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The question of how to remove personal information From Credit Report is always revolving in the minds of those who look to borrow money from lenders in the future to counter the emergencies. To know more about it, one must know that credit reports significantly impact your life. The information determines your credit score in regular credit reports, which impacts what kind of residences one could rent, precisely what sort of car you can purchase, and what type of loan you can get.

These reports have to be reliable, hence you are eligible to receive them from each of the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, every 12 months at

The reports generated by the three bureaus should be crosschecked and examined clearly, e.g,  did you change your name, address, or Social Security number? Is there any private info in the records that you believe is untrue? If that’s the case, check certain the information is accurate. By doing so, you can come one step closer to the process of removing personal information from credit cards.

Here, I will take you down to the brief information where you will come to know how to remove personal information from credit history that was hampering your life when looking for financial assistance.

What Prompts You To Change The Personal Information on your Credit History?

How to Remove Personal Information From Credit Report

One may have to learn how to remove personal information from credit card for various purposes. Wedding, citizenship, and other occurrences often result in legal modifications. Transfers in residences are more prevalent. 

Due to issues like identity fraud, individuals also might alter their Social Security number.

Personal details on your credit file could be wrong owing to inaccuracies, even if it all stays the same for you. It’s possible that one’s identity is misspelled or that the data has a location where you’ve never stayed. You must fix these errors so that your report appropriately reflects your data.

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5 Best Ways To Change The Personal Information on Your Credit Report in 2022

How to Remove Personal Information From Credit Report

“Identifiable data” refers to the individual data obtained in the credit history, like your name, residence, work history, and Social Security number. One’s reports reflect the identifiable data provided to the agencies from your creditors. You must examine this data in your credit history to guarantee that none of your personal accounts have been compromised by scammers.

1. Name Change

How to Remove Personal Information From Credit Report

When we alter the name, make sure that all of your current accounts are updated. The new title, as well as the former name, may appear on your credit file immediately. Whatever identities and variations you’ve used to apply for a loan will be listed on the credit history, but your new name will be the main one. Identities you haven’t used for a long time might gradually disappear from the list.

The credit bureaus have different rules when it comes to name changes:

Experian: Inform your lenders of your new name. It is not essential to contact Experian directly to change one’s name.

Equifax: One has to send the name-change request and relevant documentation to Equifax at the location listed on one’s credit history if you would like to alter the name directly with the agency. Official items with the new name, including a driver’s license or judicial paperwork, are used as proper documents.

TransUnion: When someone wants to alter the personal data such as name registered with the company, for that matter, a duly signed legal proof regarding the change like marriage contract has to be sent to P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016.

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2. Address Change

How to Remove Personal Information From Credit Report

In order to remove personal information from credit cards, it’s essential to inform your lenders whenever people relocate to a different address. Such lenders will notify the credit bureaus of the new information that will appear on your credit report.

When it comes to address changes, the credit reporting agencies offer various policies:

Experian: Notify your creditors of your new address. It is not necessary to contact Experian personally to modify your location.

Equifax: To change your address directly with the company, send a letter to Equifax at the address on the credit history, accompanied by two qualifying papers declaring your current address.

TransUnion: When intending to alter the residence address registered with the company, a briefly written letter has to be sent to P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016, including two Xerox copies of the driver’s license.

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3. Changing Social Security Number

How to Remove Personal Information From Credit Report

Changing a Social Security number is complex and uncommon, and while it might be essential to help in removing the personal information from credit cards. Those who’ve been harmed by embezzlement with their compromised Social Security number, for instance, could be able to get a new one. New numbers should be sent to lenders, who then pass that details on to credit bureaus like some other identifiable details. 

Different credit companies have other procedures when it comes to changing your Social Security number:

Experian: Inform your lenders of your cell phone number. This is not essential to modify it with Experian directly.

Equifax: If you want to alter the phone number straight with the company, send a request to Equifax at the address listed on your credit report. You’ll need one of the following forms of documentation:

  • A duplicate of your new Social Security card
  • A payment slip containing the number
  • Form W-2 or Form 1099
  • Proof for Medicare or Medicaid

TransUnion: If you want to change your phone number immediately with the company, send legal documentation of the change to TransUnion at P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016 (e.g., a Social Security card or a letter from the Social Security Administration).

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4. Filing a Dispute

How to Remove Personal Information From Credit Report

Whether any detail on the credit file is wrong, the first action should be to determine which of your lenders may have submitted the inaccurate information.

 After that, the inaccurate information has to get fixed immediately with that company. In addition, one should submit a dispute with at minimum one credit bureau. 

Each credit reporting agency has an online dispute submission facility. This can also be accomplished by cellphone or letter. Numbers and locations can be found on’s free credit file.

The following are the steps to file a dispute with each credit reporting agency:

Experian: You can submit a dispute online at or via mail. If you’d like to dispute your credit report over the phone, call Experian at the number indicated on your credit report.

Equifax: Use the information on your credit report to file a dispute online at or contact Equifax by phone or mail. Fill out the Research Request Form that comes with your credit report if you’re filing by mail.

TransUnion: You can file a dispute online at, or you can call or write to TransUnion.

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Wrapping Up

To summarize in a nutshell how to remove personal information from credit reports, I must say that it’s not tough to change details on your credit reports. 

In the end, notifying your lenders of any modifications to your personally identifiable information is both required and essential to guarantee that it shows on your credit history and helps you later on in removing the personal information from your credit card.


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