How to Complete Forgery SideQuest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Earn Extra Rewards!

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Tiny Tina Wonderland is not tiny anymore. It is gaining popularity and fame by every day. All the thrill, excitement, and engrossing quests make up for a perfect entertainment package. And out of them, one of my favorites is Forgery Sidequest. Haven’t tried yet? Well, in that case, let me give you my notes on How to complete the Forgery sidequest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Tiny Tina Wonderlands is full of mysterious challenges and challenging sidequests. Completing these missions like legendary bow sidequests and forgery sidequests allows users to explore Wonderland and encounter a number of features and characters.

And trust me, it is one of the most addictive games I have ever played. The joy and satisfaction we receive on completing these sidequests and missions makes Tiny Tina’s Wonderland worth all the time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore how you can complete the Forgery sidequests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and upgrade your character.

Forgery Sidequests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

Forgery is one of the important sidequests of the game Tiny TIna’s Wonderland. It is unlocked after you successfully complete- Goblin Tired of Forced Oppression SideQuest. Let’s dive into Forgery Sidequest’s gory details-

Region: Mount Craw

Area: Craw’s Craw

Quest Giver: Claptrap

Requirement: Successfully Completed Side Quest: Goblins Tired of Forced Oppression.

Recommended Level: 9

Reward: 2822 XP, $5217, rare Weapon “Frostbite of the Crusher

Mission Info: In a shocking twist, it turns out blacksmithing is yet another thing Claptrap is no good at. But it’s okay! He has a plan: If you can’t make it. fake it! That is what the Forgery sidequest is all about.

How To Complete Forgery sidequest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

To complete your Forgery Sidequest mission- follow these easy steps-

1. Listen To Claptrap Instructions

How to complete the Forgery sidequest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

In this mind-blowing mission, you will encounter Claptrap. He will ask for your help regarding the forging of certain items. Since he is no good at crafting, he will ask you to collect certain materials so that he could fake the forging for Master Tonhammer

2. Pick up the Pickaxe

Your next step in completing Forging Sidequest is to pick up the Pickaxe kept at your left side.

How to complete the Forgery sidequest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

3. Pick lock into Quarry 

Time for some secret mission! Break into the quarry and pick the lock to your right side by meleeing with it. 

4. Collect Iron Ore Scraps

Another important step in your forging sidequest is to collect the Iron Ore scraps laying around the quarry. There are total of 15 Iron Scraps hidden in 5 rocks. You need to break those rocks and collect the hidden ores.

P.s- Three rocks are kept on the ground and the other two require a ladder kept behind the third rock. 

How to Complete Forgery SideQuest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Earn Extra Rewards!

5 Escape Goblins

Keep you defense skills on! While on the mining mission, you will be attacked by a number of Goblins. Either dodge them or kill them. Your Choice!

6. Return to Claptrap

Bring all your collected Iron scraps back to Claptrap. And place the ores in the Kiln (Owen next to Claptrap)

7. Wait For Claptrap’s failure

While Claptrap tries to forge the ore, wait for him. At the end, he will fail miserably and the opportunity will pass on to you.

8. Hammer the metal

It’s your time to shine..just what you deserve! Hammer the Metal as per instructions. 

How to complete the Forgery sidequest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

9. Visit Mountain of Despair

Another Important task assigned to you for completing the forging sidequest is to move towards the Mountain of Despair. 

10. Melee Obsidian Wall

Melle the Wall of Obsidian to gain your entry to the Mountain of Despair.

11. Reach Magical ring and Collect Obsidian Ore

The next step in forging Sidequest is to reach the magical ring. Here you’ll get the option to receive bonus rewards by collecting 30 Obsidian Ores.

12. Ring of Fire Dancing

Free the ring and pick it up.

13. Visit Ice Caverns

The next location of your forging sidequest is the Ice Caverns. From the mountain- jump to Jump Pad and go for Ice Caverns. 

How to Complete Forgery SideQuest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Earn Extra Rewards!

14. Find Cloak of Frost Resistance ( Bonus-Collect Permafrost Ore)

At the middle of Ice Caverns, you will find The Cloak of Frost Resistance over the dead body. Collect it for the later steps. Also, you have the chance to gain a rare weapon by the end of the Quest by collecting additional Permafrost ore.

15. Kill the Froblinks

Kill the Froblinks that will appear on freeing the Cloak and break the enchantment. 

16. Return To Claptrap

Finally, on your journey of forging sidequest, it’s time to return to Claptrap. There, Master Tonhammer will ask you to place the ring and Cloak.

17. Kill Master Tohmanner

Wait for Master Tonhammer to inspect the gears and then when he tries to attack. KILL HIM!!

How to Complete Forgery SideQuest in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Earn Extra Rewards!

18. Speak to Claptrap

Your last step in completing the Forgery sidequest is to Speak to Claptrap. He will appreciate your actions and finally announce the completion of your Forgery Mission. 

With this, your Forgery Sidequest will be completed and you will gain all the rewards you have yielded.

Wrapping Up

Well, I don’t know about you, but I had one hell of a time while completing this interesting Forgery side quest mission. It was indeed worth all the time and attention. 

I hope this article helped you in completing the forgery mission and earning a bag full of rewards. For more such insightful steps, stay connected to Path of EX. 

See you Again.. Au Revoir!!


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