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Stardew Valley’s open-ended country-life RPG actually has a requirement where you need to collect a bunch of resources, and one of those is clay. Clay is actually used for loads of tasks in Stardew Valley. We will be helping you out with how to get Clay in Stardew Valley and the recipes that clay is utilized for. 

Clay is a material that can be utilized in lots of different ways in Stardew Valley. Since it plays an important role as a resource in Stardew Valley, it’s necessary that you know how to collect clay. Whether it’s crafting items or even constructing big infrastructures, or paying clay as a way to start specific quests, this resource has plenty of uses in Stardew Valley.

But, we can’t ignore the fact that collecting clay in Stardew Valley is a tad bit tricky until and unless you are well informed on how and where you can find it. This is why we present to you our guide on How to Get Clay in Stardew Valley. Let’s not waste any more time and move ahead with our article. 

How to Get Clay In Stardew Valley?

You can easily find various methods on how to get clay in Stardew Valley. Following are a few of them using which you can get clay in Stardew Valley:

How To Get Clay In Stardew Valley | Clay Recipes In Stardew

1. By digging up Dirt, Sand, or Artifact Spots.

2. By mining Clay Nodes at the dig site of Ginger Island.

3. As a gift from Jas or Vincent at the Feast of the Winter Star.

4. By cracking open the Geodes.

There are four types of geodes by which you can get Clay in Stardew Valley which are: 

  • Normal Geode
  • Frozen geode
  • Magma Geode
  • Omni Geode.

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Recipes That Use Clay In Stardew Valley

How to get Clay in Stardew Valley

There are certain items in which Clay acts as a vital ingredient to be prepared. Some of these items that require Clay in Stardew Valley are as follows:

  • Quality retaining soil
  • Garden pots, brick floors, kegs, fiber seeds, deluxe retaining soil, bone mill and silo.
  • Used as an orange dye for tailoring.
  • Exchange of Fish Pond quests.

For your ease, in the table given below, we have mentioned all the recipes that use clay as an ingredient and the other ingredients needed. Let’s have a look.

Quality Retaining Soil1 Clay, 3 StonesReach farming Level 7
Garden Pot1 Clay, 10 Stones, 1 Refined QuartzReceived from Evelyn after completing the Greenhouse quest
Brick Floor2 Clay, 5 StonesPurchased at the Carpenter’s Shop
Fiber Seeds1 Clay, 1 Mixed Seeds, 5 SapSpecial order from Linus
Deluxe Retaining Soil1 Clay, 5 Stones, 3 FiberPurchased at the Island Trader for 50 Cinder Shards
Bone Mill3 Clay, 10 Bone Fragments, 20 StonesSpecial order from Gunther
Silo Building100g, 100 Stones, 10 Clay, 5 Copper barsPurchased at the Carpenter’s Shop
Dyed Shirt1 Cloth, 1 ClayUsing the sewing machine inside Emily and Haley’s house

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Which Stardew Valley Characters Dislike Clay?

Even though clay can be utilized as a gift for a few Stardew Valley characters, there are undoubtedly some NPCs who despise receiving clay as a gift, and we’ll inform you which ones they are. 

The characters who hate receiving clay as a gift in Stardew Valley are: 

  1. Alex
  2. Caroline
  3. Clint
  4. Demetrius 
  5. Dwarf
  6. Elliott
  7. Gus
  8. Harvey
  9. Jodi
  10. Kent
  11. Krobus
  12. Leah
  13. Leo
  14. Lewis
  15. Linus
  16. Maru
  17. Pam
  18. Penny
  19. Pierre
  20. Robin
  21. Sam
  22. Sandy
  23. Shane
  24. Willy
  25. Wizard
  26. Abigail
  27. Evelyn
  28. George
  29. Haley
  30. Jas
  31. Marnie
  32. Sebastian
  33. Vincent

Watch How to Get Clay In Stardew Valley?

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Wrapping Up

So, there you go. We’ve included every single information regarding how to get clay in Stardew Valley. We genuinely hope that we were able to lend a helping hand to you with our article. In case you feel that you have any further doubts or queries, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below. 


1. How To Grind Clay in Stardew Valley?

You would need to till the ground with a hoe.

2. Where Can I Find A Lot of Clay in Stardew Valley?

The first 30 levels of the mines are the best place to mine for clay.

3. How To Farm Clay in Stardew Valley?

You can go to the beach, and find the places on the ground with little “worms” on it, hit them with your hoe and you can manage to get up to 3 clay. 


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