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Muskan Gupta
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Are you trying to find the pistol in Scorn (you know where it is) or the second weapon? You are alone and lost in a surreal universe that you will go through. Each location features a unique plot, puzzles, and cast of characters that together create a unified environment. Now let’s find out How To Get The Pistol (Second Weapon) In Scorn?

The atmospheric horror game Scorn, created by Ebb Software, is set in a world filled with nightmares. You are alone in a surreal world that you must navigate. Stories, riddles, and personalities create a cohesive world throughout each area. Several abilities, tools, and artifacts can help you comprehend the views. The game’s open world features connected zones that are mazes with various chambers and passageways.

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Since there are no cutscenes, the outside world won’t draw your attention away from the game. Interact with the environment and feel how your character moves and moves. Given your low loadout, you should exercise caution when engaging in combat. This article will help you discover how to get the pistol or a (second weapon) in Scorn on PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox.

How To Get The Pistol (Second Weapon) In Scorn?

pistol in Scorn

You must visit the Act 3 elevator problem to obtain the handgun in Scorn. Once there, use the weapon rack to retrieve the pistol by interacting with it. After you visit the elevator, you must follow a few steps to get the pistol or a (second weapon) in Scorn. 

w To Get The Pistol (Second Weapon) In Scorn
  1. Pull up a new sphere by interacting with the first terminal.
  2. The right corridor is up ahead in the big hall.
  3. Stun or destroy the creature, then proceed to a different terminal to pull up another sphere.
  4. Towards another terminal with three controls, turn right and proceed forward.
  5. Locate the other two controls to unlock the different pathways and use the first control.
  6. To go to the other side, use the elevator.
  7. Travel to the room and interact with the weapon rack to obtain the handgun.

After following these easy steps, you will get the pistol or a (second weapon) in Scorn. 

Note: The pistol is the game’s first available ranged weapon. Due to its limited ammo, use it carefully.

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Wrapping Up

Wooh, you got to know How To Get The Pistol (Second Weapon) In Scorn. Now you can follow the steps and get your pistol to enjoy the game with your friends and family.

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