5 Best Ways on How to Achieve Wealth by Manifesting

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Meenakshi Thakur
Meenakshi Thakur
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Money is the backbone of life. From birth till death, it is required in almost all aspects of life. Apart from fulfilling the basic needs, you can fuel your dreams and lifelong goals with money. But mere chunks of it are not sufficient to achieve all of these goals.

Because of this, everyone wants to run in the race to gain more and more wealth. They are interested in knowing the secrets to get money. If you also want to earn money and gain a lot of wealth, Let me tell you about a secret then.

“The law of attraction” to achieve wealth by manifesting.

The law of attraction is an old suggestion that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while the bad or negative thoughts bring out similar negative outcomes. This means that you will get what you Manifest, even the wealth.

There are a lot of advisory movies and finance-related success stories. Yet these are not the helping hands in generating the generous amount of money.

Ever thought WHY???

The biggest reason behind this lies inside you. Let’s know about these incorrect ways that might be a hurdle for you while manifesting.

What is the biggest resistance for you to achieve wealth by manifesting?

tips to achieve wealth by manifesting
Source: LifeCoach.com

For most people, manifesting money is just an imaginary process and does not work. This might happen because of the basic things that you need to avoid. In general, there are three steps of manifesting and these are:

  • Ask yourself what you want.
  • Believe that you will achieve that wish.
  • Feel good and Align with the vibration of the desired thing and Receive what you expect.

But the shift at each step among these, lead towards failure.


Just ask yourself what you want to manifest?

For most, it is extremely a massive amount of money to live in luxury in abundance. Money can be in any form, be it cash or a gift, and most desires of million dollars. Instead, you need to believe in your attractive power and go for a small section/amount of money.

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The next important thing to notice is that you might have a lot of doubts. All these doubts can make your thoughts negative. And if you have negative thoughts, then how does manifestation be joyous and happier?

Be grateful for the money in every form that is coming close to you and stay positive.

How to achieve wealth by manifesting?

Manifesting wealth is not a much difficult task. all you need to do is to follow the said steps as per your need.

Have a clear vision

Have a clear vision: tips to achieve wealth by manifesting
Source: GoodFon

Everyone has a bucket list to follow. Some might require money to go to their favorite destination while others want it to get luxurious gadgets. Merely thinking about them is not enough. Just take a copy and pen and write down all the possible demands. From paying a pending debt or buying a new house, write it all.

But take a note to write only the physical materials that you can achieve clearly. And make the list full of every thought that revolves in your mind, even the craziest ones.

Decide On How Much Money You Need

Decide On How Much Money You Need: tips to achieve wealth by manifesting
Source: CNBC.com

Nah!! don’t confuse it with how much money you want. These are two different words. If you are planning for a trip, then there is no limit on the amount of money you want. But if you ask what amount of money you need, you will really save tons of money.

A handful of people think in such a way, that is why they are financially free. Now, you can also be the same. Try asking yourself how much you earn in a month and how much your needs can cost you.

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Removing the excess will help you to save a lot of money. And at the end of the year that you can save a lot more and trying writing down everything to have better clarity in the future.

Know the value of being manifest rich

Know the value of being manifest rich: tips to achieve wealth by manifesting
Source: Medium

Are you familiar with the idea of being manifestrich?

Why do you need money?

How the money will help you in the future?

If you had been broke at any point in your life, you can understand what wealth means to you. But if you are lucky enough that you never faced any such situation, then you need to figure out the best possible reason for loving money.

Try to find the answer by overviewing what it can do for you and not what you can make it do for you. Yes, these are two different aspects. The only valve that money has is what it can get you in return.

It could be anything. Dream travel or favorite food, these can be the reason because which money is the most essential thing.

Shed off the limits

Shed off the limits: tips to achieve wealth by manifesting
Source: Trainer Stocks

You must have heard of the belief that hard work is the key to getting rich. Or one of the common thought that will strike your mind is your family status.

People in your surrounding will say that it’s almost impossible for you to change your financial status. If you are a middle-class family person, you will end up remaining the same. No matter what you do.

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But that’s not true at all. First, remove all these limiting believes. and secondly, leave that lifetime 9-5 job mentality. your initial job’s income will be a future saviour. Make it work for you even when you are sleeping. That’s what successful people suggest this practice achieve wealth by manifesting.

Show your wealthy side

Show your wealthy side: tips to achieve wealth by manifesting
Source: The Globe and Mail

According to the law of attraction, you get what you perch. So if you intend to get money, how will your poor mindset help you?


It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money or show off in front of people. It accounts for treating yourself well, believing the best out of any situation, go for stuff obtainable on sale, go for weekend holidays.

Final verdict

So these are the best possible ways on “How to achieve wealth by manifesting”.

To make money fall in your pocket, one of the most important things is to be thankful and show gratitude towards how much money you have got. It means to have a clear wall between your desires and need.

As the life you have and the amount of money you have in your pocket might be the dream of millions.

It is suggested to follow these practices to achieve wealth by manifesting and feel the wealth raining on you.


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