7 Thoughtful Gifts for Pet Lovers in Your Life

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With over 85 million families in the United States caring for a pet, you likely know a pet-lover. You might even be one yourself! For any holiday you celebrate, we’ve got all your pet-themed gifts sorted!

Cat lovers, dog lovers, and everyone in between can enjoy these seriously stylish products. We’ve even grouped this gift guide into simple categories. So whether you know a crazy cat lady or an eco-warrior with a pup, you’ll find the perfect gift here.

Ready to shop? Let’s get into the complete guide to gifts for pet lovers!

The Curious One

Do you know someone who’s crazy about numbers, data, and information? They’ll probably love a pet DNA kit!

These DNA tests work in a similar way to human genetics tests. The kit comes with a swab used to collect the pet’s saliva. It’s then sent to a lab, analyzed, and the results arrive in their inbox.

The curious pet owner can finally know every tiny detail of their cat’s ancestry. Or whether their German Sheppard has some Husky or Great Dane genes in his family tree.

A surprising benefit of pet DNA tests is their ability to check for various diseases. Depending on the brand and type you buy, the pet owner might be able to predict future health issues for their fur baby.

The Proud Fur Parent

You know the type. The ones who can’t stop sending you adorable pictures of their kitty in silly positions. The type who actually treats their fur baby like a real baby. The proud fur parent would love a personalized pet gift.

Customized items are great gifts for pet parents because they allow them to show off their baby in every possible way! Consider phone cases, mugs, shirts, and socks printed with their pet’s face.

One of the best gifts for those cozy winter nights is a custom pet blanket! A warm, fleecy throw blanket printed with a giant picture of their pet? Amazing.

The process is super easy for custom items. You just upload a good-quality photo of their pet, checkout, and that’s it! An easy, perfect gift.

The Eco-Conscious One

Upcycled gifts for pet owners are a green choice for gifting. If you know someone who cares deeply about the environment, this might be the perfect option for them.

You can find leashes, collars, and tags made from recycled plastic. These eco-friendly gifts for dog lovers are both practical and beautiful. Plus, you can potentially support a small business owner or artisan.

The Greenthumb

Plants and pets are usually a recipe for disaster. Many popular plants, like the infamous Monstera, are toxic for cats and dogs. But being a pet owner doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your green thumb.

If you know a plant and pet lover, there are tons of safe plants to gift them! Some pet-friendly plants include:

  • Spider Plant
  • Parlor Palm
  • Many succulents, especially air plants
  • Watermelon Peperomia
  • Orchids
  • Various herbs and vegetable plants

Many of these are also air purifying plants. Not only will they upgrade the aesthetic of a home, but they’ll also ensure your loved one’s pet always has access to fresh air!

The Hardworking One

For a pet owner that works long hours, a pet camera is an ideal gift! They’ll be able to keep tabs on their precious pet while they work at the office. No more worries or separation anxiety!

Pet camera technology has come a long way in recent years. Many pet cams offer features like panning and tracking options and relaxing music.

Popular pet cameras can even toss treats to the lonely pup! They’ll also be able to record commands or even speak directly to their pet in real-time.

But dog owners shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy pet cams. These are also perfect gifts for cat lovers! Now, we can finally uncover the secret of what these mysterious creatures do all day when we’re not around.

The Foodie

If you’ve got a food lover in your life, you know they probably spoil their pets with the best treats! Experts say that treats should equal about 10% of the animal’s daily calorie intake. To make healthy treat choices, carefully consider the ingredients.

Good quality pet treats should have:

  • Natural protein sources
  • Zero added sugar
  • Easy to digest ingredients
  • No corn or wheat
  • No added colors or flavors
  • Added greens or vitamins

Another unique option for the food-loving pet owner is a treat subscription box! They’ll get a monthly, quarterly, or yearly delivery of healthy pet treats right to their door.

The Fashionista

If your loved one lives for fashion, you need to splurge on some adorable pet clothes! While tiny dogs usually get the privilege of dressing up, you can also find clothes in large sizes.

Imagine a Golden Retriever sporting a “leather jacket” on his morning walk or a Sphynx cat cozying up in a knitted scarf. If you live in a cold climate, this is not only an adorable gift but a practical one as well!

Many retailers sell little boots and raincoats to protect dogs’ paws and fur from ice and snow. Small dogs and short hair breeds might need an extra layer in the winter. A puffy jacket would do the trick!

Great Gifts for Pet Lovers!

Pet owners can be difficult people to cross off your holiday shopping list. Nothing is ever good enough for little Fido or Mittens. But for friends and family of pet parents, this list will surprise and delight the pet parents in your life!

From high-tech gear like cameras to upcycled leashes, there’s something for everyone. And it’s okay if you buy everything on this list for your own cat or dog. Your secret is safe with us!

Now that you’ve found the perfect gifts for pet lovers, explore more in our Pet Section! For complete guides to the best products, we’ve got everything a pet owner needs to know.


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