How to Inspire Faith In Your Business

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There are plenty of things that’ll determine the overall success or failure of your business. The quality of your idea, the execution of that idea, and your position in the market, for instance, are all vital. And then there’s the matter of the level of confidence that the public has in your company. If it’s low or non-existent, then it doesn’t matter how good your idea is: you will struggle to find success. 

So let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen. In this blog, we’re going to run through some useful tips that’ll have your customers believing that you’re worthy of their hard-earned cash. 

Tell Your Story

Studies have shown that people are more receptive to companies if they know the names and faces of the people running things behind the scenes. Rather than just being another faceless company, people will be able to know just who they’re helping when they make a purchase. There are plenty of ways you can add your personality to your business. One of the most effective methods is to use your website to tell your story. You’ll have been on a journey that led to the creation of the business. Let people know what it was! It’ll help to make your business feel more relatable. Plus, as a small/medium business owner, this is one of the few advantages that you have over the big players. Amazon can’t offer this level of relatability, for instance.

Get the Professional Look

You might have started your business as just a fun hobby. But at some point, it’ll be important to ditch the amateur aesthetics and get a more professional look. This isn’t a complicated process. It’s all about ensuring that the public-facing side of your company looks like a legitimate business (of course, you also need to act like a legitimate business). There are multiple ways to do this. The basics include having a professionally-designed website. If you’re running the business from your home, then use a mailbox and virtual address service. It looks much more professional to have your contact information as an office rather than your home! 

Avoid The Tricks 

As well as taking steps to earn the trust of your customers, it’ll also be important that you don’t do things that’ll lose the trust of your customers. Alas, this is something that we see time and time again. Businesses lose the trust of their customers — and make them angry — when they use sneaky tricks in order to make an additional buck. For example, let’s say a company listed one of their products for $10, which is a great deal for the item. But then, when the customer goes to pay, they see a $39.99 shipping and handling fee. Clearly, the cost of the shipping is being used to bolster the price of the product. Would you trust a company that used such a tactic? We don’t think so!

Handle Problems

You won’t lose a customer just because you make a mistake. If that happened, then there’d be no customers because every business makes mistakes. What matters is how you respond to problems and issues. If you work with the customer to find a solution, then they’re not going to hold it against you. After all, why would they? You’ll have shown that the initial trust the customer gave you was worthwhile after all. It’s easy to ask for trust when you never have to prove it. The value of the trust occurs when it’s put to the test. 

Share Your Expertise

You’ll know why a customer should trust that you know what you’re doing. But the customer may not necessarily know it. So let them know! There are plenty of ways to share your expertise. The right method will depend on the industry you work in. You could post blogs on your site, produce whitepapers, host a podcast, or share your insights on social media. No matter which medium you choose, the result will be the same: people will know that you know what you’re talking about!

And Your Customer Testimonials

Finally, remember that you don’t need to do all the work when it comes to convincing the public that you’re trustworthy. Your existing customers can too. Reviews and testimonials are highly valuable tools you can use to showcase to potential customers why they’ll make the right choice if they go with you. Studies have shown that people trust reviews from strangers almost as much as they trust recommendations from their friends. 


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