next three seasons, i.e., seasons 4, 5, and 6. The show took off once again on the online platform and built a more substantial audience too! As the show reached the season 6 final episode, it was stopped again as most of the novel series was covered.

If you have watched the series and yet don’t know that the Longmire crime series is based on the Walt Longmire mystery novels by best-selling author Craig Johnson, you need to think if you are a true Longmeire Fan or not!

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Longmire Season 7 Plot

Longmire Season 7 | Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Controversies
Source: Business – Insider

The Netflix show Longmire centers on Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor. It’s been a year since the sheriff is widowed. To hide his grief and the sense of loss for his long-loved wife, he indulged himself in his work.

As the show moves forward, the officer solves some of the law enforcement cases in the fictional town of Absaroka County in Wyoming, assisted by his friend Henry. As the story progresses, the officer gets to know that the murderer of his wife has been murdered too.

The whole murder thing comes to Walt, and he denies the killing of his wife’s murderer. After a set of investigations, his friend Henry comes for in the suspicion. The story’s progression is followed by the intensification and deepening of the murder mystery of Walt’s wife. At the same time, he struggles with a mumble jumble in his personal and professional life.

As the Longmire season 6 comes to an end, Walt Longmire is no longer the sheriff. He chooses to take a leave from this job after Malachi Strand dies.

The country’s future is now in good hands and perfectly safe, while Walt realizes there can be a future for him somewhere else.

Yes, you guessed this one right!

Vic and Walt take a step forward in their relationship, realizing that they cannot get back what they lost permanently instead make the future better together.

But the mystery still goes on!

What are the viewers expecting in the Longmore season 7?

What is there to broadcast to the viewers?

Most of the book’s story has been covered by the makers, and sadly, nothing much is left to show. This makes a questionable discussion for the beloved viewers.

Longmire Season 7 Releasing Or Not?

Longmire Season 7 | Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Controversies
Source: TV Guide

The top-rated Netflix show stars an Australian actor Robert Taylor in the main lead, the terrific and enthusiastic sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. 

The other faces of the Netflix show are Katee Sackoff as Vic, Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry, and Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longmire, who later becomes the sheriff after Walt leaves the position.

But, Do all of them return for Longmire Season 7?




Here is the big piece of cake we’ve all been waiting for.

Unfortunately, the show Longmire after a successful run of 6 seasons from 2012 to 2017, unfortunately came to an end a few years ago.

So, sadly there is not going to be season 7 for this Netflix show.

But, we feel you.

With its excellent ratings, viewership, and fanbase, it was highly expected that Longmire season 7 would come for sure.

But the show producers made sure in the last season, that is, season 6 of the show, that the viewers get a satisfying ending to the show (certainly not like the one given to the game of thrones).

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However, a recent tweet by Longmire Posse can be a sigh of relief for the desperate fans.

However, there are rumors of Longmire Season 7th Episode 1 release date to be Nov 12th, 2021.

Wrapping Up:

Well, there is no official confirmation by the makers for the beginning of Longmire season 7 going on air, but its popularity among the fans as well as the stars are enough to compel the makers for an interesting comeback on the screens. Now, we want to hear from you, what do you expect about Longmire season 7 in the comment section below. Will it come with a new season or not?

Your feedbacks matter to us.

People Have Also Asked:

When will the Longmire Season 7 Episode 1 release?

It is not sure if Longmire Season 7 Episode 1 will get its premium this year or not, yet there are rumors of its first episode’s release on 12 Nov 2021. While some say it’s 17 Nov 2021.

Now, all we could do is to wait for the official announcement.

Why was Longmire Season 7 canceled?

It was disheartening for the Longmire fans as Longmire ran successfully for the six-season, but after the end of season 6, the chaos began among fans for Season 7’s cancelation.

You will be shocked to know that the series came to an end because of no or low audience. Though this show was quite popular, its audience kept on falling as it was about to reach season 6 ending.

Another reason was that it has already covered much of the source material from Johnson’s best-selling series of novels that inspired the show. Thus, no story made this disappear like that.



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