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June is here and it’s time to celebrate love! It’s Pride Month everyone! It’s the time of the year when everything is colored rainbow. My favorite tradition of Pride month is the Pride Parade. It is a great way to gather the LGBTQ community and its allies together. If you love attending Pride Parades you must have heard about the LA Pride Parade. So, let’s talk a little about LA Pride Parade 2022.

Pride Parades are a great way to celebrate LGBTQ month. People come dressed in their best outfits, colorful and full of enthusiasm. Holding the different LGBTQ flags, people try to raise awareness about the different sexual orientations. Pride Parades are a beautiful sight to watch and attend. They are flowing with love and positivity.

LA Pride Parade 2022 is here with the theme #LoveYourPride. There are going to be hundreds of people marching with floats, trucks, and performers, and so much more. If you want to know more about the LA Pride Parade 2022, keep scrolling.

LA Pride Parade 2022

LA Pride Parade 2022

The LA Pride Parade takes place every year to celebrate love. It is celebrated with style and people from around the country come to attend this parade. June is celebrated as the Pride festival and the Pride Parade is just a part of it. Apart from that many events are also held.

In 1970, the first permitted Pride Parade was held in LA. The Parade that took place on Hollywood Boulevard was the first-ever permitted Pride Parade in the world! It was a great deal. In 2020, the Parade had its 50th anniversary. However, due to the Covid pandemic, the Parade could not be held for two years.

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Now, it’s time for LA Pride Parade 2022! It is going to be a fun event. If you are planning to go to the LA Pride Festival, here is everything you need to know.

When is LA Pride Parade 2022?

The LA Pride Parade will take place on June 12, Sunday. It will be held in Hollywood. The Parade will start at 10:30 am at Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

What is the Route of LA Pride Parade 2022?

LA Pride Parade 2022

On 12 June, the LA Pride Parade will start at 10:30 am from Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. After that, it will head west to Highland Avenue. From there the Parade will turn south to Sunset Boulevard. At last, the LA Pride Parade will turn east to Ivar Avenue.

So the route of the LA Pride Parade 2022 will be Hollywood Boulevard>Highland Avenue>Sunset Boulevard>Ivar Avenue.

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Where Can I watch the LA Pride Parade 2022?

You can easily watch the LA Pride Parade 2022 from the sidewalk of the Parade route. You can expect that restaurants that are on the route of the Parade will have special seating arranged on the day of the LA Pride Parade.

Is the LA Pride Parade 2022 Free?

Yes, the LA Pride Parade 2022 is completely free. You can show your support for the LGBTQ community by attending the Parade on June 12.

Is There a Festival After the LA Pride Parade 2022?

Yes, there is a festival after the LA Pride Parade 2022. It will be held in collaboration with The Hollywood Partnership. The festival will be themed on street-fair and will be called ‘Pride Village‘.

LA Pride Parade 2022

The Pride Village will be held next to the finish of the Pride Parade. It will have lots of vendor booths, a Ferris wheel, and a lot of activities. The best part is that the admission to the Pride Village is FREE.

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What is the Age Limit for Attending LA Pride?

There is no age limit for attending the LA Pride festival. All the members of the LGBTQ community and their allies are welcome. There is no age bar for the LA Pride Parade 2022. However, after the Parade, people under 21 will not be allowed in places where alcohol is served.

Will There be Any In-Person Concert at LA Pride Festival?

LA Pride Parade 2022

Yes, there will be a concert on June 11, Saturday. The event has been named ‘LA Pride in the Park’. It will open at 1:00 pm. The venue of the concert is LA State Historic Park, 1245 N Spring St, LA, CA 90012.

The concert will be headlined by Christina Aguilera. The other artists that will perform are Anitta, Syd, Chika, Michaela Joe, and many more.

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Are There Any Other LA Pride Events to Attend in Person?

Yes, there are some other events that you would love to attend. Here is a list of other events you can attend while you are at the LA Pride festival.

1. LGBTQ Night at Dodger Stadium

The LA Pride Festival will kick off at the Dodger Stadium on 3 June, 2022. It will feature an exclusive Dodger LGBTQ jersey. The timings of this event are 7:10pm to 10:00pm PST. There is a pre-game party at the Right Field Plaza that starts at 5:30pm.

2. LGBT Night at Cinespia

It’s a movie night! The date of the LGBT Night at Cinespia is 25 June, 2022. The movie that will be viewed is ‘But I’m a Cheerleader.’

3. Pride is Universal

This will be a theme park event. It is going to be an exclusive after-hours event. We don’t have much information about this event. As soon as the tickets for this event will be released, we will update this section.

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Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, I have given you every bit of information regarding the LA Pride Parade 2022. Now, you know its date, time, and every other event that will be held along with it. Since it is going to be a crowded space, make sure to go in a public vehicle and do keep in mind the Covid protocols. You need to remember the most important thing is respecting everyone there and enjoying yourself.

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