Israelis swim with sharks in dangerous waters off Hadera

Israelis can be seen gathering to swim with sharks near Hadera, in a video posted to Twitter by Kan News Monday. The large sharks can be seen swimming close to swimmers and boats, apparently unbothered by the human presence.

When temperatures are colder, the sharks gather in the waters near Hadera’s power station where the waters are warmed by the plant, N12 reported. Coming to see them and even swim with them has become an attraction for Israelis, said N12.Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority has warned divers to avoid the area while the sharks are there. This is for several reasons, one of them being that the sharks are endangered. “They must not be harmed or harassed in any way,” the authority said in a statement, as doing so is illegal, according to Ynet.The fact that sharks are dangerous themselves is another factor, with the authority adding that “an encounter with sharks is unpredictable and uncontrollable.”However, the sharks are not the only thing in the Hadera waters that could pose a danger to careless divers, as the area has strong currents as well as fishing equipment that could be dangerous should a diver get caught up in it, N12 reported.

In January, Israeli divers sparked controversy when trying to “ride” endangered sharks off the coast of Hadera, Ynet reported.The sharks near Hadera are often dusky sharks and sandbar sharks. While sandbar sharks are often considered not dangerous, their large size means they can still pose a threat. Dusky sharks, however, are considered dangerous.

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