How to Buy Shades and Eyeglasses in 2022?

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The modern style of shades and eyeglasses might find its origin back in 1727, but the trend of wearing them is very much in place. No matter how hard the pandemic has daunted the world of fashion or how impactful the advent of contact lenses has been, glasses are still a desirable choice for fashion enthusiasts.

But as they say, “change is the only constant”, the shopping for designer eyewear in 2022 isn’t much similar to that in the previous decade; so many factors are to blame. So, the question lingers, how to buy designer eyewear in today’s world? Is the trend of in-store shopping still in place, or online outlets have overrun this concept as a worthy alternative?

Here’s everything you should know about buying shades & eyeglasses in 2021:

In-Store Shopping

  • What Do the Trends Suggest?

The in-store retail shopping trend for designer products and fashion accessories is still very much in place. Despite the drastic impact of the pandemic throughout 2020, the year 2021 showed promising indicators and hinted at a huge return of masses back to the brick-and-mortar retails.

  • Things to Consider When Buying Sunglasses In-store

Fake designer eyewear would remain a major concern throughout 2022. The trend of featuring and selling replica sunglasses would only increase, given the level of details counterfeiters are incorporating into their knock-offs.

Yet, in-store shopping makes it way easier to spot fake sunglasses. When buying eyewear of renowned labels such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Versace, etc., you need to:

  • Stay cautious about logo embossing on frames and lenses.
  • Check lens performance and clarity if the pair says “Polarized”; simply wear the shades and look around in the daylight.
  • Check serial number; all the famous eyewear brands feature a unique logo for each model.
  • Make sure that the packaging contents are complete.
  • Ensure they offer a replacement or returns with a full refund.
  • Avoid going for a random brick-and-mortar store claiming to sell genuine sunglasses; rather do your research and prefer a store with legit customer feedback.

Online Shopping

  • What Do the Trends Suggest?

Online shopping trends certainly saw a boost in 2020 for obvious reasons but suffered a major dip in the following year. The same is the indicator for 2022. People are rushing back to the traditional way of shopping as the restrictions tend to ease down. However, e-commerce still accounts for a quarter of small businesses throughout the United States.

  • Things to Consider When Buying Sunglasses Online

As much as it seems convenient to shop sunglasses online, it’s an equally risky undertaking. You do not get to examine the product physically, nor can you interact with the vendor or salesperson directly.

With that said, there are still legitimate ways to scrutinize the outlet and the product itself when making a purchase online:

  • Make sure the website offering real sunglasses from international brands is secure. If it’s secure, a padlock would appear before the web address in the search bar followed by “HTTPS”, referring to the encryption of data between the server and you. If there’s no padlock or the address says “HTTP”, all the sensitive data you enter on the website is prone to stealing and sharing.
  • A legit sunglasses & designer products website must have a contact us page, a working email, and preferably a “get in touch” page for quick messages or queries.
  • Ensure they have a presence all over the social media and have garnered positive reviews over there. The social accounts are usually linked within the icons on page bottom.
  • Prefer an online outlet with a physical presence and have provided the address to their location for site visits.
  • Ask for the money-back guarantee, replacement, and free local shipping option for every authentic pair they have listed. A website missing out on any of these features should be a turn-off for you.
  • As for the product itself, the sunglasses & eyeglasses should be listed with the genuine model name and a serial number. Double-check the name, code, features, and specs on the official website of that brand.

Where to Find Glasses Online?

When we talk about buying authentic sunglasses and eyeglasses in 2022, nothing comes closer to TheShadesHut. Established in 2004 in suburban New Jersey, the outlet worked its way up to become by far the best online designer outlet.

Featuring luxury designer products from famous fashion houses around the globe, The Shades Hut offers a blend of the best genuine sunglasses with an unbeatable discount.

Here’s why The Shades Hut should be your go-to sunglasses spot in 2022:

  • Legit and Trusted

We’ve just discussed the ways to authenticate a website when making an online shades purchase. The Shades Hut complies with every listed requirement to win your trust and gratification. Their website is secure & easy to navigate, they offer site visits, have a social & digital presence, and have a friendly contact us page for suggestions/inquiries.

  • Authentic Products with a Guarantee

TheShadesHut remains extremely precise with their products listing. All the listings are well scrutinized with appropriate variant names and legit serial numbers. On top of that, the outlet offers free shipping across the US alongside refunds/replacement options spanning over 30-days of your order! Also, I really like how easy their site is to browse, so go check out, as they also have a coupon code on Eyeglasses category.


With the restrictions easing and the world being expected to get back to normalcy soon, in-store shopping is also rising again. However, it might not revive as an established way of eyewear purchasing in the time ahead. Digital channels of fashion & designer shopping are having their say, enticing masses to get the best with the bare minimum effort.


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