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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
Smriti started her journey by attaining a degree in computer applications. She loves to indulge in reading undiscovered stories only to draw profound explanations about life and its existence. She welcomes you aboard on her expedition of finding herself. Smriti writes her content with a smile on her face hoping to transcend it to her readers.

As the Pride month approaches, let’s begin the celebrations by reading the best LGBTQ books on irresistible romances, inspirational stories, honor, love, and equality. It gives a chance to understand the LGBTQ movement and individuals trying to make their mark as one in this community. 

I was not much aware of the books regarding the LGBTQ community. But after reading one, my awareness regarding their feelings increased. The Last Call is the one that is a favorite among the lot. After reading the book, my feelings for them grew more extensive, and I became emotional due to the pain the victims had gone through due to their sexuality. 

We will walk you through the ten best-selling and award-winning novels which celebrate love and acceptance among the LGBTQ community. So, check our list below and select the ones as you mark Pride Month in 2022.

10 Best LGBTQ Books for 2022

All these books have inspired me to be a better version of myself, and that’s why I think you should read these too. From life-changing decisions, to changing the narrative, you won’t be the same person after reading these amazing LGBTQ books. 

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1. Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters

Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters; Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month

Detransition Baby revolves around three main characters a transgender woman with an urge for motherhood, her ex-partner who detransitions, and a cisgender woman who is pregnant.

The three women collide with one another through an unexpected pregnancy, and the story unravels to discover their unfulfilled desires. There was a nomination for the author in the Woman’s Prize for friction in 2021 for the Wild woman writing club, as Torrey is transgender. There cannot be enough reasons why this books lands among the best LGBTQ books in 2022.

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2. Broken Horses by Brandie Carlisle

Broken Horses by Brandie Carlisle; Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month

Broken Horses is among the most awaited memoirs of Brandie Carlisle, who is a renowned singer and songwriter. And she has won the Grammy six times! The book is about the life of Brandie, who was a musically gifted child but had a challenging and challenging childhood, and how it shaped her character in being open about her sexuality.

In Broken Horses, Brandie Carlisle talks about handling, fame, sexuality, and parenthood. Broken Horses – is named the most engaging autobiography after the one written by Elton John. NPR also termed her book the best book of 2021. Do you need any more reason to know why it is one of the best LGBTQ books till now?

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3. Let the Record Show by Sarah Schulman

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

Let the Record Show is documentation in detail about the advocacy group in New York dedicated to ending the AIDS crisis. It is better known as the AIDS collision to unleash power or ACTS UP.

Let the Record Show has a comprehensive history of the people’s collective agitation towards the government’s lack of action during the time of the spread of the deadly disease. The book came in the Public library literary prize in 2021, making it one of the best LGBTQ books.

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4. 100 Boyfriends by Brontez Purnell

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

The slice of life included in 100 Boyfriends by the same name in 2021 as the Brooklyn public library literary prize. It is a collection of many short stories which are hilarious and romantic with an erotic adventure that revolves around the life of queer black men in America.

In the book, the author humorously describes the difficulties faced by black men. No doubt it is one of the best LGBTQ books. I mean how can you not laugh and feel the misery at the same time.

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5. Yes Daddy by Jonathan Parkes Ramage

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

A young and handsome man named Jonah Keller tries to make it big as a playwright in New York City. He tastes success but comes across another playwright who is older than him and lures him to the world of the wealthy and notorious people.

There the nightmare begins, and the story beautifully unfolds itself. Yes Daddy was already adapted for tv by Amazon Studios. It is a book filled with suspense and unravels itself most unexpectedly. 

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6. Last Call by Elon Green

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

It is the New York times critically acclaimed book giving a spine-chilling account of serial killings. In the 1990s, a man named Richard Rogers went on a killing spree targeting only men who were homosexual in New York City.

The victim’s sexuality, the large number of murders, and an outbreak of the AIDS epidemic put the case out of the news. Finally, after a decade-long chase, the accused was guilty of killing two men and currently serving life imprisonment. This nerve-chilling and one of the best LGBTQ books ever, still makes me cry every time I read it.

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7. With Teeth: A Novel by Kristen Arnett

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

Washington Post wrote about Kristen Arnett as “a brave writer who is willing to describe the deepest thoughts even the best parents would entertain while trudging along through the most challenging job in the world.”

With Teeth comes among the best fiction by Vogue, Reader’s Digest, Washington Post, and many other publications. The novel revolves around the life of a mother who struggles around to enjoy motherhood and put up a picture-perfect family for her kids. 

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8. Hola Papi by John Paul Brammer

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

The book got its name after a popular LGBTQ advice column. Hola Papi is a chronicle of the author John Paul Brammer who grew up in the heartland of queer America.

John Paul Brammer detailed everything in his novel, such as his life in college and the difficulties he faced with his gay partner, a member of the Christian youth group. In addition, the author adds humor to his novel so that the readers enjoy the book. He has even written for NBC news. 

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9. The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

The Prophets is a forbidden love story of two boys who lived together in the plantations along Mississippi. The story turns when the boys have betrayed an enslaved Christian evangelist who threatened to take their lives.

It is the author’s debut novel and has won the National book award finalist for fiction. The book is an amalgamation of how love sustains itself among the threat of enslavement. 

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10. Patricia Highsmith: Her Diaries and Notebooks

Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

The novel gives access to its readers to the life and suffering s of Patricia Highsmith, who was undoubtedly the most notable and misanthropic writer of the 20th century.

Some of her works include the talented Mr. Ripley, Strangers on a train, and the price of salt. Her notebook had 8000 pages of entries from 1941 till her death in 1995. 

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Wrapping Up

The books mentioned above are bestselling novels accredited by the highest literary awards panels. In addition, the authors who belong to the LGBTQ community have their work published in prominent magazines and journals. They are celebrities of their worth, and their stories have touched millions of hearts throughout the globe. 


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