“I Admire Cristiano,” says Lionel Messi

“I Admire Cristiano,” says Lionel Messi

One of the heartthrobs of fans across the globe and arguably the greatest of all time footballer, Lionel Messi was recently interviewed by Spanish Journalist Jordi Évole of La Sexta television network. Messi would speak his heart out in the interview which is being quoted by his longest and most detailed interview ever.

During the interview the modern day great would speak about his association with Barcelona, the recent controversies related to his plans to quit the club, his favorite sportspersons and what not as it covered as much of the life and career of Lionel Messi as could be captured anywhere. Here are some of the possible questions with the answers, the interview which is doing rounds as Messi La Sexta Interview.

Messi La Sexta Interview

Q. What would make Lionel Messi happy as a child?

“When I was a child, I always asked Santa for something linked with football. A ball, a jersey, football boots. My parents did everything to try to make me happy.”

Q. Your favorite athletes?

Messi: “There are many other athletes that I admire: LeBron, Nadal, Federer. In every sport I have someone I admire.”

Messi: “Or Cristiano, when it comes to football.”

Q. What is Barcelona to Messi?

Messi: “Barcelona is my entire life. I lived everything here, more than in Argentina. I have a love relationship with this club and with this city.”

Q. Achievements you want to add?

Messi: “Today, I feel fine. It did took a while before I started to feel like this again. I want to fight for all titles that we compete for. But.. it’s difficult, for everyone. The club is in a really bad financial situation. It will be hard to return where we once were.”

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Q. Recent Controversies?

Messi: “A lot people talk without knowing anything. People believe them because they are the ones who bring the news on TV or in the papers. “RMC” is a media-outlet who talked a lot of false stuff.”

Q. Personal life, Kids?

Messi: “My children like to watch Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon. I never called Bartomeu “Nobita”, others did, haha. My life is normal, sometimes just boring. I get up, make breakfast, take the kids to school, train, and then go back home.”

Messi: “I am a privileged person for everything I have experienced and for everything I live. But sometimes I want to be anonymous, sometimes I would like to go see a movie anonymously, or go to a restaurant.”

Q. Corona and Empty Stadiums?

Messi: “Playing in an empty stadium is horrible, everything feels very cold, the feeling it gives me is very bad. Everything is different and you can see it back in the results.”

Q. Maradona‘s Death?

Messi: “I couldn’t believe it when Maradona died, I got the message from my father and turned on the TV. Nobody is able to believe that Diego is dead and that he is no longer with us. It’s terrible, and it’s odd.”

Q. Quitting Barcelona?

Messi: “The burofax? I wanted to formalize things, I wanted to make it official. I told the President so many times that I wanted to leave, but he just refused to listen to me.”

Messi: “I just wanted to get away. The president didn’t let me and he tried to hurt me by leaking things about me. He tried to make me look like the bad guy in the movie.”

Messi: “The decision to do this was horrible, and of course I thought about the fans. It wasn’t easy to let the people know I wanted to leave the city, the club…”

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Q. After departure of Suárez?

Messi: “The departure of Suárez? It didn’t change anything because I wanted to leave before. But it just made me mad the way they dealt with it. He left for free to a rival club. It wasn’t his departure that disturbed me, it was the way how.”

Messi: “Bartomeu has cheated on me so many times. I can not tell you the things that he promised me, but I can tell you that he lied to me many times over the course of many years.”

Messi: “If we went to court, we would have won. But I would have won from the club, and I couldn’t attack my own club.”

Messi: “Yes, I spoke to Pep (Guardiola). We spoke about how things were in Manchester, and how things are going here. For me, he is the greatest coach.”

Messi: “I decide for the dressing room? This is being said for so many years now, even at the National Team. I feel embarrassed when I hear this. And people actually believe this too, as if I’m the one who decides who we sign or play. It’s so far away from reality.”

Messi: “With Koeman we arrived back with a clear plan and I think he is doing good. There are many young players and the team is growing.”

Messi: “Do I have a favorite candidate (president). No, people will start saying that I control the club again.”

Messi: “Will I stay if the next president tells me that Xavi will coach us? Haha.. we will see. We have to finish the season first and in June I will see. I still don’t know.”

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Messi: “It will be difficult to bring players. There is no money. You have to bring important players. Bringing Neymar would be very expensive. It will be a difficult situation for the new president, he must be intelligent.”

Messi: “MSN? Yes, we talk from time to time. We have a group on WhatsApp. We maintain the relationship, almost every day.”

Messi: “Griezmann? We share a healthy relationship, sometimes we drink mate together.”

Messi: “I will not negotiate with other clubs. I will wait for the season to end and in June I will decide.”

Messi: “I would like to play in the United States someday, but I don’t know if it will happen.”

Messi: “I can’t say what I will do because I don’t know either.”

Q. Playing for Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid?

Messi: “Going to Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid? No, impossible.”

Messi: “If I leave, I would like to leave in the best way and later return to contribute to the club. Barcelona is bigger than any player including myself.”

Messi: “Friends in the dressing room? I get along well with everyone, but especially with the people who have been at the club the longest.”

Q. After retirement?

Messi: “After retirement? I would like to be involved in football, not as a coach, I don’t see myself coaching, but maybe as a sporting director.”

Q. Leaving Barcelona?

Messi: “After my retirement, I want to continue living the rest of my life in Barcelona.”

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