Holiday Face Masks For This Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year

Spread cheer, not germs. At least these masks are better than those ugly Christmas sweaters!

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This festive season, no one should shy away from the festivities. We know that you can’t go out and have fun so why not bring the fun to your place? Up your festival game with some amazing Holiday face masks. Here, you will find a list of some of the super fun face masks that you can wear during the holidays.  

If it hasn’t been for this year we couldn’t have learned any of these terms like face masks, social distancing, sanitizing, quarantining, and many more. This Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s make sure that you follow the drill and wear face masks.   

It is hard! Getting ready to party with those masks on. Just like Chandler would say, “Could things go any worse?” But don’t worry. We can’t take away your masks but we can definitely give you some amazing alternatives to the regular ugly face mask. 

Holiday face masks are the new way to accessorize your festive look. Picking holiday face masks, nowadays, is just like picking up your Christmas decorations, Christmas outfits, food menus, and everything festival. The new normal says that your checklist must have the holiday face masks in it. 

We have an amazing and exciting list of holiday face masks that will make your festivals merrier and happier. 

Best Holiday Face Masks

The list has the most innovative and divergent types of face masks. You can choose for yourself or even gift them to someone.

1. Christmas Tree Mask

Christmas Trees Mask

What will be more festive than a Christmas tree on your face mask? It is such a cute and adorable mask to wear on Christmas. You can even wear it the whole of December if you are a nerd for Christmas just like us! You can easily buy this mask from Amazon or any supermarket near your home.

2. Santa Beard Face Mask

Santa Beard Face Mask

If you have decided to dress as Santa, then you will be wearing a beard anyway, so why not be innovative and super creative with it? You can totally pull off this Santa Beard Face Mask with an awesome costume. You can buy this face mask from Amazon

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3. Personalized Christmas Face Mask

Personalized Christmas Face Mask

Give some personal touch to your face mask or even coordinate with your family this festive season. You can get your pictures printed on them. Even better; you can also print some quotations or your family’s name, the choice is yours. This holiday face mask will look so good on your Instagram as well. You can buy these face masks on Etsy

4. Rudolph Sequin Face Masks

Rudolph Sequin Face Masks

You can be Santa’s favorite reindeer by wearing this mask. A red sequined mask with a small pom-pom on the nose will be turning many heads at the Christmas party. You can buy this holiday face mask from Etsy.

5. Holiday Face Mask with Pattern

Holiday Face Mask with Pattern

If you want to keep it all simple and decent, you can go for some pretty holiday patterned face masks. You can these Yuletide patterned masks from Nordstorm. This will give you a simple as well as a super cute look. 

6. Baby, It’s COVID Outside Mask

Baby, It’s COVID Outside Mask

Wear a song, with a twist. Update the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with the 2020 reference. We know this is heartbreaking but also super funny. You can buy this face mask from

7. Sherpa Ear Loop Reusable Face Mask

Sherpa Ear Loop Reusable Face Mask

Winters and fleece go hand in hand. Now, bundle up your outfit with fleece in your sweatshirt, pants, shoes, and now your face masks too. You can buy this face mask from

8. LED Lights Christmas Mask

LED Lights Christmas Mask

If you thought that colors can make your mask look vibrant, then we know, you haven’t yet seen the LED lights face mask. Not only your presence but your mask will also light up the whole room. You can buy this holiday face mask from Etsy

9. Grinch Face Mask

Grinch Face Mask

This Christmas call upon the Grinch that you have hidden inside you for years. Wear the bring out the Christmassy mood. You can buy this face mask from Etsy.

10. Floral Menorah & Star of David Face Mask

Floral Menorah & Star of David Face Mask

The traditional Hanukkah blues and whites on your masks will make you stand out from the crowd. Make your Hanukkah happier with these holiday face masks. You can buy this face mask from Etsy.

11. Mickey Mouse Holiday Face Masks

Mickey Mouse Holiday Face Masks

The Disney Mickey Mouse face masks are the cutest thing. These masks have tiny little mickey mouse faces wearing Christmas caps with his friends and gingerbread man cookies. You can buy this face mask from

12. Embroidered Snowflake Face Mask

12. Embroidered Snowflake Face Mask

A very simple and sleek face mask that would go with any outfit at any festival. You can buy these holiday face masks from

We also have some more holiday face masks that you can wear this year.

Wrapping Up

This was the list of some of the amazing Holiday face masks that you must this festival season. I hope that this list helped you in finding the most desired mask. Please let us know what kind of face mask would you like to wear during these holidays. Share this article with your friends and family and make their holidays more fun.

Have a great day and an amazing life!


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