How to Delete Your Bondee Account | Deactivate Your Account in 12 Simple Steps

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Social Media Avatars are all the rage nowadays. Be it Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram, every social media platform has launched its own Avatars. However, social apps like IMVU and Bondee, let users create a universe of their own. If you bought into the hype of Bondee and created an account but are not sure whether the app is safe or not, you can delete your Bondee account easily.

Bondee app has been making a lot of news recently. This app is created by Metadram, a Singaporean company. Bondee lets the users create Avatars and a virtual world. You can share your hobbies, mood, and status in the app. You also get the option to join different groups and chat with a variety of people.

Deleting your Account is as easy as creating your Bondee account. However, if you have tried deleting it and couldn’t find the way, let me help you with it. In this article, I have mentioned the steps that you need to follow to delete your Bondee account. Go through the article, and you’ll be able to deactivate your Bondee account within no time.

Can You Delete Your Bondee Account?

Can You Delete Your Bondee Account?

Yes, you can easily delete your Bondee account. While Bondee is an amazing app with lots of cool features like Bondee sailing and exploring the virtual world, including the Bondee spectacles; the app is not meant for everyone. If you have tried the Bondee app but do not find it as interesting as others, you can delete it easily.

Once you delete Bondee, all your data on the app is removed. So, if you want to rejoin the platform, you can use the phone number, you used the first time.

How to Delete Your Bondee Account?

If you are searching for ways to delete your Bondee account, you’re in the right place. Maybe you didn’t like the app or maybe you’re concerned about your safety, whatever is your reason, I’ve got your back. Follow these steps to delete your Bondee Account:

1. Open the Bondee app on your phone.

2. Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right corner to go to your Account/Profile.

3. Click on Settings in the top right corner.

4. Now, tap on Account Security.

Steps for How to Delete Your Bondee Account

5. Under Account Security, select Delete Account.

Note: A pop-up will appear with the warning “After the account is deleted, all your status and friends will be removed.”

6. If you are okay with the prompt, tap on the Delete option.

7. Select the reason for deletion. You can select one or more options.

8. Once you have selected the reason, click on Continue.

Steps for How to Delete Your Bondee Account

Note: Once you click continue, you will get a final confirmation for deletion. Read it carefully. Here is what is stated in the final confirmation “If you deactivate your Bondee account, you will able to reactivate it within 30 days. After 30 days, your account and all associated data will be permanently deleted. Deactivating your account will prevent you from accessing Bondee services and including any content you have uploaded. Please note that information on Bondee servers such as chat messages, may still be visible to others.”

9. Now, tap on Accept.

10. Fill in the captcha.

11. Now, a verification code will be sent to your registered phone number.

12. Enter the verification code and tap on Delete.

Steps for How to Delete Your Bondee Account

That’s it! By following these steps you can delete your Bondee Account in a few minutes. Once you click on the ‘Delete’ option at the end, you will be logged out of your account.

You can recover the account within 30 days. However, if you don’t log in within 30 days of deleting your Bondee account, your data will be permanently deleted from the app.

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Wrapping Up

It’s time to wrap up! This was all about how to delete your Bondee account. I hope the detailed steps in this article helped you solve your problem. And now, you know how to delete the app. Bondee is an interesting app, but if it’s not meant for you, you can easily delete it now. Before you delete your Bondee account, just remember to back up anything you posted on the app.

I hope this article helped you solve your query. For more updates on Social media, Gaming, and Technology, keep visiting Path of Ex.


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