New Privacy Policy and List of 6 New and Upcoming WhatsApp Features in 2021

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Recently Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been growing immensely. In the past few years, many new WhatsApp features have been introduced and implemented. In this article, we will discuss the recent WhatsApp “Privacy Policy” and its consequences.

Just like 2020, the new year 2021 is going to be a growing year for the messaging platform. However, WhatsApp is in the news because of its new Privacy Policy. We definitely cannot wait for the new features to launch but the WhatsApp Privacy Policy is creating choas.

WhatsApp has recently announced changes to its privacy policy which will be in effect from the 8th of February, 2021. WhatsApp will also introduce many new features in 2021 as well which might include some new, improved, and innovative stickers, multi-device support, and many more. The new privacy policy takes away your choice not to share data with Facebook. Messages shared with WhatsApp business accounts can be accessed by WhatsApp and by extension by Facebook.

We have gathered some of the best WhatsApp features that will come out in 2021. We have done immense research to know more and more about the Privacy Policy. Read further to know more about your data security.

WhatsApp Features 2021

WhatsApp will be introducing many new features in 2021. Most of these Features are under testing. We might see its launch in the early 2021. According to the sources, Facebook owned application is coming up with wonderful and new WhatsApp features.

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List of the Upcoming WhatsApp Features 2021 Update

  1. Multi-Device Support
  2. Calling via WhatsApp Web and Desktop App
  3. Mute Video
  4. Read Later
  5. WhatsApp Insurance
  6. Join Missed Group Calls

We just can’t wait for the new WhatsApp Features. They, for sure sound amazing and exciting! WhatsApp has been coming up with several updates. In the year 2020, WhatsApp brought some revolutionary features.

1. Extended Group Video, Voice Calls Participants to Eight

The video call was such a huge thing in 2020. This will probably continue in 2021 as well. Video calling platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and many more were widely used. Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp allows video calls among four participants. Looking at the scenario of high usage of video calls, WhatsApp extended group video and voice calls participants limit to eight from four. Now you can use this WhatsApp feature and have a video call with all your friends.

2. Limit Forward Message

So many things were going to go in the year 2020 and being aware of everything was very important. This urge of being aware gave birth to the circulation of fake messages and information related to coronavirus. WhatsApp took the initiative to make sure that this circulation stops at the right time. They added a new WhatsApp feature that limited the contact of forwarding messages. These features let you know if the message has been forwarded too many times. 

3. Disappearing Messages

Disappearing Messages

A very new yet simple WhatsApp feature was introduced recently. Just as simple as the name suggests, this feature disappears messages. This feature automatically deletes the messages after a certain period of time. You can enable and disable the Disappearing feature from the settings.

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4. WhatsApp Payments

 WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp Payments was one of the most prominent features launched in 2020. The payment was under testing for a very long time. After so many trials run, the new WhatsApp feature is available for all Indian users. This feature supports all the great and top banks. All you need to do is add your bank details and you are good to go.

5. Animated Stickers

WhatsApp is by far the most used messaging application. There are millions of users all over the world. WhatsApp came with one of the most amazing features of animated stickers. This feature is used and loved by every user of WhatsApp. If you ask us, this is one of the best WhatsApp features. An animated sticker makes a normal conversation more chatty and exciting.

6. Dark Mode

Dark Mode was not only launched by WhatsApp but by many social media applications. This feature enables you to set your theme according to your wish. You can set the theme in dark mode or light mode. The change has helped a lot of users as the dark mode reduces strain on eyes and helps them to read properly at night.

7. WhatsApp QR Codes

 WhatsApp QR Codes

Another amazing WhatsApp feature is WhatsApp QR codes. This feature helps you to add users and make new contacts. With this feature, you can share your contact details with other users through the WhatsApp QR codes. Now you can just add any contact just by scanning the WhatsApp QR code.

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8. Permanent Mute Option

Earlier WhatsApp gave you an option to mute a chat for an hour, a day, a week, a month, or a year. Now, this WhatsApp feature has been extended and improved. This means that you can mute a chat or a group permanently. This new feature is the best solution for those annoying groups and all the family groups. This option is available for both Android and iOS.

9. Advance Search Mode

This WhatsApp feature is very interesting and time-saving. This is an advanced feature in the search option. With the help of this feature, you can search for pictures, videos, links, and other things from the application. 

WhatsApp has recently announced changes to its privacy policy which will be in effect from the 8th of February, 2021.

What are the new terms of the WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021?

  1. The new privacy policy takes away your choice not to share data with Facebook.
  2. WhatsApp can share your meta data – which is essentially everything beyond the actual text of the conversation – with Facebook.
  3. WhatsApp claims that the content of the conversation continues to stay end-to-end encrypted. This means that only the sender and receiver of the messages can view the content. However, there is a lot more to the story. Read further how your privacy is voilated under fake pretenses.
  4. Messages shared with WhatsApp business accounts can be accessed by WhatsApp and by extension by Facebook.

Privacy Policy of WhatsApp 2021: How Does it Affects Us?

  1. WhatsApp will share all the data it possesses with Facebook and Facebook owned-companies, like Instagram.
  2. Meta data is all the information about a message except for the actual contents of the message. So WhatsApp doesn’t know what you texted someone but it knows whom you talked to and when.

Information that can be Accessed due to the Privacy Policy of WhatsApp Includes:

  1. Battery Level
  2. Phone Model
  3. Signal Strength
  4. OS Information
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email Address
  7. Contact Names and Numbers
  8. Time Zone
  9. Language
  10. Mobile Operator
  11. IP Address
  12. Bank Details if you use WhatsApp pay
  13. Location data even if you do not use the location-sharing features
  14. Profile Photo
  15. WhatsApp Status
  16. When you Accessed WhatsApp & for how long
  17. Whether you are online
  18. WhatsApp call logs
  19. Group you are a part of, group name, group picture
  20. Undelivered messages
  21. Broadcast lists
  22. Cookies while using WhatsApp Web
  23. IMEI number (unique number to identify your device)

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Some examples to illustrate how this information could potentially be used:

  1. WhatsApp can sell data about a person’s phone battery level to Uber and Ola, who can then use this data to charge a higher price for their rides when a person’s battery is dying.
  2. WhatsApp knows that a user walks from a train station to their office everyday at a certain time allowing them to serve that user with advertisements for a college shop within a certain radius of that journey.
  3. If you message a new contact on WhatsApp, it will share this information with Facebook, which could send you a friend recommendation for this contact.
  4. If you called you a gynecologist, and then called a local Planned Parenthood number (both via WhatsApp) later that day, WhatsApp has access to this information , which it can then sell to the third parties. This way you could become a target for pregnancy related ads.

WhatsApp can Still Read Your MESSAGES!

WhatsApp continues to use end-to-end encryption. This ensure that your message is turned into a “secret message” by its original sender which can only be decoded by its final recipient. Therefore WhatsApp can’t read the cotent.

However, data breaches could occur and WhatsApp is and has always been particularly susceptible. Last year a cybersecurity breach put over a 1 billion users at risk of data infringement. Additionally, WhatsApp back ups on iCloud or Google Drive are not encrypted.


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