Top 6 Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Sourdough is made after fermenting dough. It is the healthier option of the breakfast staple: bread. It has become a favorite amongst many people who watch their health and many people are even baking it themselves at their homes.

The health benefits of sourdough bread have made it famous. It has fewer calories and is packed with Vitamin B, which accelerates metabolism. Not only does sourdough bread taste good and is perfect for a morning toast or a late-night sandwich, but it is also a better and nutritious version of our favorite carb. 

6 Benefits of Sourdough Bread on Your Health

Here are the top 6 health benefits of sourdough bread which will pique your interest in making it yourself:

1. Can make your gut healthier

Sourdough is made by fermenting flour. The process of fermentation can lead to an increased amount of prebiotic and probiotic properties. The rye in sourdough increases good gut bacteria compared to other alternatives, like white and brown bread.

The fermentation of sourdough bread also decreases the gluten content and makes the nutrients more available. This fermentation process also allows the flour to release more fiber, making it a lot better for your body especially when you’re watching your health. 

2. Reduces risk of heart disease

Since sourdough bread is high in fiber, it is said to help lower the risks of heart diseases. Sourdough also offers other additional benefits because of the fermentation process. Using rye flour is also a trick to make sourdough bread better and healthier. 

3. Helps with better digestion

Sourdough is not gluten-free, but regular consumption of it can help improve the digestion process of gluten. It can also be suitable for people who have a low tolerance for gluten. Sourdough is also packed with lactic acids and may help with allergic reactions, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. It’s not entirely gluten-free, so people with celiac disease should not consume it. Otherwise, it’s an excellent option for people with gluten sensitivity. 

4. Can keep blood sugar in control

Eating carbs naturally causes our blood glucose to rise while we’re digesting them. But rapid changes in blood sugar can make us chronically ill. Sourdough bread is a good alternative as it has a lower glycemic index (which refers to how much our blood glucose level rises two hours after consuming food) than white bread. A whole wheat sourdough is also an option, as it is high in fiber and lowers the strain on blood sugar. 

5. Can prevent diseases

The lactic acids in sourdough increase the antioxidants in sourdough bread. It can protect cells from damage that cause severe diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. Substituting your regular bread with sourdough bread will not only better your health but can contribute to protecting you from life-threatening diseases.

6. Its nutrition composition

Sourdough is loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals. It also has a lot of prebiotics, so having sourdough bread should be a great way of eating bread guilt-free and health-conscious.

It’s also rich in minerals like iron and selenium, which are essential for red blood cell production and protecting our immune system. It also has a lot of protein, making it more protein-filled than an egg. It’s filling and great for people who just can’t let go of their morning toast. 

Final Thoughts

It’s better for people with gluten sensitivity as it is easier to digest, has natural origins, as is made with natural ingredients. Moreover, it has fewer preservatives and is less processed than other types of bread, and to top it all off, it tastes great, it also helps with bloating and keeps you full for longer. 

So, sourdough bread has taken the internet by storm in recent times. Everyone has recognized the benefits of sourdough bread, and they’re even making it themselves at home. So, if you’re thinking of where to buy the best sourdough bread, you can take it from platforms such as You Knead Sour Dough.

The new generation who watch out for their health have discarded the white bread, which is highly unhealthy and has a lot of calories, and adopted sourdough bread as a staple in their diet, aiming for a healthier lifestyle. 


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