Will There Be An Iron Man 4? Our Take On The Much-Anticipated Sequel

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Let me start off by stating that Iron Man is not my favorite avenger, NEVER WAS! However, Tony’s sacrifice in the conclusion of the MCU Phase III with Avengers: Endgame undoubtedly pushed him to a close second contender. And while even I’d like an Iron Man sequel, let’s try to figure out why will there be an Iron Man 4 or worse yet, why won’t it?

Along with garnering huge love and respect for his character arc, Stark’s role in laying a strong foundation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is both acknowledged and appreciated. And if you don’t reckon the same, you need to rewatch the first Iron Man. 

While it’s been over a decade since that and with the last standalone sequel released way back in 2013, the query of ‘Will There Be An Iron Man 4?’ still stands as a buzz generator. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the main section of the article.

Why Do We Think There Won’t Be An Iron Man 4?

Robert Downey Jr. is synonymous with Iron Man. While there is no argument here, unless we’re living in a What If…? Universe, a Tony-Stark-featured Iron Man 4 is not likely to happen, and here’s why.

Amidst the beautifully written chaos of it all, Tony had the perfect conclusion among any of the Marvel superheroes. Defeating Thanos while delivering his iconic one-liner ‘I Am Iron Man’ gave all the chills and goosebumps before sending us right into the painful realization of what had actually happened.

RDJ brought the character of Tony Stark to life. With unarguably the best character development in the whole MCU, Tony transformed from a selfish, arrogant, and irresponsible individual to a rightfully admirable, beloved, and self-sacrificial personality.

So, ask yourself, why would Kevin Feige or even RDJ have gone for an Iron Man 4 if the events of Endgame made for the perfect completion in Tony Stark’s Iron Man arc. And honestly, a new sequel might not go well with the fans who’ve already accepted this fact and found peace with the storyline of RDJ’s Iron Man.

Why Do We Think There’ll Be An Iron Man 4?

The demand for the much-awaited Iron Man sequel has been there since the third installment of the Iron Man series came out. And with every release of the Phase III movie, fans speculated the highly-anticipated return of Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man. 

So, is Iron Man 4 in the cards for Marvel’s fans? Well, let’s take a throwback to Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show. While during the conversation on The Ellen Show, the enigmatic actor kind of revealed by admitting the plans of a new movie being on the near horizon. 

To quote Downey’s words, “Marvel has big ideas for releasing their upcoming movies, and currently, we’re in the middle of a negotiation.” 

Add the fact that a lot of time has passed since those statements came out with Tony Stark’s death in the Infinity War saga, the return of Tony Stark doesn’t seem to be a plausible event. 

But Marvel could likely pull off a Captain America hand-me-down theme to continue the Iron Man legacy. While many speculated Spider-Man’s Peter Parker to carry on with Tony’s legacy, that just might not be the case.

Will There Be An Iron Man 4?
Source: The Wrap

The Marvel franchise has planned to continue Iron Man’s legacy with upcoming Disney+ shows like Ironheart. Ironheart is likely to take on from the comics with the introduction of a character named Riri Williams who’ll end up playing the successor of Stark’s Iron Man. 

Apart from Ironheart, there is one other show lined up, Armor Wars. As the name hints, Armor Wars will pay homage to Stark’s closest ally, Don Cheadle’s War Machine. While RDJ is not going to feature in the comic-to-series adaptation as per the available sources, a Tony Stark featurette could turn out as the ultimate surprise for Marvel fans.

Will There Be An Iron Man 4?
Source: Daily Research Plot

Wrapping Up

So, all in all, unless we’re talking multiverse and all the time shenanigans, Downey’s Iron Man in a movie is just not a likely event. However, fans might just be surprised with Tony’s featurette in the upcoming projects from Marvel Studios given how deep and effective his relations were with the other MCU characters. 

Well, that’s our take. Let us know your interesting thoughts on whether there’s going to be an Iron Man 4 or not. We’d love to hear from your side! Also, share the article with your Marvel-loving gang if you liked the content. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there gonna be an Iron Man 4?

Although Robert Downey Jr. admittedly revealed the plans of a new Iron Man sequel being on the near horizon in his guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show, a fourth part featuring the return of Tony Stark doesn’t seem to be a plausible event.

Who is replacing Tony Stark as Iron Man? 

The Marvel franchise has planned to continue Iron Man’s legacy with upcoming Disney+ shows like Ironheart. With the introduction of Riri Williams as the successor in the series, she’s believed to be the MCU’s next Iron Man. 

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