6 Ways How to Check Mobily SIM Number in KSA?

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In case you have forgotten your Mobily SIM number in KSA, you can check it in 5 ways i.e. by dialing a code, SMS, and call.

Here are the 6 ways to Check Mobile SIM Number in KSA

1. Dailing a Code

The easiest way to check your Mobily phone number or data SIM number in KSA is to dial a code *222# from your phone, the mobile screen will show your Mobily number immediately.

If you have to check for Mobily internet or data balance, you can also dial the code *1411*1#. After dialing this code, the system will display the remaining internet balance on your mobile screen.

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The same code, *1411*1# also works if you want to check your pocket Wi-Fi data balance.

How to Check Mobily SIM Number in KSA?

2. Send an SMS

In case, you want to check your SIM number by sending an SMS, you can write “1” in an SMS to 1411. The reply from Mobily will include your phone number and your remaining balance.

3. Call the Helpline

The third way to check your phone or data SIM number is to call 1100 from your Mobily connection. They will tell you about the phone or data SIM number.

  • Pree 9 for complaints
  • Press 1 for new complaints
  • Press 1 for complaints about voice services
  • Press 1 for service quality complaints
  • Press 4 to submit an ownership complaints

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4. CITC Website

While checking the number of SIM cards on Iqama, you can find out your phone number of any mobile network very easily by creating an account with the CITC.

5. Please call me

If you are running short of balance, you can send a free “please call me” SMS from your Mobily number to a friend. In this way, you can also check the Mobily SIM number

In order to send a free “Please call me” SMS from Mobily, dial the following code.

Dial: *188#
Enter the Mobile Number

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6. Mobily Application

How to Check Mobily SIM Number in KSA?

The last way to check Mobily SIM Number in KSA is with the help of the Mobily Application. First, you need to install the application from the Play Store. Once you have downloaded the application, the next step is to get yourself registered.

After the registration, you can easily manage all the Mobily services with the help of the application.


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