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Is Ross Sputnik or a Potato? You are about to find out. Halloween comes with its own perks. Some wait for the big events to happen on October 31st and others just simply want to binge-watch their favorite FRIENDS episodes. If you are among the latter ones, then high-five to you. Join the gang and know all about the “FRIENDS Halloween Episode”.  

Many believe that the Halloween episode of FRIENDS is one of the best episodes in the whole sitcom and we cannot agree more. There are costumes, ‘trick or treat’ jokes, and even a fight between Chandler and Ross. You can also take inspiration from these costumes if you cannot decide what to wear at a Halloween party. 

To be honest, there’s so much about this FRIENDS Halloween Episode that most of you don’t know yet. Like why is this episode Lisa Kudrow’s favorite episode, how do we know Rachel thinks Gunther is gay, and a lot more stuff that is not known to many people? We have gathered all the info so you can tell your friends all about it. Without waiting anymore let’s unravel everything about the FRIENDS Halloween Episode. 

FRIENDS Halloween Costumes | Who Was Best Dressed?

FRIENDS Halloween Costumes | Who Was Best Dressed?

There is only one Halloween episode in FRIENDS, however, it is called one of the most entertaining episodes of FRIENDS. You’ll just know why, after you reach the end of this article. First, have a look at the episode details and then we will cover their funny costumes-

Episode NameThe One with the Halloween Party
IMDb Rating8.5/10 
Original Air DateNovember 1st, 2001
FRIENDS Halloween Costumes | Who Was Best Dressed?

Let’s start with our dearest Monica Geller and Chandler Bing. The couple did not match their outfits at all. Monica dressed as ‘The Cat Woman’ and poor Chandler had to be ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ not in brown, but in pink and white. If that isn’t funny enough then the reason why he’s wearing it will definitely make you laugh. Chandler became a pink rabbit only because Monica had bought him the costume. Poor Chandler! 

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FRIENDS Halloween Episode | Best Episode To Watch On Oct 31

Next up is Rachel, who is dressed as nothing but herself. When Monica tells her, “You are supposed to be wearing a costume” Rachel confidently replies, “Oh! I am. I am a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress and she wants to wear it because soon she won’t be able to fit into it.” I guess that sums up Rachel’s look the best. 

Coming to Phoebe Buffay, the lady is dressed as ‘Supergirl’ and is giving a tight competition to Monica with her Cat Woman costume. 

FRIENDS Halloween Costumes | Who Was Best Dressed?

Pretending like you haven’t watched the episode, can you guess who Joey Tribbiani was dressed as? I’ll give you hints. It is his go-to person in every need, his best buddy and he even saved him a sandwich. Yes, Joey is dressed as Chandler!! I wish I had a best friend like him. 

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FRIENDS Halloween Costumes | Who Was Best Dressed?

Now, guess who’s dressed as a doodie? I know I know, many might argue that Ross was dressed as the Russian Satellite, Sputnik or ‘Spud-nik’, or a potato, Ross himself admitted in the episode that he’s a doodie. So, he’s neither a satellite nor a potato, he’s a doodie.

Costumes Of All Characters from FRIENDS Halloween Episode 

MonicaCat Woman
RachelWore a New Dress
ChandlerPink ‘Velveteen’ Rabbit
GuntherCharlie Brown
EricSolar System

FRIENDS Halloween Episode Plot

FRIENDS Halloween Episode Plot

Now, this is my favorite part. The episode ‘The One with the Halloween Party’ starts with the invitation of Monica and Chandler. Although, I bet it was Monica’s idea to host Halloween. After all, she wants to become the best hostess in the world. At the beginning of the episode, we see Phoebe come across Ursula and after her twin sister invites her to the wedding, Phoebe ends the 2-minute talk by inviting her to Monica’s Halloween party. 

In the next scene, we see our feisty Cat Woman dressed as Monica, or vice versa, anyhow, means the same. When the kids knock for ‘Trick or Treats’ Rachel says, “Ever since I got pregnant I have had these strong maternal instincts, JUST A MINUTE!” and just like that we see her “maternal instincts” throughout the episode.

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When Rachel is dealing with the kids, here comes Chandler, which makes Rachel say, “Oh! You did this to him!” Poor guy wanted to be The Velveteen Rabbit, instead, he ended up being a giant pink bunny who is hardly cute. Here Joey enters, since he’s not wearing a proper costume, Monica, being the boss, asks him why he didn’t wear a costume, to which Joey replies, “Yes I did. I am Chandler”. He’s wearing a sweater over a shirt with cream pants acting and whining like Chander. 

FRIENDS Halloween Episode Plot

Here comes my favorite part of the episode. When Ross enters everyone is wondering what the hell a Sputnik is, Chandler says, “WOW! I don’t have the worst costume anymore”. We burst into laughter when Joey says that Ross came as a doodie. My personal favorite pun by Joey. 

Later in the episode, we see Eric (Ursula’s fiance) meeting Phoebe and obviously thinking it’s Ursula. Phoebe comes to know that Ursula is lying to her such a sweet fiance and later tells him everything about her lies (with proof). We also see some rage between Chandler and Ross which ends up with both playing power hand to find out who’s the tougher guy. By the end of the episode, we see Chandler stuck in another hand power with his powerful Catwoman and he instantly regrets his decision. 

I am sure I have missed many other scenes, but if you do remember, comment below the scene that made you laugh the hardest. 

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Facts About FRIENDS Halloween Episode

  • “The One with the Halloween Party” is the only episode in the whole FRIENDS sitcom that celebrated Halloween.
  • The episode “The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner” also happens on Halloween but Halloween is not celebrated in that episode. 
  • At the beginning of the episode, Rachel tells Ross not to be a dinosaur this year, to which he replies, “no, not two years in a row”. This tells us that he wore a Dinosaur costume at last year’s Halloween party. 
  • Rachel thinks that Gunther is gay. When Gunther brings candy for Rachel she says, “someday you’ll make some man very happy”. 
  • “The One with the Halloween Party” S:8, E:6 is the last episode where Lisa Kudrow plays Ursula Buffay. 
  • The FRIENDS Halloween Episode is the first episode that was shot after the terrorist attack of 9/11. 
  • The FRIENDS Halloween Episode is Lisa Kudrow’s favorite episode. She has said in an interview that since this episode was the first one to be shot after 9/11, people thanked her for making them laugh in their darkest time. 
  • Joey wears a shirt with a logo of the Fire Department of New York as a tribute to the officers who helped at 9/11.   

Wrapping Up

Now you know everything about the “FRIENDS Halloween Episode”. There is so much about this episode that many people don’t know. Like the fact that it was aired after the 9/11 incident and the creators paid their tribute to the Fire Department of NY in their own way. Comment below what do you love about this episode and things that you came to know only after reading this article. 

If you want to cover stuff like this, then share your views. We would be glad to hear from your side. Share this article with your friends and Happy Halloween in advance!


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