How To Make Your Girl Happy: 7 Irresistible Things That You Should Try

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Girls all around the globe are ambitious. They are driven by a passion to bring changes in the dreadful world. They are smashing patriarchal norms, becoming breadwinners of their families. They go through a series of complexities throughout their lifetime. Instead of celebrating their ability to trade-off their dreams, we all should celebrate their womanhood. They deserve to be happy and I have a list of things that you must do to make your girl happy.

Girls are convivial beings. They embark on a journey to portray different roles and never fail to selflessly nurture and love humankind. It’s mind-boggling to witness how women emit a cheerful attitude. They have the ability to give out unconditional love. Right from their childhood till their declining years, they showcase a wide range of emotions.

Making your girl happy is a rewarding task. You will surely experience a surge of enthusiasm. Some of the simplest ways to brighten up her smile are listed hereafter:

  • Personalized or hand-crafted gifts.
  • Getting involved in self-care activities.
  • Watching movies/web series with her.
  • Learning about her preferences. 
  • Contributing to household chores.

Over the years, there has been a massive decline in the rate of women’s happiness. Making women happy is not as difficult as pulling a string of stars down on the Earth. 

7 Heartwarming Ways To Make Your Girl Happy When She’s Feeling Gloomy:

Perception of happiness varies from person to person. For an instance, a child gets delighted at the sight of chocolates. However, some people define happiness as a plausible false belief or delusion. Likewise, different people curate their own philosophical description of the emotion. 

Wondering about how to make your girl happy? Don’t worry. We will help you.

Here, we have curated a list that explains in detail enjoyable yet practical ways to make your girl happy. 

1. The Act Of Gifting

act of gifting; how to make your girl happy

Gifts make the receiver as well sender happy. If you are planning to make your girl happy, giving gifts isn’t a complicated procedure. One key thing to remember is that gifting shouldn’t be restricted to birthdays only. Giving gifts shouldn’t be associated or limited to special occasions only.

Every moment spent with her should be celebrated without any worries.

The price tag of the gift doesn’t matter. What matters is the emotional value, your gesture, and what your gift holds. It should be a contemplative decision. You can give any gift that will remind your girl about a beautiful memory you have spent together.

You can also learn about gifting etiquettes. There are two methods of gifting goods to your girl. 

a) Traditional Gifting

In this type of method, you just have to visit gift stores and pick up gifts that your girl will cherish forever.

From pendants to huggable soft toys there are innumerable categories of gifts. It depends upon what sort of gifts your girl likes. You can check out online shopping stores as well for a variety of gift options. 

If you buying anything from a store, make sure you don’t forget to add a hand-written note along with it. It will add a personal touch to your gift. 

Plants are one of the most cherished gifts. Every time she will water the plants, she will think about you. The sight of flowers growing will surely make your girl happy.

Another cute yet huggable gift you can gift her is a pet. Pets give you company and love you unconditionally. You will add a pie-eating grin to your girl’s face by gifting her a pet.

You can opt for the adoption of pets.

b) Personalized Craft Gifts

It is quite an inexpensive way to make your girl feel loved. This method will most assuredly make your girl smile wide. You don’t have to give her handsome presents. There are numerous magical feel-good do-it-yourself gifts that will make your girl happy. 

You don’t have to chase perfection while creating a gift for her. Your consistent efforts towards making her happy will surely melt her heart. 

There are tutorials available online that offer step-by-step guides for beginners. In this type of process, you get the freedom to customize and create gifts by yourself.

You can wrap it up in her favorite color wrapping paper. All sorts of materials for decorating your gift are available in the market. 

You just have to be aware of her likings and then you can make it accordingly. You can also add desirable add ons. It will turn out to be a pleasant surprise for your partner. 

In spite of not being a creative person, you try your hand at it. This is a tried and tested way to make your girl happy. Here’s a list of excellent ideas for DIY crafts that you can make for your partner. 

  • Make a small and simple card out of a thick sheet of paper. Decorate it with the help of tiny hearts. Pen down What you feel about her. You can use calligraphy fonts to beautify it.
  • Make a string of hearts with the initials of her name. Attach fairy lights and with the help of a double-sided tape stick them to her bedroom’s wall. After waking up in the morning, the first thing she will look at will be your gift. 
  • Get one standard 52-card deck from the market. Mindfully, one by one punch small holes in them. A metallic hole puncher used to punch holes in papers can also be used. 

Now, get some colorful sheets of paper and start writing 52 great things about your girl or your good memories with her. Cut them according to the measurements of the cards you have picked. Stick the papers on the cards.

Voila! It’s time to see her gleeful smile.

  • Enlarge and frame her favorite picture. You can easily find tutorials on making budget-friendly frames out of materials like old storage boxes or cardboard. Frames can be made from upcycling materials at your home. It’s an outstanding way to transform trash into something visually pleasing. 
  • Make a pendant out of her favorite flowers. She will wear it with a beautiful smile complementing your creation. You can buy DIY kits and molds from nearby or online stores.
  • One of the coolest and easiest gifts you can make is a glowing candy jar. All you need for making it is an empty candy jar, chocolates, and fairy lights. Assemble everything in the jar and you are good to go. You can also write short cute quotes for her on floral sheets of paper. They can be added to the jar along with the chocolates.
  • An aromatic handmade candle can become your friend who will help you in making her happy. By following simple steps you can make candles at home. Many expert professionals who own small businesses conduct sessions for interested people.

c) Artistic creations

If you are interested in writing or reading poetry books written by great poets. This is your chance to woe your girl by dedicating a love sonnet to her.

If you are fond of writing, you can write a personalized poem for her as you know her more than any other poet. This will instantly make her smile from ear to ear. 

We all know, Learning a musical instrument can be so much fun. Have you ever thought about playing it for your partner? All you have to do is enroll in some classes without giving her any hint about your plan. 

Rigorously practice for some time and you are good to go. Plan out a small evening date with her and surprise her. She will surely get smitten by your performance. 

You can also curate a playlist of her favorite songs. This is the easiest way to make your girl happy. While curating a personalized playlist make sure you don’t forget to add feel-good songs. She will be happy with the fact that you remember every small detail about her. 

2.  Schedule Up A Self-care Routine

self care; how to make your girl happy
Source: The Chalkboard Mag

The most valuable thing you can offer to make your girl happy and jump around with joy is your time. So, plan out some self-care activities. Take out some time from your hectic schedule especially for her. It’s important for her well-being. It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Our minds get cluttered with major chunks of information. So, to take some time off everything becomes important. You have to keep a track of her sleep cycle, eating habits, and lifestyle. The easiest way to track down is by using various apps that are designed specially to serve this purpose. 

Keep a small notebook handy when she’s around and note down her habits. Ask her questions about how she manages to tackle situations. Let her vent out. Then, make sure you both sit together and practice simple yet impactful self-care activities. 

  • Doing your morning workout sessions together.
  • Reading her favorite book for her.
  • Taking a long and relaxing hot water shower.
  • Going out in nature for morning walks.
  • Visiting small cozy cafes for coffee breaks.
  • Eating nutritious food.
  • Take a one-month hiatus. It will help you in reducing your screentime. 
  • Attending spiritual meditation sessions.
  • Getting enough sleep for the betterment of your physical as well as mental health.
  • Practice breathing exercises. 
  • Start journaling your thoughts.
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with her.
  • Create art together.

3. Give Her Personal Space

personal space; how to make your girl happy
Source: VideoHive

Whenever your girl asks for space make sure you don’t get mad at her. Try to understand her side of the story. Sit with her over a cup of coffee and ask her if she needs anything that will make her feel good. In case, she doesn’t need anything, let her take some time alone.

Sometimes, we all need to take frequent breaks to freshen up our minds. There’s no harm in letting her decide things according to her preference. Don’t overthink the scenario. Curious to know what steps you should follow up next to make her feel content? 

Don’t worry, we got your back!

Giving someone their personal space to rejuvenate their mind is all about not being a clingy person. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to offer them the freedom to spend their me-time without any expectations, commands, or questions from your side. 

Make sure you check up on her regularly without pestering her. Check your own behavior patterns as well. When she’s not in her best mood, avoid doing or saying things that might annoy her. Do not use harsh language in this situation. 

Don’t metamorph into a lava-filled volcano. Keep a check on your anger levels. 

Don’t pressurize her to do things you both like to do together. In simple words, avoid controlling her actions as it is considered to be a toxic trait. Most of the time, people wish to spend their time indulging in things they like the most to do. So, trying to compel her to do things you like can turn out to be loaded against you. 

At times, she won’t demand or speak her heart out to you. So, you should ensure that she is taking breaks from her daunting work life. Your words of encouragement will easily reach her heart. And she will surely consider enjoying her me time. 

Try to convince her to break the tiresome cycle of every day. Make sure you only give her some suggestions on the things she can do in her relaxing time. Identity her everyday patterns. Have an insightful conversation with her about the pros of taking some time off from work. Don’t force her to do anything she is not interested in participating in.

Don’t rush. Wait for her to take her time to plan, decide and execute things on her own for her overall growth. Let her talk about her ways, give her some time to pause and reflect on what she has decided.

At this moment, you are the one person in her close circle from whom she expects assistance. She yearns for you to understand her. The least you can do is build a foundation of mutual care and support her in every possible way.

4. Provide Comfort During Her Period

provide comfort; how to make a girl happy
Source: eMedicineHealth

Medically, the menstrual phase is one of the most painful events in a girl’s lifetime. It occurs every day and usually lasts for 5-7 days. During this time of the month, a woman’s discomfort and mood swings are at their peak. 

You have to make sure you remember the date on which her periods come and track her menstrual cycle. Many apps have been designed to track the expected date of the cycle. Your efforts trying to understand what she is going through physically will make your girl happy.

You can purchase a hot water bottle or heat insulation blankets for her deadly period cramps. Ask her if she wants to cuddle as cuddling up with your partner has been scientifically proven to help in relieving her stress levels. 

Another thing to remember is an essential period survival kit. Ask her about what she prefers to use during her periods. Making a personalized kit will make your girl happy. A useful period kit must contain the list of items mentioned below:

  • Tampons.
  • Cotton pads.
  • Menstrual cups.
  • Pantyliners.
  • Napkins.
  • Relief treats to soothe her pain.
  • Medication prescribed by a certified doctor for troublesome menstrual cramps.

Recently, women have started switching to menstrual cups as they are more eco-friendly. So, you can help her contribute to reducing waste production and for the betterment of our planet.

In addition to this, you have to keep an eye on her food habits. You can assist her in being watchful about her nutrition intake during these days. Keeping a track of her water intake for a whole day will ensure she feels less irritated during her monthly cycle.

Drinking enough water will make her feel less bloated and maintain more energy in her body. 

The energy levels of a woman experiencing her period remain low for a week or so meanwhile she has to carry out her day-to-day activities. Also, there is an upsurge in the graph of their mood swings. They act grumpy and don’t feel like doing anything productive.

Therefore, you should pamper your girl by giving her a relaxing body massage or cook her favorite food items to elevate her mood. Good food will surely make your girl happy.

Women shouldn’t work out during their periods is an extremely popular myth that has been busted by medical professionals time and again. You can give her company by becoming her gym or exercise partner. Working out together carries the power to improve your relationship as well as your physical well-being.

5. Imbibe Cooking Skills

cook for her; how to make a girl happy

It has been rightly said that cooking is not at all a skill that caters to only one gender. Not to mention, it is considered to be a gender-neutral life-saving skill. She will be delighted to taste the food cooked by you. 

You can choose from several easy and quick-to-make recipes from the internet depending upon what your girl likes. You can add on or subtract ingredients from the recipes according to her liking. 

You can cook scrumptious treats that will make your girl happy feel.

6. Co-existence and emotional support

emotional support; how to make a girl happy
Source: Office on Women’s Health

At times, when we all feel overwhelmed or overpowered by our emotions. We all rely on our confidantes to motivate us to strive to get through the time. We tend to seek refuge in our friends and family members.

In my opinion, we all carry on our shoulders baggage of unresolved traumatic experiences. With time, every bit of that unresolved trauma comes in our way of attaining happiness. It hampers the normal functioning of our minds. 

Therefore, when she is opening up about her emotional baggage or insecurities, make sure it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. You have to make sure you are emotionally available for her. 

Take time to understand the differences you both have. Your efforts towards understanding the differences will make your girl happy.

Try to understand her past experiences and background. Empathize with her difficult experiences. Assure her that she can rely on you for any sort of help. 

Avoid passing any judgments about her mistakes or experiences that are buried in the past. 

Do not point out her insecurities even if your intention is not bad or hurtful while doing so. This can upset her within minutes.

Teach her the art of embracing insecurities and working on them to move ahead in life. Help her in working on improving herself. Support her in her hobbies. Support her in accomplishing endeavors she is passionate about.

Having you by her side in times of trials and tribulations will definitely make her feel relieved.

7. Adopt The Beliefs Of Feminism

feminism; how to make a girl happy
Source: HR Technologist

Undeniably, this is the most powerful tip to add everlasting joy to your girl’s life. Feminism is an ideology meant for everyone. Teach your girl not to settle for less in life. She shouldn’t compromise her aspirations for anyone in the world.

You should become a fervent supporter of her ideology. Tell her she’s a free bird who can choose her own path without any societal pressure or obligations. Push her to do well in her life without thinking about what opinions others have framed about her. 

Encourage her to set bigger goals in life. You have to make sure her eyes are filled with dreams and targets. Put efforts to show her that you truly believe in her ability to achieve anything in her lifetime. You have to firmly believe in your partner’s capability.

Give her treats to celebrate her little accomplishments to boost her confidence in herself. Treats will make your girl happy.

Do not imply restrictions on her.  Do not impose your own set of beliefs on her. Treat her respectfully as an individual who is capable of carving out her way. Don’t limit her to a certain thing.

Try to help her explore and experiment with various dimensions of life that will subsequently help her in broadening her horizons. 

Do not pass sexist comments. Ensure you think a lot before saying anything that might be sexist. 

Real satisfaction lies in sharing a good laugh with your girl. Do not crack sexist jokes as they only make a woman furious. Unknowingly or knowingly we use discriminatory language which has been ingrained in our minds for ages. 

However, it’s never too late to unlearn things. Try to dismantle ideas associated with sexism.

Wrapping Up

We are aware of the fact that the thought of making your girl happy infuses in you a contagious enthusiasm. With this in mind, we have tried to cover all the essential tips that will guide you in putting a smile on her face. Do share your experiences with us in the comments section. 

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