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You might want to get into the Christmas mood right after Thanksgiving and start decorating your Christmas tree. But isn’t it too soon to buy a Christmas tree yet? You definitely don’t want a dry tree on the eve, so what are the better options? You can learn “how to make a Christmas tree last longer?” and take care of it in the best way possible. 

Since we don’t want you to see all the pine needles instead of gifts on the floor, we will help you with this article. On average a healthy tree lasts for at least five weeks and that’s exactly what we intend to do here. Proper care, necessary hydration, and all these things will not involve any use of commercial preservatives, molasses, and stuff like that.

Please don’t go over the board to ensure your tree stays healthy up to Christmas. Instead, you should learn how to make a Christmas tree last longer than usual. Dive into this article and you will find all the tips to take care of your Christmas tree. 

How To Keep The Christmas Tree Fresh?

To keep a Christmas tree live longer, you can try out multiple things. For starters stick with the basic watering guide. For the extra help, we have mentioned 9 pointers. If you like the article then do not forget to share it with your friends. 

1. Choose A Healthy Christmas Tree

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

First things first, buying a Christmas tree from a nearby garden store is not worth it. They have bought the tree days ago and it takes time to get the trees transported. Those trees aren’t going to stay fresh for long. It’s best you buy a Christmas tree from a nearby local farm. You should keep the following pointers in your mind before you shop for a certain type of Christmas tree

  1. Choose a healthy green tree. It should have minimum brown needles. 
  2. Don’t pick up trees that are displayed out in front especially those who receive sunlight throughout the day. 
  3. Choose a tree that’s stored in a shady area. 
  4. Touch the branches of the tree with your hand, it should feel pliable and not hard. 
  5. Shake the tree. Or you can hold the tree, raise it at a height above the ground and then drop it. Obviously, some needles will fall off, but if you see a considerable amount of needles on the ground then choose a different tree. 
  6. You will get the idea of the weight of the tree once you shake it. The heaviness of a Christmas tree indicates its good health.
  7. The tree that is about to dry has a pale olive appearance. Do not buy any trees with similar properties.

Buying a healthy Christmas tree would be your first step to making a Christmas tree last longer. 

2. Wrap The Tree On The Way To Home

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

Nearly all Christmas trees get transported on top of their owner’s vehicle. Poor babies! How will they remain hydrated after going through tough winds all the way to their home? So, think before your every step. From buying to transporting and then taking care of it in your home, you need to think about everything thoroughly. 

It will be best if you cover the tree with some plastic sheets. Remember, the intent here is to keep the tree hydrated. Now you cannot actually water it until you get home, so you will try to save the water it already has. This would be another step to keep the Christmas tree fresh. 

3. A Straight Cut At The Bottom & Then Cut It Again

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

Now, you might wonder why do you need to cut the bottom of the tree again and again. It is plain logic. When you buy a tree, you will ask the seller to cut the base again as a resin layer might have accumulated at the bottom. Resin blocks the tree from absorbing any water, so you have to make sure the seller makes a clean cut at the bottom. 

Now, it doesn’t need to be a slanted or a V-shaped cut. A simple straight cut would be enough. 

Before you set the tree in your home at a particular place, make sure you cut an inch more from the bottom of the tree again. Why? That’s because we want the tree to absorb as much water it can. 

Do not think that if you have cut your own tree only a few hours ago then you do not need to cut it again. It’s still fresh, right? No!! You still need to make a cut before you place it inside your home. If you got that thing clear, then you will easily learn how to make a Christmas tree last longer. 

4. Keep The Tree In Water As Soon As You Come Home

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

Please don’t store your tree at a place where it is exposed to snow or heavy winds. As soon as you come to your home, make a cut ASAP and keep the tree in a container with at least a gallon of water. You have to do all this within half an hour. 

Why do you need to keep the tree in water immediately? Firstly, your tree might have lost some water on the way home, and secondly, the first 24 hours are super important for its overall health. 

According to Garden Betty, “Trees can absorb as much as a gallon of water in the first 24 hours, so it’s crucial that your tree stays well hydrated.

Pro Tip: You will not decorate your tree immediately after buying it. Wait for at least two days, until it drinks enough water. If the water level is still full in the container then you can ask for the return of the tree (having bought it from a tree shop). 

5.  Keep Your Christmas Tree Away From Fireplace & Heat Sources

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

I know all of us dream of keeping the Christmas tree next to our fireplace. So, that Santa finds the tree easily to keep all the gifts under it. However, if you really want to keep the Christmas tree fresh for longer hours, then you need to keep it as far as the heat sources as you can. 

Heat can dry out trees and you will soon begin to see some dried needles. Also, in case I missed the point, you cannot keep the tree close to sunlight radiators, stoves, air-ducks, or anything that can act as a heat source. This will help you to make a Christmas tree last longer. 

6. Check The Water Level Daily To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

Do not think that the tree only needs hydration only once or twice. You need to provide enough water to the tree to make sure it lasts longer. Good Housekeeping states, “For every inch of the trunk’s diameter, fill the stand with one quart of water.” 

You might have heard a lot of talk on the internet about adding extra preservatives, corn syrup, sugar aspirin, and everything unnecessary. You do not need to put anything extra besides water. You only need to keep a check on the water levels to ensure your Christmas tree lasts longer. 

Refill the container every day and keep the room temperature lower than usual. That should help to keep the Christmas tree fresh for longer. 

7. Choose LED Lights For Decorating

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

Some people might not give attention to the type of lights they are using to decorate their Christmas trees. However, that does not impact its actual effect on the tree. Your little bulbs and fairy lights also emit heat. Plus, we all love to cover our trees completely in lights, from the tree toppers to the bottom.

You will get plenty of LED lights from online and well as offline platforms. There are numerous LED lights that emit the minimum amount of heat and that will protect your trees from drying out too soon. That’s why it’s totally worth spending a little money on low-cost LED lights. 

8. Take Out Your Tree Before It Dries

How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer | Christmas For A Long Haul

You will see a lot of indications of a dry-out Christmas tree. The brown needles will begin to fall, your Christmas ornaments will be too heavy for the branches to hold, and so on. If this process has just begun then it is time to take the tree out of your house. You don’t want to spend extra hours every day to clean those fallen needles. 

Also, a dried-out tree doesn’t even look good in a holiday home. Imagine, a perfect house with the best Christmas decor, but with a dead tree with nothing but lights on it. Nah! If that’s a big no for you too, then take that Christmas tree out. 

9. Recycle Your Christmas Tree

It will almost be like a sin to simply waste the tree when you can dispose of it. There are plenty of recycling programs in every city. Make sure you dig up a little bit of the internet to find the locations. 

If you have a garden in your place then you can use the tree to make compost. You simply have to cut down the trunk and the branches into multiple pieces and add them to your compost pile. There are so many uses for these dried trees and you must utilize the Christmas trees for the best use. 

Wrapping Up

The Christmas tree is the center of attention in every household around Christmas. If you are worried that it will dry out quickly then you must follow all these tips that we mentioned above. That was all about this article on “How To Make A Christmas Tree Last Longer?” If it was informative then comment below and let us know about it. 

Do not forget to share this article with your friends. Keep Visiting Path of EX and have a great day!   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prolong the life of my Christmas tree?

Start with a healthy tree. Check for the heaviness of your tree. Try to keep it as hydrated as you can and as far away from heat sources as possible. These are the only ways to prolong the life of your Christmas tree. 

Do Christmas trees need sugar water?

Your Christmas trees only need regular water to stay healthy. 

What do you do if your Christmas tree doesn’t drink water?

If your Christmas tree doesn’t drink water, then you will cut the bottom of the tree again with a nice and clean cut. The resin accumulated at the bottom might be hindering it from absorbing water. 

How do you save a dying pine tree?

You cannot save a dying pine tree. You have to take it out of your house. Make sure you sterilize your tools afterward.  


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