Local consumers still waiting for refunds despite promises

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In Your Corner caught up with two fights for refunds.

We start with Joel Arnold, who’s fought gophers in his yard now for years.

He hired local company Gopher Green, hoping owner Brad Barney could do the trick.

“He set four traps, then he said he’d be back out in 2-3 days,” said Joel.

But Brad hasn’t been back out. When our team reached out to ask why that is, and why he has an F-rating with the BBB, Brad called our viewers old and bragged about his social media following.

Further south in Bethel Acres, Kaytie Lockman is locked in a fight for a fence.

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She’s hoping for a way to keep her furry family happy with her four dogs stuck inside.

“I love them dearly,” Kaytie explained. “Wanted to give them a bigger area so where they could roam around.”

She hired contractor Michael Coffee with Pitbull Construction.

Kaytie paid $5,500 for the job up front, but the fence has never been completed.

“He would make plans to come out, then wouldn’t show up,” said Kaytie.

In Your Corner spoke with both men on the phone.

Both agreed to send their customers a refund, but neither have followed through.

Michael Coffee has not responded to messages.

Brad Barney now claims he won’t refund unless our team comes out with cameras rolling, before he told our team he was done giving us energy.

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Joel has since hired another gopher removal company.

As for Kaytie, a generous local contractor has offered to help her on the fence.

He’s offered to build the fence with no labor charge, if she’s able to get the funds for materials.

This, however, is a tough task without the $5,500 refund.

In Your Corner bottom line, it’s always a good reminder to check all available resources before picking contractors.

Go beyond Google reviews. Seek out references, BBB accreditation where available and even state licensing.

We’ll check back.


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