Double Eyelids | How to Get Double Eyelids | Multiple Ways (2021)

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If Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder, then why did actresses go through surgery to have double eyelids? There is a lot of talk around ‘double eyelids’, which has made the topic nearly toxic. But before beginning this article, you should know that you’re beautiful just the way you are and you shouldn’t change yourself because the world expects you to be a certain way. 

An article by the Los Angeles Times wrote in 1895, that women in Japan were going for surgeries just to remove the “curse” of monolid. The obsession with Double lids doesn’t end there. Julie Chen disclosed in 2013 that she had gone for surgery to get her double eyelids when she was 25. She said her motto was to improve her job prospectus of a “TV Personality”.  

Double eyelids are only a basic crease line in our eyes lids. Research has shown that 50% of Asians have double eyelids. Wanting to get that double crease doesn’t always mean you are following the toxic societal standards. You can even experiment with different makeup looks on yourself by using the makeup tips written below, and enhance your features furthermore. 

Let’s begin our article by defining Monolids and tips for people with monolid. You will also get to know about the different permanent and temporary methods by which you can have Double Eyelids.

All You Need To Know About Double Eyelids 

Double Eyelids | How to Get Double Eyelids | Multiple Ways (2021)
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Before reading further you have to know, no matter the shape of your eyes or the colour of your skin tone, you can apply any shade or colour you feel comfortable in. The tips written below are only to enhance your natural features. That being said, quickly read these tips and how you can get Double Eyelids. 

What Are Monolid?

Monolid is the upper skin of your eye that makes it appear like there’s no visible crease below your brow. That’s why the name, Monolid, means only a single lid between brow and eye. 

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Makeup Tips for Monolids

  1. Invest in a great eye primer and prime your eyes ALWAYS.
    You really shouldn’t ask why. It will keep everything at a place and will avoid smudges. 
  2. Do eye-makeup for your eye.
    This means you don’t have to make a crease every time after watching those YouTube videos. Follow the shape of your eye and maintain a lift.
Double Eyelids | How to Get Double Eyelids | Multiple Ways (2021)
Source: Koreaboo
  1. Try to define your lash line.
    You can do so by putting on a darker/smokier colour close to your eyelid. More like an eyeliner. 
  2. Put on eyeliner in little sections.
    Do not put on eyeliner in one go. Build the line little by little and then complete the full stroke.
  3. Try to bring eyeliner outwards not upwards.
    The lift comes naturally in Monolids, that’s why you don’t have to worry about that. Just make a smooth outward stroke on the eyelid. 
  4. Blend as much as you can.
    Since on Monolids, every detail is visible you don’t want any shade just left out there. 

What are Double Eyelids?

Double Eyelids are the subtle crease line that ‘doubles over’ your eyelid. This causes a line on your eyelid. The only difference between Monolids and Double Eyelids is the presence of the crease line on them. 

Makeup Tips for Double Eyelids

Double Eyelids | How to Get Double Eyelids | Multiple Ways (2021)
Source: Beautylish
  • Prep your eyes before makeup. 
    The trouble with double eyelids is that sometimes makeup can get smudged because of your eye shape. In that case, you might want to use a nice primer before you apply eyeshadow.

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  • Invest in Waterproof Makeup.
    The chances of waterproof eyeliner getting smudged are very less, so investing in waterproof makeup might be a smart idea if you have Double Eyelids.
  • Always Use a Setting Spray
    There are fewer chances that your makeup will be ruined because of smudging if you have used the setting spray. Your makeup will last longer and would be as flawless as yours. 
  • Apply Makeup with your eyes wide open.
    Double eyelids tend to hide a little of the eyeshadow after it is applied. It is because of the crease. Open your eyes wide when you are applying eyeshadow.
  • Use Matte Eyeshadows if you are a beginner.
    If you have hooded eyes using matte eyeshadows to create an illusion of Double Eyelids might work best for you. Matte shades work best in creating fake creases from the natural crease line. 
  • Don’t curl your eyeshadow around the corner.
    In hooded eyes, you necessarily don’t have to give the liner a curve in the corner. 

Surgery For Double Eyelids

Double Eyelids | How to Get Double Eyelids | Multiple Ways (2021)
Source: All About Vision

If you don’t have Double Eyelids then you can try different makeup techniques to have them. But if you want them permanently the only option is surgery. Visit a doctor and have a detailed discussion about the eye shape that you want. Here are a few recommended questions by us that you must put forth to your doctor before any procedures. 

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  1. Your expectations after the surgery.
  2. Tell the doctor about your problems with your eyes or the area around your eyes.
  3. Share all your medical history, and all information about the allergies (if you have any). 
  4. Discuss whether the incisional technique or non-incisional technique will work best for you.
  5. Know prior which anaesthesia will be used on you during the surgery.
  6. Clear all your doubts on risks and recovery after the surgery.

How much does the surgery for Double Eyelids cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cost of eyelid surgery in 2020 was $4,120. This cost is only for the surgery. All the other requirements like anesthesia, room cost, medicinal expenses aren’t included in this cost. So the actual cost of an eyelid surgery would be around $5,000. 

Non-Surgical Methods to Get Double Eyelids

A lot of eyelid tapes and glues are available in the online and offline markets. Using these tapes and glues you can easily manage to have an eyelid. These methods are highly used among Korean women. But if you don’t feel comfortable putting glue or tape on your face then you should avoid doing it. These methods merely force the eyes to create a crease on the eyelid. 

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  1. They can temporarily give you the crease you want.
  2. You can remove them the moment you don’t like the crease.
  3. You get to avoid the surgery this way.
  4. You can try what you will look like after the surgery by using these methods.


  1. You have to apply these tapes or glue every day to have a crease.
  2. They can accidentally be visible.
  3. There are chances of allergic reactions to the glue/ tape.
  4. Frequent use can cause rashes and irritation around the eyes.
  5. If the glue gets in your eye then it can cause permanent harm. 

Wrapping Up

Double crease lines aren’t that rare as its hype says. It is more common in the western world. Although, 50% of Asians and South Asians have Double lids. If you don’t have it then that doesn’t mean you are lacking anything. Your monolid makes you just as beautiful if not more. 

Hope you found answers to all your questions on Double Eyelids. If you want more makeup hacks from us then comment below. Share this article with your friends. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does having double eyelids mean?

Double eyelids are nothing more than an extra lid on both of your eyes. It is a usual stereotype for women.

Which type of eyelid is attractive?

All eyelids are beautiful, no matter if you have monolids or double eyelids.

Are double eyelids dominant?

Since double eyelids are the dominant gene in most of the population, that’s why it is considered a social standard for women to have double eyelids.

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