7 Trendy and Cool Fashion Items to Try This Summer

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Summer is finally on the offing. A new season calls forth a revamped wardrobe with bright and colorful apparel. But that also means browsing through the internet and fashion catalogs for the latest fashion ideas. And we know that it can be tiresome, especially when you just want to head out shopping. 

So, to ease you into the summer trends, we have come up with seven cool fashion items that have created quite a buzz in fashion weeks. Before shopping with your friends, check out these seven trendy items that we promise will rule this summer.

Sometimes, the latest arrivals are pretty late to reach your nearest stores. But does that mean your summer is going to be wasted? Definitely not. At Deadly Ponies, you will find all that in vogue readily available at any time. Now you need not worry about being out of the loop with the fashion world.

1. Go Floral

What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Sunny days and bright flowers, right? No wonder the trend of floral dress is never going to be passé. From Taylor Swift to the Duchess of Cambridge, everyone loves dresses with elegant floral patterns and vibrant colors. This summer, try casual frocks with pinafore collars or a floral cotton top while going for a brunch with friends. Compliment your style with high hills or perhaps the evening pumps. 

2. Chic White Shirt

No fashion list is complete without a chic white shirt. It is the most versatile dress ever. You can wear it with a classic beige suit or sport it with cycling shorts. Tried wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with denim or tucking a full-sleeve one in wide-leg trousers? No? Then, this summer is the perfect time for that. 

3. Denim Jacket

You can layer a denim jacket with any type of top-wear, be it a midi skirt, rompers, or even jumpsuits. Denim works perfectly with leggings or maxi dresses too. Denim jackets are perfect for early summer dine-outs when it gets a little chilly in the evening. Pair a denim jacket with white jeans to add a charming contrast to your look.

4. Maxi Dresses

Can any wardrobe be complete without the ubiquitous long maxi dress? For the high-temperature picking, one with airy fabric and soft color serves the double purpose of keeping you cool and making you look beautiful. If you want to go for a more bohemian look, pair it with a floppy hat and slick flat sandals. A floral maxi dress or printed ones are great for a gorgeous look, while a long-sleeved maxi dress is elegant and stylish at the same time. 

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Skinny jeans might become uncomfortable on the sultry summer days. But does that mean you need to forego jeans altogether? Hell, no! We don’t do that here. Pairing boyfriend jeans with the right clothes can revitalize your look. Perfect for summer outings with your friends, you can pair them with any type of top wear. Wearing it with cami tops and high hills is perfect to dazzle your date.  

5. Midi Skirts

A Midi skirt is a must-have in your summer wardrobe. A midi skirt ideally ends right below the knee or at most a little bit longer, which makes it cozy and cool summer wear. Pairing a unicolor midi skirt with a patterned fitted top or patterned midi skirt with a tank top at once gives a snappy look. Complement this with chunky heels or strappy sandals, for it works well with both. 

6. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are back in fashion once again. Depending on whether you choose to wear a loose leg fit or the skinny jeans fit, it can give you two very different looks. Wear a black and white striped round neck tee with a black skinny jean Bermuda. Or, how about sporting a Bermuda with a lanky white shirt and pointed-toe heels? Cool, right?

Keep yourself a la mode this summer with these suave and elegant fashion items. Don’t hold back if you want to try something new. Why not make your fashion statement? Summer is meant to be bold and confident in your choices. So, which one is in the first place on your shopping list? 


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