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Nothing quite says “I LOVE YOU”
like a hand-made heart-shaped card covered in gorgeous, swirly, vibrant, marble colors!

7th grade students at the Waldorf School of Bend having fun with shaving cream and food dyes. - NICOLE BLUME

  • Nicole Blume
  • 7th grade students at the Waldorf School of Bend having fun with shaving cream and food dyes.

You will need:

• Thick piece of white cardstock
• Pair of scissors
• Flat dish (plastic art tray, cake pan, cutting board, etc.)
• Can of foamy shaving cream (NOT gel!)
• Spoon or spatula for smoothing down shaving cream
• Dropper bottles of food dye
• Gloves
• Thin stir-stick (craft stick, chopstick, wooden dowel, twig, etc.)
• Scraper (thick craft stick, popsicle stick, cardboard, ruler, etc.)

Fair warning — this craft can get VERY messy (which is sort of the whole point!)

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1. Put on an apron and tape down some newspaper or butcher paper on your work surface. You may also want to set out a wet washcloth or bowl of water to wash sticky little hands.

2. First, cut your thick piece of white cardstock paper into the shape of a heart. If you envision hanging the card up on a wall or fridge, you can also hole-punch the top and later add a decorative ribbon for hanging.

3. Spray the shaving cream directly onto the flat dish—most kids love doing this step themselves!—and smooth the surface with a spoon or spatula.

4. Choose your food dye colors and squeeze a few drops of each color randomly over your shaving cream surface.
Pro Tip: When selecting colors, choose just two primary colors to start, such as red and blue or red and yellow.

5. Use your thin craft stick to swirl the colors around, creating a beautiful marble-like effect!

6. Press your heart-shaped paper on the surface of the painted shaving cream, let it set for a few moments, and then gently pry it off by the corner. It will look crazy and messy at this point, but just wait…

7. Use your scraper to immediately scrape off the shaving cream (don’t wait too long, scrape it off right away), leaving behind a MAGICAL design!

8. Leave to dry overnight, then write a sweet note on the back to present to your beloved.


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