How To Find The Best Company For Redoing Hardwood Floors?

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The floor of the house is the most intimate part of your house, for you are connected physically with it most of the time. That is the main reason why homeowners and contractors put extra effort in choosing and finding the right company to do the job.

No matter the quality of work, it needs tweaking and replacement in time. For hardwood floors, perils start the day they are installed. From stains to cracks, you cannot save your beloved floor from every damage along the way.
To get a new look, you can either go the DIY route by purchasing panels that are easy to install and finish, or you can hire a flooring company that is adept in its work. There are many firms that deal in redoing hardwood floors in Westbury NY.

Here are some salient points that can help you in finding the best company for the replacement job.

Experience Is A Must

With the surge in demand, you can find many companies that come into existence overnight to earn a quick buck. They offer lucrative packages but you are better off if you steer clear of them.

Going for an experienced and professional company gets you a licensed entity with a skilled workforce and modern tools and equipment at their disposal. The rates could be a little higher when compared to other run-of-the-mill companies, but you are sure to get superior service and some sort of warranty.

Licensed & Insurance

When you are meeting prospective companies for the job, make sure to have a look at their valid license. It is a certificate issued by a competent authority to a business after it has fulfilled the minimum criteria of operating in an area. For a flooring company, it could be having relevant expertise, modern tools & equipment, and qualified staff.
Many things can go wrong while the flooring crew is working at your site. To avoid paying unpleasant expenses for damages and injuries, it is best to know beforehand that the said company is insured against such episodes.

A majority of companies are insured and licensed and deal in refurbishing hardwood floors in the vicinity of Westbury NY. They have all the prerequisites to be qualified for a top-notch company with skilled roofing contractors and a stellar track record.


No task is great enough until it is not backed by optimal pricing.

For many people, pricing is a determining factor to buy a product or to hire a service. There is no exception to that when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Following are some pointers that can help you in nailing this aspect of the process:

  • Get multiple quotes in written form.
  • Compare quotes and shortlist three of them.
  • Contact the company and get a breakdown of that quote (how much they are charging for material, overhead, labor cost, etc.)

By breaking down the quotes, you can find which one is actually spending more on your work than charging you extra for their expenses.

Also, quality is important when you are comparing prices. So, it is a tricky slope but you can ace it with a little patience.


For personalized services, you need to be as blunt with the prospective company as possible to work out a proper plan. For instance, if you are not available during the week, there are companies that offer weekend services.

It is important to know the range of services and how much time they are going to need to finish the job. This could help in keeping things in order for your satisfaction.


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