25+ Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads

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I guess everyone out there who is going to read this is the biggest fan of Harry Potter and loves Harry Potter Inspired Gifts. Why not? If you fancy Harry Potter, then there are a lot of ideas based on Harry Potter-themed gifts for everyone.

As Christmas is on the way and along with that the New Year’s Eve, let me tell you there’s also Harry’s birthday, Halloween, Battle of Hogwarts anniversary, Voldemort’s birthday and so the list goes on. What I’m going to tell you here is Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads never goes out of style.

There’s never a time when it feels wrong to make your inner self happy with the Harry Potter stuff or just go with the entire bookshelf full.

The letter from Hogwarts never came, but you can still find some pretty stuff and gift it to the persons who just love everything about Harry Potter and fill up their shelves with Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Go and find some cool stuff that will awaken your inner child.

25+ Best Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and all the Potterheads

Harry Potter Card Game

Harry Potter inspired Gifts
source- The Board Game Family

Everyone as a kid loves to play Uno. The game of colors and matching the numbers. So, you can now play with Hermoine, Harry, Ron, and the other characters in the universe of Harry Potter.  

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Harry Potter Calendar

Harry Potter Inspired Gifts
source- Amazon.com

You can go with the Funko Advent Calendar that has 24 mini vinyl figures from the series of Harry Potter. You can also make one for yourself. This calendar looks so amazing. 

Harry Potter Knit Scarf

Your kids will love to have this scarf for this winter. You don’t have to convince your kids to take this kind of knit scarf just because it is designed with Hogwarts house. This one is the most Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Beanie set

The same goes out for the beanie set. They will love to have this for the holidays! You can go and choose one of the four Hogwarts houses- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin which is their favorite.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Make your children go more creative this winter. Bring more and more colors to their life. Let them create fun with this coloring book. Bring all four Hogwarts house crests, dragons, and even some favorite scenes from the series. 

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Harry Potter Chess Set

Adults and children both love to play chess. Bring a chessboard of that iconic wizard from the series and give it to your child. This one is the most Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads. Let them create some magic in that chessboard while playing chess.

Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition Boxed Set

Harry potter all started with the books. It is so very fascinating to read all those books and to have them all. Now, Potterhead can be seen in all one deluxe set containing all the 1-7 edition paperback set having that designer case.

Harry Potter Pillow Set

The fun should not stop till bedtime. Harry Potter and his friends have a great story to tell your kids. So, choose one stuffed pillow set including Ron, Harry, Hermoine, or Professor shape. This one is the most favorite Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads. You can also go for an individual character.

Harry Potter Blanket

Harry Potter Inspired Gifts
source- Pinterest

How about a blanket with a harry potter map on it. It looks perfect when you are on the bed or just sitting on your couch while watching any one of the harry potter movies. This one is the most lovely Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads. Your child will love to have that harry potter blanket.

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Harry Potter Clue Board Game

Students get really lost while playing a classic clue game. Harry potter clue game having Hogwarts castle just looks more than perfect. They can play like Harry, Ginny Weasley, Neville, Ron, or, Luna and it’s a pure mystery.

Harry Potter golden spinner

A golden snitch fidget spinner is just hard to catch. Find one Quidditch that matches your favorite potter’s fan hands! This one is the most amazing Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads. Kids love to have a fidget spinner that has a rainbow of colors to play with and loves to spin.

Harry Potter Trivial Edition

This is just a fun game to play with your kids. This harry potter trivial pursuit has a Hogwarts library that contains 600 questions to ask. So you can test your child’s magical knowledge with this version of the Trivial Pursuit game.

Harry Potter Word Game

Harry Potter Inspired Gifts
source- Tomes and Tales- WordPress.com

Your child can create words and crosswords with this harry potter word game. It is magical with loads of fun to cross a word game and harry potter wizarding world.

Harry Potter Party Game

You can give a choice of Hogwarts house in this game. It is a hilarious game that your child has to use their Harry Potter knowledge in this game to grab the chocolate frog tokens and to guess the card on their head which they are wearing.

Harry Potter Lego hut

Just imagine and recreate everything every scene in your mind and pick up a favorite one to create a lego set that includes every character from it – Harry, Ron, Buckbeak, Pumpkin patch, Minister of Magic, and the Executioner Figurines. This one is the most required Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and all The Potterheads.

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Harry Potter Map Journal

Harry Potter fans love to capture all their thoughts and dreams with this map journal. Kids love to write, create anything, draw anything, in this faux-leather journal.   

Harry Potter Wand Pen

Along with the harry potter map journal you can also go with a ballpoint pen designed just as a harry potter’s wand. Your kids will love to write and draw with that magic wand pen on that harry potter journal. 

Harry Potter Kids Socks

Harry Potter official socks collection includes five different pairs that include low-cut socks, Hedwig the owl, harry’s glasses and iconic scar, the Hogwarts express, harry Hogwarts letter. They look cool while wearing. 

Harry Potter Necklace

This necklace gives fans to show off their love towards harry potter in a lovely way. The harry potter necklace comes with glass stones and eight charms that are interchangeable that also includes the deathly hallows symbol and a crystal. 

Harry Potter Slippers

Harry potter’s beloved animal companion Hedwig the owl comes in a pair of slippers and can keep your feet warm. This one is the coolest Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and All The Potterheads. These are padded slippers that come in different sizes.

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Harry Potter t-shirt

Harry Potter Inspired Gifts
source- Walmart

This harry potter t-shirt is designed by Disney. This is designed by girls basically and comes with a pre-shrunk. The design is the trio of terrific Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. 

Harry Potter Origami Book

The harry potter origami book contains 15 paper folding pages that your child would love to have in their own hands. This one is the most Favorite Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and all The Potterheads. They will imagine creating their own origami chocolate frog for a game of Quidditch.

Harry Potter 2021 Calendar Set

The harry potter deluxe set comes with a 365-day calendar that has images of all the characters from each part of the film of each year. Each day contains different stories and different facts, stickers, and trivia about harry potter.

Harry Potter stickers

Harry potter sticker collection contains 50 waterproof stickers. They can put that on their computers, bike helmets, skateboards, cardboards, etc. 

Harry Potter Golden Table Lamp

As you are going to transform your kid’s room with all the harry potter stuff so go with this one too. Have a Golden Snitch Table lamp for that addition. That golden lamp is illuminated with a bell jar and has a magical glow in the room.

Harry Potter Candies

In the strange world of harry potter, the candies are also magical and strange. The candy collection includes Gummy candies, Bertie botts, every flavored jelly beans, and a chocolate crispy frog. This one is the most lovable Harry Potter Inspired Gifts For Kids and all The Potterheads.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

This will be a little interesting for your kid who would love to build an incredible project. This will take a little time and effort theirs as this will contain 6020 pieces of the ultimate building of the harry potter Hogwarts castle.

These were all the best Harry Potter Inspired Gifts for Kids and All The Potterheads that everyone will love to have.  

Feature Image Credits- Seventeen Magazine


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