10 Amazing Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples (2022)

Yes, you can still make your V-day epic despite the distance.

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Smriti Razdan
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With Valentine’s day around the corner, you might be wondering how to make your boo feel super special. The feeling of making someone else feel loved is more precious than being the one on the receiving end. In between pandemic and LDR, you might be unable to meet your partner and that’s absolutely no reason to not celebrate V-day. You don’t have to kill your love vibe, you only need to have some Amazing Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Spending Valentine’s Day together is more like a norm than just a holiday. Plus, if you have spent a V-day with your babe before then it is going to be a little hard for you this year. However, things don’t have to be disheartening because of all this distance. You can still play your charms, make some memories, and appreciate your partner in your life. 

How exactly are you going to do it? Well, here are all the best long distance Valentine’s day ideas you need. Don’t worry! Some of them don’t even cost you a penny. So are you ready?

10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

Trust me when I say these ideas are no less than magic itself. Things could be going south between you two, or maybe you’re just missing them too much and the distance is killing you. If that’s how you feel, then it becomes super important for you to do something about it. Rather than whining, take yourself and your relationship seriously and start with these long distance Valentine’s day ideas right away.

1. 36 Questions to Fall in Love, Again!

Amid the distance between you guys, it’s evident things won’t be the same as when you guys were actually together. Miles actually takes a toll on your relationship as years go by. Maybe you feel like your partner is not the same anymore, or maybe you guys haven’t got any time to connect lately. If anything close to this has come across your relationship life, then I have a perfect solution for you that you can inculcate in your long distance Valentine’s day ideas.

With the ultimate 36 Questions in Love, you can unlock a new level of closeness between you and your partner that you never even knew existed before. I swear, these questions have all the magic you need on Valentine. Without even thinking, list these 36 Questions among the best long distance Valentine’s day ideas. 

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2. Dinner Date Over Skype or Facetime with Your Partner

Dinner date in LDR; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

No, there’s no reason for you to not see your partner on February 14. Thanks to all the technology around us, you can see your partner via Facetime or Skype for hours. Now, you guys might see each other over video calls every other day, but Valentine’s Day is not every other day, right? It’s special for you! That’s why you are here searching for the best long distance Valentine’s day ideas. 

Here’s how you will make your Valentine’s day special. Even if you cannot see him all day because of any probable reason, work, travel, etc, you can arrange a very simple yet special dinner and s/he will cook something special at their place. 

Dress up a little, wear something nice, something that your partner likes on you, like that t-shirt you wore when you first met, or a dress you wore on his birthday. Just give it a little thought and I am sure you will get dolled up all nice and pretty. Eat and talk, spend some quality time and that’s the best way to end your Valentine’s day. 

3. Make a Spotify Playlist Just for Him or Her

Spotify playlist; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

You know there are innumerable ways to make someone feel like they are the center of your world without even spending a penny. A little thought works wonders, you know how? You can easily create his or her favorite playlist on Spotify. Pick the songs that either your partner or you, or you both love and make a playlist. 

After you are done with creating your playlist, you can share your Spotify playlist with your partner. It is very easy to do so and in no time you will see how s/he is hooked to it. But wait! While you are on the thought of finding long distance Valentine’s day ideas for your partner, there are more things you can do without any dollars.

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4. Look at the Moon Together

Beautiful moon; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

That sounds so romantic, and it is. Even if you are miles apart, you can still feel the same moonlight. You can still watch the same moon at night. I know it’s old school but don’t just skip it. The idea is not around the moon, the idea is to make you guys feel more connected, not my video calls, not by a playlist, but with nature. 

The fact that you guys can see and feel the same things will definitely bring you closer. If not the moon, then you can plan to watch the sunrise or sunset on Valentine’s day. I am quite sure sunrise and sunsets are majestic everywhere. For sunrise, some of you might have to get up early but that’s the fun of it. Enjoying something together will feel like you aren’t cities apart but closer than ever. 

5. Send a Package Filled with Love!

Now, if you guys have already been in an LDR for quite some time then you might be used to sending gifts to his/her address. And if it’s the first time they are far from you on the V-day, then that’s no reason to not make it special. This time we aren’t sending gifts from Amazon or eBay. 

Instead of sending a product or a market gift, you can think about all the little things that make him or her happy. 

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A comic book, a journal, a miniature anime character s/he likes, dried flowers, handmade perfume, anything. Make sure you aren’t thinking about the big things like getting him/her sneakers or stuff. I can think of a million things, a tee with their favorite quote written on it, a message from you on how you feel about your relationship. Now get all these small items, pack them individually, and get all of them in a box. Send them and wait for their call when they get surprised. 

Now that’s a brilliant one in all the long distance Valentine’s day ideas in 2022. It takes a lot of thinking, but it’s worth it. I swear!

6. Kisses in Letters

Lett with lipstick mark; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

Spicing things up a little bit, have you thought about letters yet? You can put your feelings down on paper and send your partner a speed post. Start from the day you met, to your first kiss then your first fight, and how that brought you closer. You can write about all the things you have never told him before to make him feel more special than ever. 

After you are done with writing stuff down, close your letter with a kiss. Now Fuchsia Pink can be a good choice of lip shade after Red Ruby Woo. Wait, there are more spicy things in this post on long distance Valentine’s day ideas, so hold on and keep with me until the end. 

7. Keep Him/Her Surprised All Day

10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

If you think about it, you can do multiple things from all the long distance Valentine’s day ideas mentioned here. 

Wake up early to watch the sunrise together, then before s/he is going to work send the Spotify playlist you made to start the day on a special note. Then have your gifts delivered either in his office or at home, whatever suits you. I am sure your letters with kisses would make him desperate to come to you ASAP. At night, you can have a romantic dinner and then do the 36 questions to fall in love all over again. 

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To ease things up a bit for your partner, you can even have their favorite meals delivered, so that s/he doesn’t have to cook after a long working day. So thoughtful! Right?

That’s how you can keep your partner surprised throughout the day with these long distance Valentine’s day ideas. They’re incredible and work for every type of couple! 

8. Get a Jar for Both of You & Fill it With Notes Till the Day You Meet 

Love Jar; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

Things are getting serious here. Commitment is not just a word but more like an oath, just like Taylor Swift said. If all this distance is killing you two, why not use it to your benefit. 

This is what you will do. Both of you will get a jar for yourself on Valentine’s day and from this day on you guys will write a note every time you miss each other. I am sure soon this jar will fill up and whenever you meet IRL after this long-distance, you give this jar to your partner. 

Who doesn’t feel mushy after reading notes of how your partner missed you? And you will have a jar filled with them. Yes, valentine’s is not just about you making your partner feel special, but also about you feeling valued in their life. That’s all these long distance Valentine’s day ideas are about, to bring you closer to your partner.  

9. Watch a Movie Together 

Watch movie together; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

Now, there’s a chance you guys aren’t that lovey-dovey couple, but still appreciate each other’s presence. If that’s the case then you don’t have to come out of your comfort zones and do all those letters with kisses. Keep it simple and sweet. Have dinner and watch a movie together. You can do so with the help of Netflix Teleparty.

Choose a movie you both enjoy, a classic or the new Spiderman and you can spend your time in the best way possible. 

Also, while we are talking about couples that aren’t very romantic usually, the first one on this list of long distance Valentine’s day ideas should definitely be your priority on the V-day. Those 36 questions work like a magic wand in every relationship. 

10. Have Some Fun Over Video Call #iykyk

Video call your partner; 10 Best Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him and Her (2022)

How do I put this? Romantic gestures and everything are all great for every couple, but some things have their own charm. If you can, then definitely keep some time in your day for some actual fun. Now, they don’t have to know you’re onto something. It will be the ultimate surprise among all these long distance Valentine’s day ideas. 

You can spice things up, try something you guys have never tried before, and make your Valentine’s day as memorable as you can. 

Wrapping Up

I tried my best to make this article as helpful as I can. If you want me to add something more, something you have done to make your partner feel special, then comment below. I would love to share it with my readers. 

That was all about this article on “10 Amazing Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples (2022)”. Share it with your best friend. After all, you can only do anything with his/her help. 

Keep visiting Path of EX. Happy Valentine’s Day cuties! 


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