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Hospitality and tourism have always been a popular industry that has their reach in every country. Similar to any other business field, this sector too has undergone tremendous changes due to technological transformation. 

The advent of the digital era along with restrictions imposed during the pandemic had a strong impact on hospitality and tourism. Though instead of being a deterrent, it made things all the smoother and uncomplicated. 

Guests got to enjoy a savvier and safe experience while staying in hospitals and resorts. New trends that emerged in this sector not only helped in minimizing contact between guests and staff but also ushered in a lot of growth in this field. 

New industry trends 

Some of the most prominent industry trends that are prevalent in the hospitality sector and will continue to remain so in the coming years are discussed below: 

  • Customer engagement 

The hospitality industry is coming up with new ways to engage with customers and offer them improved service options. As people are keen to travel again, they are expecting technologically advanced solutions that give them a superior and safe experience. 

This means that the hospitality industry needs to offer additional room service options along with making takeout an essential option as many guests are not keen on a dine-in anymore. 

  • Sustainability 

Being sustainable and environment-conscious is not a trend but a requirement that needs to be taken into consideration. The modern-day customer has become aware and prefers establishments that give sustainability its due importance. 

This means you must reconsider all the single-use plastic and also keep cutlery-free service options for takeaways. 

  • Less interaction 

The pandemic has changed a lot of things around us and social distancing is something that we all have to abide by. Guests traveling during this time want minimal contact with the staff and with other guests. This is possible with the help of several new apps and software that allow online booking, check-in, and check-out services. Similarly, hotels now offer no contact room service where guests can enjoy a great customer experience which is also completely contactless. 

  • Staycation 

The focus on local is strong in the hospitality sector currently and will remain so in the long run as well. This is because people are basking in the splendour of staycation which is taking a vacation in your city and enjoying all kinds of leisure services. 

Nowadays a staycation can also mean a vacation that is spent in one’s own home country. Since people are keen to relax and rejuvenate locally, establishments like hotels and resorts are keen to offer an amazing experience to such guests. They are also encouraging people to get on the staycation trend and check out local places. 

  • Transparency with safety practices 

While safety and hygiene were always crucial, the pandemic has brought even more emphasis on it. Even as things resume to normal, it is necessary that businesses adhere to cleaning and safety practices. Also, by taking your guests through all the protocols and measures that you have put in place, you will gain their trust and make them feel more relaxed. 


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