First Alert Forecast: Sunny, mild start to the week

Dry, cooler weather will dominate this week.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Enjoy late summer days full of sunshine and mild weather such as today. It will be clear, cool and crisp this morning with temperatures back into the 50s. 

Brilliant sunshine will be expected into the afternoon with highs only near 70 degrees. The breeze will be dry and have a chilly feel. 

Little chance for rain this entire week as dry weather will dominate. More sunshine for Tuesday.

Another front will arrive on Thursday which could usher in more dry and cooler weather into the weekend.  

Highs a few days could pop back into the 60s for the start of the weekend.

Wild West Coast Weather

Following record-shattering West Coast heat, snow, heavy at times, will fall today across the front range of the Rockies in the first winter storm of the season. In higher elevations, over 12″ of snow is expected.

Late September looking cooler than normal

The long-range weather outlook is still looking a bit cooler than normal.

Looks like a classic late summer weather pattern to help ease the transition between summer and fall. 

Get Ready For Fall

We’re losing daylight! We won’t get another 8 p.m. sunset until April 2 of next year. 

Some people have noticed leaves falling early this season. This likely due to the hot and dry growing season, which triggered the abscission layer of the leaves to form early and caused them to fall down before fully changing colors. Ideal conditions for a colorful fall are a wetter summer growing season followed by a sunny, dry, cool fall.

Sizzling Summer of 2020

The Summer of 2020 (June/July/August) will go down as a TIE for the #1 warmest summer on record based on average daytime high temperature.

Much of the viewing area remains under moderate drought conditions. Our southernmost countries have been lifted from drought conditions due to recent rainfall.

The summer was the 2nd warmest based on average daily (high/low) temperature (75.0°) and currently stands as 4th most 90° days in a season.

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