How to Start Couponing in 2021: Beginners Guide?

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Couponing seems to be a ruckus but it is simpler than you think. If you want to save money and don’t know where to start, then couponing is the answer to all your problems. We’ve got your back! Here you will find all things that you need to know before starting couponing.

These movies and TV Shows might have degraded the benefits and importance of couponing. So, if you have learned anything from the shows and movies, we’d recommend you to forget all that before beginning. You know, couponing is amazing! You can save money on so many small things toothpaste, toilet tissues, detergent, and many more.

It is pretty easy to start couponing. All you have to do is follow some steps. These steps are:

  • Set Aside Time 
  • Get Organized 
  • Know the Terms 
  • Find Coupons
  • Create Need List
  • Go Shopping

If you follow all these step religiously, trust me you will be saving a lots of money. Read along to find out the best way for starting couponing.

How To Start Couponing?

1. Set Aside Time 

The first and the initial step in Couponing is to set aside time. Like many other things, couponing is also pretty easy to do only if you give it proper time. Cut out all the distractions and get on to saving some money. 1-2 hours of full concentration will help you save around $25-$50 in a week. 

2. Get Organized 

The second step is to get organized. Let’s break it out! Bring out Amy Santiago and start filing. As a beginner, organizing your coupons will help you know what coupons you have. 

You don’t need any fancy binders or files. All you need is a pair of scissors, store flyers, newspaper coupon inserts, and a printer. Now, you might be thinking about how to actually organize? A tip from one beginner to another: choose the way that works best for you. 

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You can go with a normal binder and divider method. When I started couponing, I used a ziplock bag and kept all my coupons in it organized. I would still suggest not spending any extra money on some fancy organizers. We are here to save some money; not to spend more. 

How to Start Couponing
Source: MagnifyMoney

3. Know the Terms 

Before getting into couponing, there are few terms that you must know. Brush down on these terms because they will help you in the longer run. Trust me, this will make your life easier and the learning process fun.

a) Store Coupons

There are many coupons that will store-specific. A store-specific coupon is valid in just one particular store. But then how to know if a coupon is a Store Coupon? 

It is pretty simple. On the top of the coupon, you will see “Store Coupon” or “Manufacturer’s Coupon”. In addition to this, the coupon will also have the logo of the particular store. 

b) Manufacturer’s Coupons

If you “Manufacturer’s Coupon” written on a coupon, it means that the coupon belongs to a particular brand. This kind of coupon is not considered as “Store Specific”, instead it is brand specific. You can use this coupon in any store that sells the particular manufacturer’s product. 

I would still suggest checking out the store policy prior to making any purchases. There are some stores that do not allow Manufacturer’s Coupons

c) Coupon Stacking 

This term is not known to many people who are just a beginner at couponing. Coupon Stacking is a blessing in disguise. Some stores allows you to use two coupons at a time. They will let you use the store coupon and manufacturer’s coupon together. This is called Coupon Stacking

Make sure to read the store’s coupon policy before making any purchases. If you have any problem in reading the policies, you can also contact the associate. You mighthave to go through a lot of people to get clarity. But all this will be worth saving the money. 

d) Store Coupon Policy 

Every store has its own coupon policy. Before you decide to use your coupons and go to he store, be wise and read the coupon policy. You can find any store’s coupon policy on the internet. 

Being prepared beforehand will help you and reduce the hassle during shopping. There will times when the employee might nkt be familiar with the coupon policy. The best thing to do at that time is to keep the tab of Coupon Policy open in your mobile phone. 

e) Price Match Policy 

Apart from the Store Coupon Policy, some stores also have a Price Match Policy. The price match policy is simple as it sounds. The store will let you sell an item at the same price as what a competitor has it advertised. 

In few stores, you can also use the store coupon on top of the price match. 

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f) Expiration dates

One of the most important thing that you don’t want to miss out is the expiration date of the coupons. There might be a few coupons that do not have an expiration date, but most of the store do not accept that kind of coupons. 

g) Double and Triple Coupon Days

There are some stores that have double and triple coupon days. Trust me, these days are meant to save money. During these days the store will double or triple the value of a particular coupon. This will increase your chances of saving more money. 

How to Start Couponing
Source: DollarSprout

4. Find Coupons

Once you have figured out the method of organizing and you know all your terms well, you are now ready for the next step. The next step is to find your coupons. 

There are many different ways to get/collect coupons. You can get coupons locally as well as online. Below mentioned are some of the places you can get coupons.

a) Finding coupons locally 

I know it will sound absurd if I say that coupons can be easily found around the market. But trust me, once you get to know the right way and start paying attention, you will find them everywhere. Finding coupons locally is the most important step of couponing. 

b) Store Flyers 

The best way to find coupons is in the weekly store flyers. In addition to the weekly specials, you will also find many coupons. It is such an amazing process to find coupons on flyers. It becomes easier for you to make your grocery list along with calculation the money you will save. 

Secret Tip: You will find most of the coupons on the back of the flyers! (Read, before throwing it away) 

c) Sunday Newspaper 

The Sunday Newspapers comes with a coupon insert column. You will find a new coupon column every week. Some of the magazines that come with a coupon section are; Smart Source, Red Plum, and Proctor & Gamble. 

d) Printable Coupons 

You can also find coupons online and get them printed. Search for sites like, Red Plum, etc. You can also check out websites of any particular store you want to shop from. You might just get lucky and find some coupons. 

e) Manufacturer

You can also directly ask the manufacturer of the products. You can email them. If they have 

Any coupon, they will send it to you. 

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5. Create Need List

Once you have organized your couponing system, it is now time to organize your list. The first role of making a need list (if you are couponing) is to make a list according to your need as well as the coupons you have. So, start listing out the thing you need and look out for coupons as well.

6. Go Shopping

The last step in couponing is to get ready, pick up your bag and go shopping!

Can I Use Two Coupons Together?

Yes, you can use two coupons together. Some stores lets you use the “Store Coupons” and the “Manufacturer Coupon” together. All you need to do is read the coupon policy prior to shopping.

What are some of the problems you face while couponing?

There can be a few problem while couponing, they are:
1. Some stores will not pay the overage in cash
2. You may need to buy some items to fill the overage gap.
3. Some stores might not let you use two coupons at the same time.

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