Top Tips on How to Prepare For a UK Visa Interview

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If you would like to visit the UK or to live and work there in the future, you will first have to find the immigration path that suits you. The UK immigration system is continuously changing and many visas to visit, enter and to live and work requires applicants who are applying from abroad to do an interview at a UK visa office in the respective country from which they are applying, or in a neighbouring country if there is not such an office in the country they live in. 

A UK immigration interview will be held weeks before your departure date to travel to the UK. It is a process that involves about 30 minutes of your time where you will need to sit down with a UK immigration officer who will look over the information in your application and interview you to check that your story adds up and your application is genuine.

Furthermore, as many UK immigration visa routes state that applicants speak English to a specific level (B1 under the new points-based system), it is also a way that a UK immigration officer will use the interview to check your English skills first hand and confirm that you do speak English to the level that is required. 

Taking part in such an interview can be quite a frustrating and annoying experience. In fact, many applicants get very stressed out about such processes, which is why it is essential to stay calm and make sure that you do not misrepresent yourself on your application. Obviously, obviously, it is important to present your best self, be polite, and answer all the questions correctly and honestly.

The following tips below may be of use to you if you have such an interview coming up ion the near future. 

Always be on time

When you have such an interview coming up, always make sure that you are on time. British culture remains one of the most polite in the world, where people are punctual, and the country generally is run efficiently with little general drawbacks. Being on time for your visa interview will immediately constitute an excellent first impression and may unconsciously help your application and the opinion of the visa centre staff and the UK immigration officer who will interview you. Moreover, if you turn up late, you may be more stressed, rushed and nervous for your interview, and this could impact the way and the time you use to answer the questions asked. 

Make sure your story is honest and accurate.

When an immigration officer interviews you about your upcoming trip to the UK, you must explain your visit’s purpose. When you do this, please make sure that the story you tell in person matches the information on your paper or digital application. UK visa officers will be asking you many questions to catch you out if you are not telling the truth or trying to deceive them. Therefore, it is vital to keep your story straight and stay calm while describing it and elaborating on any needed points.  

Look presentable and dress sharp. 

When you are called to take part in an interview like this, it is imperative to give the immigration officer the best impression of you. You must think about this as a job interview; you want to get the job so you will do your best to look smart and ready to be hired. A visa interview is no different. Dressing smart can go a long way, so it is best to avoid dressing too informally. For example, wearing bright colours, tracksuits, inappropriate t-shirts etc. is not the correct attire for a UK visa interview. In essence, try not to wear any very distracting clothes and dress in lowkey smart but somewhat casual attire. 

UK Visas after Brexit

The UK officially departed from the EU at 11 pm on December 31st, 2020 which resulted in many UK immigration changes that are of relevance to both EU and non-EU nationals. Such changes such as the implementation of the new points-based system, the new skilled worker visa which replaced the former Tier 2 General Work Visa and the also the new Student route for prospective students who want to study in the UK can all be applied to as from now. For more information and for expert advice do not hesitate to speak with best immigration lawyers London.

Current COVID-19 restrictions in the UK

If you would like to come to the UK now and are applying for a visa to enter, please visit the Home Office website to stay up to date with the specific COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. The current rules will apply until further notice, and they are constantly changing so please do stay up to date or speak with a legal expert to find out the most recent changes.

Ask for expert advice.
Immigration solicitors can be of great help in not only helping you with your digital or paper application for a UK visa but also preparing you for the interview at the respective visa processing centre abroad. They can help by revising your story with you, preparing you for any unexpected questions, and calming your nerves before such an interview occurs. Gulbenkian Andonian Immigration Solicitors in London have decades of experience preparing candidates for UK visa interviews and handling immigration applications for individuals who are applying to get a visa to enter the UK. For directions click here.   


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