9 Ways to Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Money Farming!

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Dying Light 2 game is shaped in the most realistic portrayal of the actual world. By creating a post-apocalyptic world, it puts our character in extreme situations. Our Character Aiden has to survive with the limited resources and at the same time manage to fulfill the required missions. This becomes even more difficult when you run out of money! Therefore to rescue you from your Panic Attack, we have bought you the Easiest ways to get Money. Just note these tips, and you’ll get rich in no time. 

Well, Money is Money- whether it’s a Real-Life or Reel life. In fact, I would say more murders and crimes for money are committed in the games. Lol. But on a serious note, money is one of the most important resources in Dying Light 2, especially when you have to live in a world where resources are so scarce. You need money to upgrade everything and get better items in general. That is why Dying Light 2 offers you the feature to Farm Money.

If you love playing Dying Light 2 and the gamer in you wants to reach higher levels as soon as possible, then getting rich and earning money faster is your only solution. You need as much money you can have to help you sustain in this destroyed world. So, without wasting time, let’s explore different ways on How to get Money faster?

How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | DL2 Money Farming

Well, whoever said that Money couldn’t solve all the problems definitely hasn’t played Dying Light 2. Because in this game, it can! Accept when you are dead. 

How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Dying Light 2 is a survival game that provides only limited resources. But there are always sneaky little ways by which you can avail those hidden assets. In the game, you start on the expedition and find all the required material during the journey. And whatever you can’t find or craft, you can buy from the Vendors. But the Vendor has a high price for all the best resources. Therefore in order to have an optimum gaming experience you need money to claim your desired resources.

Let’s see how we can make our Aiden rich and get free money faster in Dying Light 2.

1. Loot Corpses

Even in a Zombie Apocalypse, Money is an important element. You need substantial money to keep your equipment up to date and progress your parkour-nut protagonist as per your wishes. 

How To Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

So keep your eyes open for any corpse on the street. By looting corpses on your way, you can get your hands on some extra money.

Though regular corpses don’t carry much but uncommon zombies and human corpses can reward you with much valuable loot. You can later sell these items to Vendor and earn a profit from them. 

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2. Take Advantage of Nightfall

Waiting for the night and starting your expeditions after sunset always is beneficial for you. On one side, you are given double bonus and experience points, while on the other, there are much more zombies bodies that you can loot and fill your bag.

How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Another benefit night provides is that almost all Zombies are outdoors. This gives Aiden a chance to go indoors and get as much money as he can steal.

3. Sell Unwanted Weapons and Equipment

While your adventurous journey, Aiden comes across many weapons. Make sure to add all these weapons to your inventory even if you don’t need them because these weapons and inventories can help you get money in Dying Light 2. 

How To Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

When you acquire more efficient and lethal weapons, you can sell your Old Weapons and earn money from them. Similarly, in Dying Light, you get the chance to sell your equipment when it is no longer serving its purpose. All the extra equipment can be sold to vendors in exchange for Cash, thereby making you rich.

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4. Explore Dark Zones

In Dying Light 2, dark zones are densely populated and heavily guarded. By looting such dark zones, you can earn money faster and get rich in half the time. These Zones are much valuable if your intention is to get money in Dying Light 2 but if you want to avoid risks, stay away from such areas.

How To Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

These Dark Zones frequently offer large sums of money, valuables, and high-quality equipment. You can make a lot of money by selling valuables. It will be better if you loot these areas at night when there is a low chance of being caught.

5. Collect Crystal Cores

How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

If somehow you stumble upon Crystal Cores, then consider it your lucky day. These Crystals are sold for a hefty price and can get you a lot of money.

6. Side Quests & Encounters

We all love extra- whether it’s food or a game! So, don’t be stuck on just the main storyline of Dying Light 2 . Explore the side quests and plots which give you the offer to earn and collect a lot of money. You can easily become rich by getting money completing the side quests of Dying Light 2.

How To Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Also, be on the lookout for some random encounters. These encounters are tagged with Blue Quest markers and getting money. Completing these encounter quests and getting money in Dying Light 2 is also a good source of additional money.

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7. Military Convoys

  • How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming
  • How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming
  • How To Earn Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Another way to earn and get money in Dying Light 2 is by exploring Military Convoys. These convoys are usually filled with infected zombies and therefore hold many valuable materials and items. Make sure you collect all the important resources as well as items that could be sold for a higher price.

8. Sell to Vendors And Repeat

After you have successfully looted corpses and dark hollows, take a visit to Vendors and sell everything that is tagged as Valuable. In Dying Light 2, these valuables can get you a lot of money and rewards. 

How To Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Moreover, you can get double and even triple the benefit by repeating the cycle. Vendors likely have places to rest nearby. Sleep until the next dusk and then make the journey again. If players do this for even half an hour, it’s more than likely that by the end of this, they get so much money that they can buy their unlimited desired items. 

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Dying Light 2 Unlimited Money Glitch

Just like Dying Light 1, Dying Light 2 also offers an extraordinary feature – Unlimited Money Glitch.

This special loophole allows the player to fill their bags with old-world currency. It is one of the most effective and fastest ways to earn cash and money in Dying Light 2.

How To Get Money Faster in Dying Light 2 | Dying Light 2 Money Farming

Wanna know how? Follow the steps

  1. Participate in an online co-op session.
  2. Find a valuable object to replicate ( like Artifact-level gear with Yellow Bg)
  3. Save your Backup.
  4. Give the valued things to a co-op partner.
  5. Return back to the Co-op session and give the other player all of the expensive things you want to replicate.
  6. After your inventory is cleaned, restore your previously saved backup.
  7. Exit the co-op with your partner and restore the same game.
  8. Re-join your Co-op partner and keep dropping valuable items.
  9. Repeat these steps to form your own collection. 
  10. Once your Co-op partner’s inventory is full, have them return to you and do another backup.
  11. Now you are all set to sell these duplicated items for some decent amount of money.
  12. Repeat this glitch for as many times as you wish.

Wrapping Up

So, these are all the ways by which you can earn money faster and get rich at half the time. If you are an active gamer who spends hours on Dying Light 2, then this article could be very helpful for you.

Follow these Tips efficiently, and you will be rich in no time. All these ways and loopholes will fill your pocket with a large amount of Money and Coins.

I hope all your doubts regards how to get Money in Dying Light 2 are cleared. Keep visiting Path of Ex for such insights. And of course, your feedback and thoughts are always welcomed!


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